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Puppy!Sam Picspam #73 (Supernatural)

Happy Weekend, everyone :)

Episode #4x13: After School Special

This is a huuuuuge picspam, as in 115 pics, so definitely *not* dial-up friendly. If there's anything you like, please take by all means.

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, look, it's Nurse Puppy :D

2. He's giving her the PuppyEyes™ treatment to get her to tell him what happened

3. Yes, quite effective, this treatment...

4. Curious!Puppy

5. Puppy cares. He really does.

6. How this girl was able to resist hopping across the table and kissing that PuppyFace, I'll never know

7. Facial Shrug Alert!

8. Facial Shrug #2! Hmm, looks like Puppy is going for a record again...

9. Concerned!Puppy

10. Puppy realizes his old standby theory doesn't apply here and becomes OhCrap!Puppy

11. *eyes travel down to a specific Puppy location* ;D

12. MildlyAmused!Puppy *plays with flicky PuppyHair*

13. Aw... Puppy wants to go back to school... and lets Dean know with the

14. Ooh, Puppy's got somethin' up his sleeve... heh

{cue flashback music}

15. Aw... it's Mini!Puppy circa 1997... complete with PuppyMop and PuppyPlaid!

16. Aww, Mini!Puppy doesn't wanna be the new kid, again... and he readies the

17. *pets Mini!Puppy*

18. "Now, class, this little puppy wandered into our school and we can't find his owner. I'm sure you'll all welcome him and make him feel at home."

19. *playing up the Lost-Puppy-Nobody-Wants Look to earn him some sympathy*

20. Oh, Mini!Puppy has already made a friend... one dose of those
PuppyEyes™ and you're hooked for life

21. Ooh... Defiant!MiniPuppy uses the power of the
PuppyEyes™ to make Dirk cease his bullying

22. Back in the present we go. Hey, it's Janitor!Puppy!

23. "Mr. Wyatt! Yay!!" *Puppy makes a mental note to visit later*

24. Janitor!Puppy drops in on Coach!Dean, using the good old PuppySignal to let him know they gotta talk

25. Coach!Dean's uniform makes Puppy curious... and not in a good way

26. "Nice shorts." Hee!

27. Yep, Puppy is somewhat disturbed now...

28. *tsk* Dean... don't you see how you're scaring Puppy? *g*

29. And now Puppy's got another one of those annoying itches! Hang on, Puppy, we'll help you...

30. Dodgeball casualties make Puppy glad he's no longer Mini!Puppy

31. Hm... still a bit creeped out by Dean's uniform...

32. And Dean seems to be enjoying it... that's it, time for a bitchface

33. Shocked!Puppy

34. FlyCatchin!Puppy

35. Puppy bitchfaces the next attacker... even though the kid couldn't control himself....... yeah, not gonna waste a good bitchface

36. Puppy is just STUMPED by this turn of events!

37. Inquisitive!Puppy

38. Dean won't be serious about this, so he gets another bitchface. Wow, Puppy, are you going for ANOTHER record?

39. Aw... Puppy is sad to find out his old friend committed suicide :(

{cue flashback music}

40. Hee... GoodSamaritan!MiniPuppy

41. He uses the power of the
PuppyEyes™ to subdue Dirk once again

42. Awww.... *helps Mini!Puppy up*

43. Poor Puppy now has to salt 'n burn his friend's bones...... hey, wait, is this a Recycled Puppy?? *checks pics* It's HollywoodBabylon!Puppy!!

44. *calls up Puppy from S2's Hollywood Babylon* See? Same shirt and jacket...nearly identical shot...that is SO from the same scene. Heh... sorry, it's the geek in me... moving on now *g*

45. *hugs Puppy*

46. *more hugs*

47. Facial Shrug #3!
{cue flashback music}

48. *gives Mini!Puppy a hug too*

49. Nervous!MiniPuppy gives Mr. Wyatt the PuppyEyes™ to ward off any punishment he may receive...

50. Aw... Mini!PuppySmirk...

51. Shocked!MiniPuppy

52. Brainiac!Puppy hearby becomes canon!

53. You don't seem very happy, though... aw... *pets him*

54. Aaaand back to the present... we still have Brooding!Puppy

55. No worries, folks... just a cute puppy wandering around a quiet school...
{quick flashback cue}

56. Is that a Mini!PuppyPaw combing through the PuppyMop? I believe it is!

57. And now we've come full circle!! *g*

58. *SO wishes that was her hand in the PuppyHair*

59. Even though he's not showing it, Puppy is just *thrilled* that a random student asked *him* for directions! A possible Puppy fangirl!!

