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Unfinished Business: SPN Postcard Campaign Intro and Designs

Comic Con is finally over.  The dust has settled, I've had more time to think up plans for this campaign not to mention postcard designs, and I think it's time to get it up and running!

So, first things first, some more background information.

In several recent interviews, Jared has mentioned that they still don't know if the show will be coming back for a fifth season.  Things are really heating up now, and they don't know if they'll be ending the show this year, or if it will get picked up again (either way there will probably be a cliffhanger).

Now, I can hear you saying that they usually don't find out until around May anyway.  True, but there is still such a thing as early renewal.  I can also hear you saying that the ratings make renewal all the more likely and that the CW itself is in more danger of extinction than SPN is.  True and true again.  

So what's the whole point of this campaign, then? Well, it couldn't hurt to show the network just how many fans this show has, and just because the ratings are great is no reason to get too complacent.

*trails off, realizing she has outlined all of this in a
previous post*

Anyway, here is the long and short of it:

I have come up with several postcard designs.  If you don't like any of them and have some suggestions or contributions of your own, you can let me know via PM or commenting here.  I'll be accepting suggestions/contributions until Friday. Once I have all of these, we'll vote on the best 2 or 3 that we'll end up using as the main designs (that people can print out and so forth).  

Or if you like any of my designs just fine, let me know and I'll just have these available for people to print out.

Once we are settled on postcard designs, I'll create a post to officially launch the campaign.  The designs will be posted for everyone to print out, and I will post the address of the CW where you can mail them.  The goal is to send at least 1 postcard per day to the network (or, failing that, as many as you possibly can from the start date (February 23rd if we get more design contributions and vote on them; earlier if we skip this step) until the season finale, or until we get news about renewal, whichever comes first.

Without further ado, here are the postcard designs.  Behind a cut for size...

Two separate designs, and I've created one postcard back design for each of these... it's totally up to you whether you want to use them or not. You can print out just the front and leave the back blank for writing on it.  The third is a variation with no back design, just front (although you could use one of the backs for the other two designs if you like).  They are all ready to be printed out on 4x6 inch postcards. Or you can resize them if you need to.

Design 1 - Front

Design 1 - Back

Design 2 - Front

Design 2 - Back

Design 2 variation - Front (you can use Design 2 Back or Design 1 Back for the back of the card for this one, if you like)

So ... questions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Let me know.  I want to leave this as open to you guys as possible.
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