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21 February 2007 @ 10:48 am
I'm so glad this show is ending...  
Call me a heretic if you want, but it's how I really feel and I'm not going to sugarcoat it any longer.  I don't care if people tell me "Ha,  you're not a TRUE fan!" If being saddened that my favorite show has gone down the tubes makes me not a "true" fan, then so be it.  The latest episode that aired in the UK yesterday... I haven't seen it yet but already it makes me ill.

It's supposed to be a Teal'c episode, which could be good or bad depending on what it is. It's good because Teal'c hasn't had a whole lot to do this season, so if he isn't wallpaper for an episode, I'm pretty happy.

What makes me annoyed is that, although there wasn't anything shippy per se in the episode, they split up as Cam/Sam and Daniel/Vala to search for Teal'c.  Can someone please tell me WHY Daniel always has to be with Vala whenever Sam is in the ep? Why don't they ever pair him with Sam?  I asked those who saw it if he even interacted with her or Teal'c at all - or if they were even on the same piece of celluloid for even a second.  I haven't gotten any replies yet, but I'm betting not.

I just wish I knew why they have to keep Daniel apart from Sam all the time now.  Did they have a huge fight offscreen at some point?  I just don't understand it.  I'm sure the D/V shippers were just thrilled by this episode - well, I'm happy for you guys but I don't see the point of keeping him apart from Sam.  I even posted on Joe Mallozzi's blog, asking him why there has been so little Sam and Daniel interaction this season (yeah, I knew the answer already, but I wanted to hear it from him too).  Natch, he ignored my post.  I guess he figured that either I already knew what he'd say, or he just didn't care... and I guess I'm not surprised. 

I am just thoroughly disgusted that Daniel has to ignore Sam all the time.  As far as I'm concerned they've ruined his character.  Way to go, PTB.  I am just ecstatic that this show is ending.  If it's going to keep going down this downward spiral into the toilet then there is no point to keeping it around.  I'm glad they pulled the plug on it.  Of course now I worry they'll do the same to Atlantis, esp. with the MM boys influencing it... *sigh* these guys really know how to ruin a good thing.

I'm sorry for the blasphemy I've uttered here - but this is how I feel.  I hate how they keep shoving Vaniel at us just to please a certain group of fans.  I'm tired of them not doing any justice to the old friendships. 

I'm sorry for doing so much complaining - I have a splitting headache at the moment so I'm not feeling so good.  But a lot of my sentiments are real... I am just so disgusted over this.  I guess the only thing I can do is pop in the old DVDs and relive the good times. :(
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Suzotchkasuzotchka1 on February 21st, 2007 01:20 pm (UTC)
I asked JM a post in his blog too (about the ratings - that was me - he unscreened it but didn't answer it).

It seems to me TPTB are just sinking BOTH shows. Fans are mad and want nothing to do with the show anymore. That means ratings will tank and the show will get cancelled. Way to go!! At least we know who to blame, right?
jessm78: wtfjessm78 on February 21st, 2007 01:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was surprised that he unscreened my comment too but he didn't answer it either.

I guess it is some consolation that we know who to blame...and that we can still watch the old episodes from when the shows were actually GOOD. It's a shame they're so clueless and can't see what they're doing to SG-1 and Atlantis.
maevebran: Sam+Danielmaevebran on February 21st, 2007 05:16 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm a D/V shipper but also like Daniel/Sam (as you know). I don't see it the way you do but I'm sorry you are not enjoying the show anymore.=(
jessm78jessm78 on February 21st, 2007 05:21 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry if I offended you or anything. :( I didn't mean to - I just wasn't feeling too well and was in a ranting mood. *sheepish* The lack of Daniel/Sam interaction is just something that's been bugging me since the season first started and I guess it sorta makes me think that they aren't friends anymore. I guess I shouldn't let it bother me so much...

again I'm sorry if I offended you, maeve :(
maevebran: Sam+Danielmaevebran on February 21st, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
You did not offend me. Quit appologizing for having an opinion. I was trying to sympathize without sharing your feelings.

I can kind of see your point about lack of interaction but I still believe that they are friends. (Of course I have to wait til April to see the back half of season 10.)

Sorry you're not feeling well.

I finally finished my Sam/Dan story and my beta has it so it should be up before the weekend. 23,000+ words of Sam/Dan goodness I hope will make you feel better.=)
jessm78: S1 promo picjessm78 on February 21st, 2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
Oh good, I'm glad. I guess I worry too much about offending people...I was just worried that anything I said about D/V would've offended you. If it didn't, I'm glad.

Thanks. I've been watching the newer eps on youtube actually... I guess what has me down is that it's hard for me to believe their still friends if I don't see them acting much like friends. It's like I need proof or something and I don't seem to be getting it. I guess I need to stop over-obsessing about it though...

Aww thanks I appreciate that. :) I look forward to reading it.
(Anonymous) on February 25th, 2007 11:16 pm (UTC)
Pt. 1
I was bored and skimming through Stargate LJs when I came across yours. I pretty much read about Daniel with a lot of people in fanfic (Sam, Jack, Teal'c, Paul Davis, and Mitchell) but the one person I can't seem to no matter what is Vala. I just don't like them together because I don't like the way Daniel acts around her and Vala many times gets on my nerves though there are moments that I don't mind her as much, usually when they allow her to chill out and I did enjoy her scenes with Tomin or whatever his name is. Plus as you've said, TPTB can't seem to balance the team interactions. I cringe at the possibility that they may end up as a romantic couple in canon (just as I cringe at the idea of Jack and Sam together romantically).

