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Puppy!Sam Picspam #74 (Supernatural)

So, new episodes are finally back tomorrow! *cheers* And someone's here to help us celebrate...

Episode #4x14: Sex and Violence

Okay, I think I got a little in over my head. This picspam is huuuuuuge. As in over 135 pics. I'm going to break it in half so it doesn't kill everyone on dialup. *g* I'll have a link to the second part at the bottom. If you want to use any of these caps for anything, feel free. Hope you enjoy.

1. Hiya, Puppy... oops, a Private Puppy conversation? We'll come back later...

2. Hee...Reflection!Puppy

3. Tentative!Puppy ... ooh, nice PuppyShirt/Sweater... the same one from Route 666 and/or Playthings
? If not, it reminds me of it and gives me the warm fuzzies :)

4. Aw... RiseAndShine!Puppy with a pretty set of PuppyEyes™... and look, some PuppyMop! *bounces*

5. Concerned!Puppy... he startled Dean a bit there... really needs to work on his wakeys some more...

6. Facial Shrug Alert!

7. Curious!Puppy workin' the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles

8. *is itching to run fingers through the silky PuppyHair*

9. That PuppyHair is looking so healthy today... so flicky and bouncy, and ...... yes, I'm aware I have an obssession... *g*

10. SlightlyAmused!Puppy

11. Hey, it's Dean and Puppy, Esqs.

12. Uh oh, Lawyer Dean is misbehaving. Time for a bitchface

13. The
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles team up to collect info from Mr. Benson

14. Thinky!Puppy ..... *kicks CW ad*

15. Lawyer Puppy has morphed into Agent Puppy, and has somehow found himself inside a doctor's office... imagine that

16. Aww... Awkward!Puppy

17. Along with his badge, he uses the
PuppyEyes™ to confirm his identity

18. Agent, Stiles... is perplexed

19. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

20. Enthralled!Puppy

21. What? She still doesn't believe him? Still gotta present the PuppyCredentials? *tsk*

22. Puppy wonders if he was slipping in the
PuppyEyes™ department... he's hoping this will make up for it...  *plays with the pretty PuppyHair*

23. Yep, Puppy is ashamed he was slouching there... he tries harder with the

24. He's really going all out with them now... hoping to get her under his
PuppyEyes™ spell

25. Yep, really playing up the Little-Puppy-Nobody-Wants Act, aren't ya...

26. "Look at the
PuppyEyes™, Cara ..."

27. "You will succumb.... succumb..."

28. "Succ...oh, what's that?"  Heh, Puppy got distracted :D

29. Facial Shrug #2!

30. Aww, Bashful!Puppy... she's finally taken notice of teh Puppy Kewtness and is appreciative... and that makes Puppy feel special :D

31. PuppyDimples!! *dies*

32. Aw, more Awkward!Puppy as big brother interrupts...

33. Yet he's still playing up the Puppy Kewtness....  anything to get Cara to adopt him and take him home ...

34. Cute!Puppy (that's redundant, I know... *g*) thanks Cara for considering to adopt him and leaves her with a nugget of wisdom from his Drunk!Puppy days...

35. *squeeeeee* It's the PuppyGrin&Dimples gift set!!

36. Puppy's still basking in the glow of PuppyAppreciation...

37. Puppy is contemplating rubbing Dean's face in it, oh yes he is...

38. But Dean preempts him.  This surprises Puppy...

39. ... And disappoints him...

40. ...and makes him bitchface

41. Dean's glee unnerves Puppy for some reason ... as if he's actually not expecting it. Hmm... Puppy, you feeling okay? *g*

42. Puppy gets pulled further into the car wreck... he knows he shouldn't watch, yet he cannot turn away...

43. *nibbles PuppyNeck again*

44. The newly learned factoid that Dean enjoys classical Greek literature doesn't sit well with Puppy for some reason...

45. Oh, dear, the music's gettng too loud to carry on a normal conversation. Puppy must resort to howling now

46. You wanna kiss, Puppy? Okie doke...

47. More Thinky!Puppy

48. ..And back to visit Doc Cara... he readies the

49. Yay! Puppy's so happy that she remembers him! (like anyone'd forget) Dean so wants to be somewhere else. Suck it up, Dean. *g*

50. Puppy is SO gloating inside...and a little on the outside...

51. And yet, Puppy's trying to disguise it and still act all professional-like. Bless him. *pets*

52. Still got those
PuppyEyes™ focused like a radar...

53. Suspicious!Puppy ... Nick is definitely unheard of in the PuppyCircuit

54. Yep, he's keepin' an eye on this one... see the major

55. "That's right, I'm Agent Puppy...uh, Stiles ..."  Need some work on that, Puppy...

56. Facial Shrug #3!

57. "You believe me, don't you??" *

58. No, Puppy, that's the wrong card! (says: "Need some PuppyLove? Call 555-DANG-IM-CUTE")

59. Heh, it's Watchdog!Puppy, with the
PuppyEyes™ Security System!

60. Facial Shrug #4!

61. Incredulous!Puppy

62. Puppy asserts his dominance

63. *pets the PuppyHair*

64. Oh, ho! Looks like Puppy really wants something.. see those beseeching

65. Heee...cute, ShruggingPuppy!

66. "Come on, I have an appointment with the Doc, Dean! She said something about adopting me! Now please leave, this is very important to me! ........ pleeeeeeeeeaze??"

67. Yay, Dean's taken the bait! Score! Er... PuppyScore!

68. Ohhhhhh, yes.... *nibbles PuppyNeck and plays with PuppyHair before Cara can get a chance*

That concludes this part! I know, it was just getting to the good stuff.. *g*... but here is the link for the rest:

Part 2

Enjoy :)
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