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Puppy!Sam Picspam #64 Part 2 (Supernatural)

Here's the second part. Sorry I had to split it up like this... there was just so much that needed to be covered... *g* Hope you like.

1. Aw... Goofy PuppyGrin!

2. Curious!Puppy

3. *nibble nibble* .... *loosens PuppyTie*

4. You like that, huh, Puppy?

5. Yes you do ... shall we continue?

6. GUH ... *flails*

7. Huh... Puppy notices that his tie isn't as loose as he'd like it. Okay, boy, we can help you with that... *g*

8. *fans self*

9. Dang, those PuppyEyes™ have been getting such a workout this episode...

10. asdfjklkwjfgshhh..................

11. Oh, apparently Cara has been watching us... she's going in for the kill!

12. ... and true to form, Puppy likes it...

13. Damnit, such a pretty Puppy...

14. *fans self*... aw hell... *removes Cara, inserts self*

15. Incoming!!!!!

16. Yep... *is totally there*

17. Uh oh, Dean is mad at Puppy! Puppy hopes he can get the
PuppyEyes™ to work over the phone line

18. See how he tries?

19. Sadly they're not working... aw... sorry, Puppy

20. Puppy *so* doesn't have tme for BS....

21. Incredulous!Puppy

22. Shocked!Puppy... trying so hard to convince Dean he isn't UnderTheInfluence!Puppy

23. But alas, Dean's not buying it. Al Puppy can do now is give his phone a bitchface

24. ActingOut!Puppy

25. Aww... poor frustrated Puppy :(

26. Let's see a closeup of that, shall we? Hey wait, Puppy's backwards!! *points to PuppyMole*

27. Ah, that's better......  *still hates CW logo*

28. Nervous!Puppy feeling a little threatened

29. Puppy! Nooooo!!

30. Dean!! What are you doing to the Puppy?!! Let him go now! Bad, bad Dean...

31. He tries using the
PuppyEyes™ to help set himself free

32. Noooooo!!!!!

33. Pesky Siren!Nick!! A bitchface for you!

34. ...and one for Dean, too

35. Aw, that poor little Puppy :( *goes to help him but is stuck watching in horror*

36. Siren!Nick attempts to muzzle Puppy... not a good move...

37. Eww!! Siren!Nick spit on Puppy... he's majorly grossed out now

38. Uh oh, now he's UnderTheInfluence!Puppy

39. Trance!Puppy ... *waves hand in front of him*

40. Oh no, Siren!Nick is turning him into Bad!Puppy ... *curses Siren!Nick*

41. Gotta work the bitchface...

42. Bad!PuppySmirk! *fans self* Yeah, I know he's bad, but still... *fans self*

43. Okay, that's enough, Puppy... you're scaring us :(

44. Ooh, PuppyGrowl...

45. "Boo hoo."  *dies*

46. When Bad!Puppies attack!!

47. PUPPYMOP!!! *points excitedly*

48. *continues to stare*

49. Okay, I know he's still bad, but, but... PuppyMop!! :D

50. Nooooo!!

51. *cautiously approaches Puppy*  .. he looks less bad.... *bends to help him up*  *sees Dean with axe and backs away*

52. Puppy gives Siren!Nick the
PuppyEyes™ to get him to release Dean from his control

53. Maybe a little bitchface, too... even though he's scared

54. Yay! Bobby to the rescue! Puppy is surprised but grateful

55. Puppy's still shocked... what a whirlwind of events

56. Speechless!Puppy

57. Aw... SomewhatAshamed!Puppy?  *cuddles him*

58. Puppy gazes at Dean with
PuppyEyes™ of remorse

59. ... and hangs his head in shame. Awww, Puppy... *pets him*

60. Bobby's choice of beverages amuses Puppy

61. Thirsty!Puppy

62. Puppy is still grateful but awkward... he doesn't think he is worthy to experience the Awesomeness That Is Bobby...

63. Facial Shrug #5!

64. And the
PuppyEyes™ bid farewell to the Awesomeness That Is Bobby as he drives off...

65. Facial Shrug #6!

66. Aww, poor Puppy... still ashamed about what he said back there :(

67. Worried!Puppy

68. Dean says they're good, but Puppy still can't be absolutely sure... awww :(  *hugs him*

So that's it, hope you enjoyed :) And of course the picspams will continue after the new eps air.

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