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Puppy!Sam Picspam #72 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday, everyone :)

Episode #4x12: Criss Angel is a Douchebag

I think my caps came out a little better this time, but the dark ones are still kinda meh. Over 100 pics, SO not dial-up friendly. Dean snuck into quite a few of these, too.  If you want to use any of these for anything, go ahead and take.  One disclaimer: This picspam features some less-than-fangirly stuff about a certain recurring female character.  It's all in good fun, though, so I hope that won't keep you from looking. :)

1. Hi, Agent Puppy!

2. It's okay, boys. Come closer .. we don't bite... much...

3. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

4. Puppy is notably interested in the magic trick demonstration

5. And now he's either impressed or quietly amused ... or both...

6. Facial Shrug Alert!

7. Puppy thinks the tricks are kewl

8. Yes, deep down he is Fanboi!Puppy, though he is trying hard not to let it show

9. Dean is dissing the magic and Puppy disapproves. This leads to a Defensive!Puppy lecture

10. "You just don't *understand*, Dean!" Heh...

11. But what's this? Dean reveals an interesting fact ... Puppy was all about the magic when he was Mini!Puppy... Heh, now it all makes sense!

12. Puppy doesn't take kindly to that reminder. He readies the bitchface

13. "I was 13, it was a phase." *g* Sorry, Puppy. Too late. You know you're gonna get teased endlessly now...

14. *plays with PuppyHair*

15. Ooh, yeah, he's pissed. Aw, sorry, Puppy. We'll try not to make fun of you. *pets him*

16. Agent Puppy tries his darnedest to look concerned in front of Vance's assistant

17. Tarot cards creep Puppy right out

18. Uh oh, Research!Puppy has been interrupted! He's going to give the culprit both barrels... unless it's the PuppyFood delivery...

19. Oh, it's only New!Stalker Fangirl. Doesn't Puppy just look *thrilled* to see her...

20. Puppy sooooo doesn't want to put up with New!Stalker Fangirl's BS

21. He is so trying to resist the urge to strangle her...

22. I really admire your discipline, Puppy ... and you're looking pretty hot right now, too

23. Uh on, Puppy's patience is slipping! It's the PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles of Doom!

24. And the Angry!PuppyHowl!!

25. Still haven't learned, have you, New!Stalker Fangirl... you do NOT piss Puppy off

26. Still, he hopes the
PuppyEyes™ will be effective enough to get rid of her

27. There's always the Sad Hangdog Expression if that doesn't work...

28. *siiiiiiigh* Alas, it doesn't appear to be working...

29. Thus it's time for a little bitchface...

30. It worked! She's leaving in frustration! Puppy would do his little Puppy Victory Dance, but it doesn't quite suit the mood yet...

31. Poooor Puppy... what he has to put up with... want some other Fangirl company, Puppy? Of the nicer persuasion? *g*

32. Curious!Agent Puppy keeps a watchful eye on his heroes--er, the magicians...

33. Oops, he didn't hear Dean sneak up... heh... Innocent!Puppy

34. Awwww... don't ya just wanna pinch that cute woobie face??? :D

35. Uh oh! The magicians have caught onto their act! heh... Puppy sure wasn't expecting that!

36. These next few caps are brought to you by the Cuteness that is Awkward!Puppy

37. *unintelligible cross between squeeing and giggling*

*unintelligible cross between squeeing and giggling*

39. Hee... Puppy has his tail between his legs now

40. Yep, if we could see his tail in this shot, that's where it would be! *nods*

41. Tee hee... he's really hoping some extreme Puppy Kewtness will make them forget all about it... looks like Dean's having a go at it as well!