60. Aw... cute Humble!Puppy

61. Bzuh?Puppy ... so she's not a fangirl after all?

62. *puppy is stabbed* Nooooooo!!!

63. Ooh, that dirty Dirk! Making Puppy think he had another fan!! *shames Spirit!Dirk*

64. *GASP* PuppyMop!!!!!

65. AttackDog!Puppy

66. Oh, PuppyMop, how I missed thee.... *stares fondly*

67. Dumbfounded!Puppy  (D'oh, he's restrained the PuppyMop again... :P)

68. Oh... guess he's looking to get his neck scratched again. Okay, Puppy... *scratches him under his neck*

69. More FlyCatchin!Puppy

70. *tangles fingers into the PuppyHair*

71. Whoa, major
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles... and you want a kiss too, Puppy? Okay...

72. Uncomfortable!Puppy

73. Aw... Puppy looks so confused...

74. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

75. All the connections Puppy seems to have to this whole case disturbs him... *pets*
{cue flashback music}

76. Ooh... Mini!Puppy bitchface for Dirk

77. Alas, it didn't seem to have any effect... Aw.... *helps Mini!Puppy up*

78. But wait... He seems to have found some PuppyStrength from within!

79. Do NOT mess with Mini!Puppy

80. Back to the present...  Worried!Puppy visits with Dirk's dad.  Hey, look, it's the PuppyHoodie!! *g*

81. Time for another ForeheadCrinkles Disappearing Act! Now you see 'em...

82. ... Now you don't!

83. Just look at those angst-ridden

84. Such guilt in that PuppyFace...

85. Awww, Puppy's gonna cry :(  *hugs him*

86. Yep, those
PuppyEyes™ are a-waterin'  *gives Puppy tissues*

87. Badass!Puppy confronts Spirit!Dirk

88. When Puppies Attack!

89. Don't let down your guard, Puppy... (his bitchface is slipping...)

90. Aw, Puppy makes one last attempt to get through to Dirk's spirit with the

91. OMG Puppy, watch out!!

92. Big brother to the rescue! *phew* False alarm...

93. ... or not ...

94. Noooo!!!

95. Uh oh... this can't be good...

96. Puppy Pancake... heehee...  okay, sorry, Puppy... we'll stop giggling and help you up
{flashback music}

97. Aw... Mini!Puppy revels in his new status as Cool!MiniPuppy

98. Why, yes, Cool!MiniPuppy is indeed aware that his new fan club includes pretty girls (in fact we might as well call them fangirls!)

99. So of course it stands to reason that Mini!Puppy doesn't wanna leave now, with his new fan club and all. Aww, don't worry, sweetie. There'll be lots more of that to come... especially of the fangirl persuasion. *g*

100. Mini!Puppy bids fond farewell to his good friend (and we all know what happens...... RIP Barry :(... )
{end flashback music}

101. Aw... Tentative!Puppy visits his old teacher

102. "Hi, Mr. Wyatt? I'm not sure if you remember me... I was that little Puppy that wandered into the school one day and found myself in your class, and you decided to let me hang around as the class pet?"

103. Aw... SlightlyAwkward!Puppy wasn't expecting Mr. Wyatt to remember him (yeah, like who could forget such a cute Puppy?)

104. "You DO remember me? Yay!! Uh, I mean... that's...uh... great."

105. Facial Shrug #4!

106. And after all these years, Puppy still remembers the "give me paw" trick ... *g*

107. And Mr. Wyatt praises him for it.  Awww, such a cute Puppy. :D  *cuddles him*

108. *nibbles PuppyNeck* *plays with PuppyHair*   *gets weird look from Mr. Wyatt*  Heh.. sorry, it's part of Puppy's grooming regimen...

109. ...and he enjoys it. See?

110. Yep, it was definitely those
PuppyEyes™ that made Mr. Wyatt remember him

111. More Puppy cuteness! *dies*

112. *is revived*  Oh, you want another kiss now, Puppy? Okay, sweetie, I think I can manage that...

113. Aw... Nervous!Puppy

114. Facial Shrug #5!

115. Nope, Puppy isn't happy. :( Let's try to make him happy, shall we?

That's it for this week. I'm going to try and get the next one (UndertheInfluence!Puppy in #4x14 Sex and Violence) done before the new episodes start up again next Thursday.  Until then I hope you enjoyed this and have a great weekend. :)
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