You may have already gotten an answer to your question about Talion but if not, yeah Daniel actually had a nice moment with Teal'c and also with Bra'tac later one on one. Plus we saw the whole team worried together about Teal'c a number of times. Daniel wasn't paired up with Sam BUT he did still work well together with her in the team moments which I think stood out since we haven't even been getting that all that much this season.

Here's the problem. I don't think that Michael and Amanda have had any problems off screen. Amanda talked about wishing she could've worked more with Michael in an interview not to long ago which I don't think she would have done had they not been getting along. Also a friend of mine went to that Burbank convention last fall and when she got a chance to talk to Michael during the autographs, she said that she was sad that there hadn't been as many scenes of Daniel with Sam or Teal'c so far in the beginning of S10 since the first half was all that had aired so far. She asked if that would change at all in the second half. He said that this is one of the things that he regretted about the show ending so unexpectantly and that he would've liked to have had more chances to emphasize the bond between Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c.

Going from what I just mentioned, I honestly think that it wasn't the actors that caused there to be less scenes between the "original" SG-1 (but esp. Daniel and Sam) but rather it's because of TPTB. I think when TPTB get into the idea of possibly shipping someone, they tend to overdo it which is why I've never liked shipping on the show itself. I just don't think they handle it right. Jack/Sam was a complete mess. I was never a Jack/Sam shipper BUT at least they had some nice chemistry in the first few seasons. But once TPTB tried to push the shipping angle onscreen, I think it made Jack/Sam way too awkward around each other and it was terrible. I think with Daniel/Vala, they're once again pushing them way too much except it's even worse than with J/S because they're making them too excluded from the other team members. I also think on Sam's side that TPTB are obsessed with the idea of showing Sam and Mitchell's bond. They really like the idea of showing the two of them as co-leading the team and I think they're trying to build the comfort level between them (since I think they're aware that they already messed that up in Jack and Sam). Even in The Line in the Sand, they concentrated on showing Sam and Mitchell being the ones getting through it together (and I don't think it's a coincidence that Mitchell is the one SG-1 member who pops up in The Road Not Taken).
(Anonymous) on February 25th, 2007 11:17 pm (UTC)
Pt. 2
So like in Talion, I think they separated it as civilian/alien(Daniel & Vala) and military(Sam & Mitchell) on purpose. It was probably one of the better episodes though because we really got to see a lot of their concern over Teal'c and while they did pair off and give a moment of talking between each pairing, the majority of it was the team working together to get Teal'c back on track (and then of course showing what Teal'c was up to w/o the team).

Lastly, I think I've seen A LOT of the same concerns about Atlantis from those fans. While I'm a pretty casual viewer of Atlantis so I'm more open to changes than others, I can understand the fear of fans that are more into Atlantis. But anyway, I know that they're worried about Sam and Rodney constantly being paired up and taking away from the team. With JoeM at the reins I'd say they have reason to worry because he among others seem to have a hard time allowing for a balance in screentime. I can see their fears as legitimately happening where even if it's unlikely that they'd pair up Sam and Rodney romantically, I could see them taking away from the team to concentrate on Sam and Rodney's bond just as they took away from SG-1 to try and push Daniel and Vala's "bond".

Sorry for rambling so long but I just completely understand where you're coming from. While I still wasn't a big fan of Vala in S9 nor did I care to see Daniel and Vala together then, I could at least deal with it better then. But I wish Vala's arc had ended in Beachhead or whatever that episode was. It's not like they've been afraid of killing off characters in the past. The team just feels too imbalanced with 5 people and while I prefer the original team, I at least wouldn't have minded it as much had it still stayed Mitchell, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c only.
jessm78: S1 promo picjessm78 on February 26th, 2007 12:53 am (UTC)
Re: Pt. 2
Hey, thanks for posting those comments. :) No problem about rambling, I agree with pretty much everything you said. Even though I know how much MS loves acting with CB, I agree that it's not so much the actors who don't want to interact with each other (in this case, MS and AT), but it's TPTB. I didn't know that someone had said that to MS at the Burbank convention, but I'm glad that they did, and I'm glad that he wouldn't have minded showing more of the bond between Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. I think what we have here is a little group of writers who love writing the Daniel/Vala dynamic every chance they get and they tend to forget a lot about everyone else. They do tend to overdo it.

I do agree about Talion too... it was more of a team episode and it was really nice to see them all worried about Teal'c, plus the Daniel/Teal'c scenes and Daniel/Bra'tac. Even though the way they were paired off bugged me, I was glad it wasn't for the whole episode and there did seem to be some fairly decent interaction between Daniel and Sam as far as the team moments go. I'm at the point where I'll just take whatever I can get, I suppose.

I wouldn't doubt that TPTB got a little too in over their heads thinking they could write for a 5 person team. I agree with you, I prefer the original team myself.

I'm hoping they won't try some kind of Sam/Rodney thing in Atlantis as they've tried with Daniel/Vala in SG-1, but I'm not too optimistic seeing as how JM will be in charge essentially.

Thanks again for the comments - I totally agree with you about this. :)