42. Aw... cute shrugging AspiringMagician!Puppy

43. Puppy realized he just piddled on the carpet...

44. Puppy so hopes they didn't notice... time for another dose of
PuppyEyes™ just to be safe

45. Thoughtful!Puppy

46. Dumbfounded!Puppy

47. Research!Puppy is at a loss for words

48. Wow, some bright
PuppyEyes™ for Dean

49. Facial Shrug #2!

50. Facial Shrug #3!

51. Wistful!Puppy

52. Facial Shrug #4! (wow, Puppy is facial shrugging the hell out of this scene!)

53. *scratches Puppy under his neck*

54. PuppyTongue! Guess he spotted that bag of PuppyTreats by the window...

55. Concerned!Puppy

56. Uh oh... is Puppy thinking evil thoughts?

57. Puppy, you look cute and all, but we really don't like where you're going with this (aka New!Stalker Fangirl is a bad influence)

58. And neither does Dean ... aww, Puppy looks ashamed :(

59.Yay!! PuppyHoodie! Why the bitchface, though?

60. Uncomfortable!Puppy

61. Curious!Puppy

62. Puppy ain't too happy that Jay has eluded him

63. ... A 60-year-old man outrunning a 25-year-old Puppy?

64. What are the odds? Even Dean seems stumped

65. Aw... he really looks like a little boy here... *g*

66. More PuppyTongue! (wow, is this a record?)

67. Puppy reminds Dean that Jay is a magician (a damned good magician), with the requisite sarcastic bitchface

68. ... and a good dose of the

69. Puppy shows Dean how to play Puppy Hide n Seek

70. Stealthy!Puppy sneaks around ever so gingerly...

71. Heh, Puppy's so cute when he tries to appear badass but doesn't quite pull it off ... and it's not a good time to ask for a kiss either, Puppy

72. Ooh... Bitchface for Jay!

73. Oops, your bitchface is slipping, Puppy

74. While Puppy and Dean conference, I have yet another urge to run my fingers through the PuppyHair and nibble the PuppyNeck...

75. Oops, did I say that out loud? Heh... sorry, Puppy. Nice ForeheadCrinkle'age, though

76. It's the D'oh!FoiledAgain!Bitchface

77. What? Noooo, you can't arrest Puppy! See how cute he is??? *pinches cheeks*

78. Aww, Grateful!Puppy to Jay for dropping charges (though he is still hurt they got arrested in the first place)

79. How could you not want to fall in love with a puppy like this??

80. Sympathetic!Puppy

81. I think Puppy needs a hug...

82. It's a bit dark in these corridors, but the PuppyEyes™ light the way

83. Puppy is in awe of Vernon's magic collection, though tries to hide his extreme fanboi-ness

84. Dean knows him to well, though, and reminds him of that... hence the bitchface

85. Worried!Puppy

86. Really workin' the
PuppyEyes™ again

87. Eeep!Puppy as Charlie attacks Dean

88. Bad Charlie... you've made Puppy maaaaaad!!

89. Puppy howls angrily

90. Grrrrowrrrr!Puppy

91. OMG, Puppy watch out!!

92. Nooooo!

93. *tries to free Puppy*

94. Bitchface time!

95. He hopes the power of the
PuppyEyes™ will help set him free (darned Charlie is using magic to restrain the fangirls)

96. Yay! It worked!! *helps Puppy up*

97. And now he uses their power to get Dean down

98.  Puppy checking to make sure big brother is okay... *pets him*

99. Aw... watching Jay with his life in shambles makes Puppy sad. *pets him again*

100. Look at those sad, sad
PuppyEyes™ :(

101. *hugs Puppy*

102. Puppy wants to be alone? I don't think that's a good idea, sweetie... just call it a hunch

103. *facepalm* I knew it! We shouldn't have let him go alone!

104. *starts making "Lost: Puppy" signs*

You're a bad boy, Puppy! You get back here this instant!

106. Don't flash those
PuppyEyes™ at us, young man... you're still in trouble

107. *tsk* Off with the Bad Influence again... anyone want to help me think of a good punishment for when he gets back? *If* he gets back? .... *sigh* our sweet little puppy is lost to us. :(

That's all for this week. I hope to have MemoryLane!Puppy in #4x13: After School Special done for next week, but I have a busy weekend so I can't make any promises. I'll try, though. :) Have a good weekend everyone.
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