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Friday the 13th (review)

So I finally got the opportunity to see this movie tonight.  Wish it was in a better atmosphere (I'll get to that *sigh*), but I enjoyed the movie.  Here are some of my thoughts ...

I saw it with my mom since lovely guy wouldn't dare see it... *grumble*  My mom doesn't really go for the very bloody stuff; she admitted she only went to see it for Jared. *g* I agree to a point. I've never been a HUGE fan of the Friday the 13th movies.  But I don't dislike them as much as my mom does.  I have one of my old friends to thank for that... I was about 19 or so when she made me watch a F13 marathon that she taped off TV.  I'm not really into really gory stuff so I probably wouldn't have seen this movie if it weren't for Jared.  *sigh* Jared, the things I'll do for you...  LOL

Anyway, wow, this movie was filled with young stupid kids. Heh.  Kids in search of pot and sex and having a grand old time.  Is it sad that I could pretty much predict almost every kids' death in this one? That first guy, Wade, who was in pursuit of pot and was listening to Sister Christian on his Ipod ... I knew he'd be the first to go. 

Then the poor girl who watched the other guy get his legs mangled and ended up being burned to death... ouch, what a way to go. :P

I gotta say, though, great job setting up all those kids as a bunch of morons to contrast them with the nice, well-meaning guy who ISN'T a moron... I'm talking about Jared's character, Clay, of course.  As soon as he appeared on screen I had to stifle a squee.  *g* He really was lovely... and hot... and all that in between.  Poor guy is looking everywhere for his missing sister (who was with the first group of young stupids).  And of course that next group of kids, being complete jerks, are complete jerks to Clay (but he gets his revenge by sticking one of the "missing" posters on the back of their truck. Hee!).

Turns out Clay's sister Whitney is being held alive by Jason because she resembles his mother.  I knew that had to be the case in the beginning when she roams around one of the camp cabins with Michael, the way he picks up the locket with the pics in it and says the woman looks like her.  Since it was supposed to be where Jason stayed, I assumed that was his mother and the instant she said that I figured he would be going after her. 

That one guy in the machine shop or woodworking shop or whatever it was that Clay talked to was such a perv, LOL. A pot-smoking perv.  Colorful character who didn't really add too much to the story. I had a feeling he'd meet his end.

I'm really not going to go into each of the bloody deaths.  They were all pretty bloody, but I think the worst ones for me were of Chewie and the cop (anything having to do with the eyes always makes me squeamish... *remembers a particular scene from Bladerunner and shudders*). 

At times I thought Clay had a bit of nice chemistry with Danielle Panabaker's character, Jenna.  I wasn't quite expecting her to be killed off, though ... at least not as much as with the other kids.

That uptight rich kid Trent had me laughing when he was in the truck and screamed like a girl.

A couple of times I got a little worried that Jason had actually killed Clay, but that was short-lived 'cause I just KNEW he had to be there at the end.  I also jumped a few times, one of them being the first time we see Jason at the beginning (before Wade dies).

Whitney used Jason's mommy issues against him to get one over on him.  Nice.  And at the very end... I knew it wasn't going to just end that way.  Jason coming out of the water like that and grabbing Whitney...  eeek.  So he got her, but did it look like he got Clay? I didn't really think so, but it ended so quickly.  It's almost as if they're leaving it open-ended for a sequel.  

I guess Jason just never dies, does he.  And he really wanted his mommy back.

I thought Jared did a great job as Clay; again, this nice, well-meaning guy in such contrast to the stupid, rude, moronic douchebag kids who quite coincidentally get themselves killed off.  Derek Mears did a great job as Jason, too.  Nice performances also by Amanda Rigetti (as Whitney) and Danielle Panabaker (Jenna).  The others I didn't really have much of an opinion of.

Now, getting to what I was talking about in wishing for a better atmosphere...  We were surrounded by people in the theater who would just NOT.SHUT.UP.  I could understand talking during the stupid ads or even some of the coming attractions, but, um, some people like to watch a movie with actual SILENCE. Or at least relative silence.  There was this young couple sitting behind us and they kept commenting pretty loudly throughout most of the movie.  Then there were 3 young men in front of us who, while they didn't talk too much throughout the whole thing, were still pretty loud whenever they did.  Then to our right slightly behind us was another couple who had to talk, and it turned out the woman was talking on her cell phone.  At one point my mom turned and gave them the evil eye, and asked if they could please be quiet.  That shut them up finally for most of the movie.  THEN there was a woman with her son to our left who started talking on her cell phone.  And loudly.  I hear her saying "OK, OK........ YEAH, OK."  I think her son said something to her, and the two of them got up and left the theater. But we were still stuck with that couple behind us who had to comment out loud on EVERY line and EVERY move of virtually EVERY character in the movie.


Are people just getting ruder and ruder at theaters nowadays? Maybe I should learn to be more tolerant, but I don't think it's too much to ask to have some quiet during a movie so you can hear what the characters on screen are saying.  I'm all for talking during a movie when you're watching it in the privacy of your own home, especially if it's a movie you've seen before. But not when you're in a theater with other people seeing it for the first time. 

Okay, rant over now. I promise. ;)  It was good seeing the movie, though.  I'd go see it again if I could.

I also have an icon question related to this movie.  I've seen people using this icon over at dean_sam and I have a question... I don't think there's any spoilers here, but I'll stick it behind a cut just in case...

I've been seeing this icon of Jared from the movie with "Clay" next to it.  Where did this icon come from, and does anyone know where the original pic that it's made from is from? I'm really curious and I really like the icon, so I just have to know :D

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