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NYCC Report and Pics

Finally home from this con, have finally edited and uploaded my pics, and I am EXHAUSTED!! Comic Con was really crazy.  So many people there and IMHO things weren't organized too well.  We sadly didn't make it to the Friday the 13th screening :(  But in all honesty I was at the point where I just wanted to collapse.  I knew I wouldn't make it there. *sigh* Oh, well.  Here is my report and pics ...

I was sick this morning... long story, but it had something to do with all my nervousness yesterday, as well as a certain female condition that suddenly snuck up on me.  Perfect timing. :P  Anyway, Robin ( lovetheguys ), her hubby and I got a 6:45am train into NYC.  Got there around 8am or so.  Luckily there really wasn't much of a line to pick up our con badges.  We were trying to get ourselves oriented within the massive Jacob Javits Center where it was held.  Nothing was marked all that clearly and we had to ask con volunteers quite a few times where to go for certain things.  We found out where the IGN Theater (where they had the Friday the 13th and other panels) was, but a con volunteer told us we couldn't line up for it yet. Instead we had to get in line for the general show to open.  That was a huge line and we waited SO long.  After waiting on that line, we headed for the IGN Theater where we were confronted with ANOTHER long line. :P  THEN we find out that we didn't have to wait on that first long line to get over to the IGN Theater, even if the con people were saying so.  

And so the aggravation just builds.

I thought for sure we wouldn't get a decent seat once we were let into the theater (which seemed to take forever). But actually our seats weren't too bad.  We were in the 9th row back and I managed to get an aisle seat.  I had my telephoto lens, so I was able to get up nice and close for my pics.  More on that later. Before they started anything, they were showing little snippets from Friday the 13th along with interview snippets, most of which were of Jared.  There was some cheering when he was first shown. *g*

First they had a preview of The Watchmen and a panel with the author.  We saw the first 15 minutes or so of the movie.  Looks pretty cool. 

After this they started the Friday the 13th panel.  The two producers (I think?), Brad Fuller and... damnit, the other guy's name is escaping me... came out, followed by Jared and Derek Mears (who plays Jason in the movie).

Okay, can I take a little break to say one thing here?  Jared, how can you be so adorable and so hot at the same time? Just... how?! Seriously, he looked SO good.  When he came out onto the stage, there was a lot of "WOOOOOO!!!" cheering going on, and he just went "WOOOOOO!!!" back at us! *g* He's such a lovable goofball!

Anyway, they showed some scenes from Friday the 13th... not many, but wow they were intense. I won't spoil anyone though. ;)

After that, they started the panel and let people ask questions.  Jared was asked if he was into the Friday the 13th series.  I don't remember his answer word for word but he confirmed that he was and kind of went into the start of filming.  He said that they just finished up season 3 of Supernatural... the last day of filming was something like April 28th and then he had to start Friday the13th on April 30th.  Then this girl who I believe was from England asked him an interesting question.  She said something to the effect of this movie being like Jensen's movie My Bloody Valentine, and he made some funny comment to that.  I can't remember, but something about watching the movie with Jensen I think... I wish I could remember exactly what he said.  But it did make me giggle.  She asked if he would do another type of movie, like a romantic comedy.  He said that maybe they could do a sequel, "Saturday the 14th" and it could be something like that.  Hee.

Someone said something to Jared about him looking like Jason (or Derek, don't remember), meaning that he's all hulky and Jared said something like "I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not."

It was funny because he was getting a lot of the questions, and Derek seemed disappointed by that (awww! *g*) so at one point he got up and walked away from the stage. Jared ran right up to him and grabbed him. Hee hee, it was cute :D

That's really all there was to the panel.  It really didn't go on very long.  After that McG came onto the stage, I guess for the Terminator panel.  Robin and I decided to get up and leave, and as we were heading out we heard McG say it was nice seeing Jared here since they're both from Supernatural.

We headed into the huge room for autographs, which was way at the back.  What a pain it was trying to get back there! The room was packed with people.  We got to the end of what was another huge line.  Then it turned out there was ANOTHER line to the right that was also supposedly for Friday the 13th autographs.  A few times we asked the con people about it because we didn't know if they were going to combine the 2 lines, or make us get to the end of that line and we'd been there for quite a while.  They didn't seem to really know what was going on.  It was so frustrating.  And there was a certain point where they had to cut off the line because the autograph session was only 1 hour.  But I think what happened was the other line was for people going to other signings.  I still don't know (arrrgh!).  We were packed in there like sardines.  You'd be standing in line and people behind you that were just passing through would squeeze in to get by or bump into you. 

Anyway, you couldn't get just anything signed.  They had these Friday the 13th posters that they had everyone sign.  There was also a little area to the side of the autograph table where people were taking pics of Jared and the others signing.  You could only be there for 1 minute and then this con guy said you had to leave.  As we got closer I tried taking pics of Jared.  The autograph line moved fast.  They pretty much had a stack of posters that one guy would sign and they'd just pass it to the next person.  Derek Mears asked how I was doing and said he was trying to get through this whole thing (I guess it was as much of an ordeal for him as it was for us!).  After Jared signed my poster I asked if I could take a pic of him and Derek together.  They posed, but I still had my telephoto lens, so I only got Jared (heh... not that I'm complaining much).  And he did Blue Steel for me!! *bounces* Sadly my camera decided to act up, so it snapped the pic after he did it, but I still like the result very much.  I didn't get to say anything to him or anyone else unfortunately.  But I was glad they let me take a pic!

After that we decided we wouldn't go to the Friday the 13th screening.  As much as I would have loved to go, I was just dead on my feet.  I was tired from feeling sick early that morning, and my feet and back were starting to really bother me after standing around so long.  We got something to eat, then left to take the train back home.

Even though we didn't make the screening, and I was so aggravated by how crazy things were, I was glad I went.  The Watchmen preview was good, and of course I loved the Friday the 13th panel... and seeing Jared of course. *g*

So that's pretty much it.  Time for pictures!!!!

I took as many as I could, but my camera seemed to act up thanks to the telephoto lens.  Almost every time I tried to snap a pic, it would say "busy", and I had to wait until I could actually take one. :P  Plus, there was some big guy sitting in front of me that would shift his position and would block my view... and other people in rows in front of us that were getting their cameras in the way. *pouts* But I thought the pics came out pretty good considering how the lighting was.  I've uploaded them all here and put them in a gallery, 51 pics in all.  Most are from the panel, but a few from the auto session as well (as I mentioned).  

You can find them HERE.  But here is a little taste:

(during the F13 panel of course)

(during the auto session)

And here is the pic that he posed for me! *squeeee* Like I said he did Blue Steel, but my stupid camera/lens decided to act up so by the time it actually took it, he ended up looking like this.  But I'm really not complaining too much *g*

And here is the poster I got autographed:

Note: If you want to take any of these pics to use for icons or picspams, please let me know you're taking them and please credit me for them.  Thanks.

Woo... so much hotness in one day. *g* Even with all the grief we went through, I was still glad I went.  And now I'm heading to bed.  I'm just beyond exhausted now :P

Night, everyone!

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