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Supernatural #4x15 Death Takes a Holiday (episode review)

Here are some of my thoughts after watching this ep for the first time... 

Wow. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm feeling really sad after watching this one. :(  For more reasons than one.

The fallout from the last ep was felt here.  After Sam tells Dean about investigating this case, Dean asks if he wants him to come, that he thought he holds Sam back.  Sam insists that it was the Siren talking, that he didn't mean it.  Dean doesn't seem convinced.

Let me get the shallow stuff out of the way... both boys looked SO good again... I loved Sam's little hoodie :) Looks like one he wore a few times back in S1.  That helped him look quite a bit younger when they were in the funeral home confronting Alistair.

Okay, moving on...

Dean didn't seem to like Sam saying that these people have to be taken, that it's natural.  Sam reminds him that the two of them have died a few times and they aren't exactly ordinary.  Sam has demon blood. Dean is no Joe the Plumber.  Dean says Joe the Plumber is a douche.  I'm probably the only one who feels this way, but I dunno, that comment seemed to come from nowhere, like a cheap throwaway line.  Eh, guess it isn't a big deal, but I thought it was kinda silly and didn't sound like something Dean would really say...  *shrugs* This is only my opinion, though, so please don't flame. :/

Anyway, they visit the one guy who was mortally wounded but survived and pose as Christian bloggers for ""  Heh...

The Sam vs. Alistair showdown in the cemetery.  Whoa. Alistair knocks Dean out, Sam gets a hold of him and Alistair tells him he's gotten stronger working with the little whore (or slut, can't remember), meaning Ruby.  Sam: "You have no idea."  Wow, what a knock out by Sam. He's honed his telekinesis? I'm wondering how much of what he did was in retaliation of what he did to Dean, and how much was wanting to end him because it's part of his plans with Ruby.

Speaking of which, I apologize to the Ruby fans in advance, but I was relieved that she wasn't in this ep.  I'm sorry but I really can't make myself like her this season. I tried to give her a chance in the beginning, but she just doesn't work for me.

I have to get this out of the way.....   PAMELA!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO :(   *sobs*

She was right... Dean and Sam were crazy for doing this.  I love though that she whispers "you have a great ass" in Sam's ear.  Sam's reaction is priceless, and of course he won't tell Dean what she said. *g*  And I love how she calls Dean "Chachi", seeing as how that seemed to be reserved for Sam at one time (Gordon called him that back in Bloodlust).

Some funnies when things go right through the Ghost!Boys...  Ghost!Dean puts his hand right through Ghost!Sam.  Ghost!Sam demands "get out of me." Ghost!Dean says he's a prude.  Hee! Oh, boys...

Sad seeing Cole's mom looking for signs of her son and then crying.  That poor kid... his cause of death was asthma-related? He must have had a severe case. Cold air can wreak havoc on asthma. If it's too cold and dry mine can act up, although I have a mild case.  I guess his came on too strong and there wasn't time for anyone to rush him to the hospital or anything like that.

Nice seeing Tessa again. I liked her back in IMTOD.  I'm glad they didn't have Dean remember her, because that would just totally wreck continuity. In IMTOD after Dean was revived, Sam asked him if he remembered anything and Dean said no.  She reminded him here, though. Sam and Dean tell her to get out of town because there are demons.  She tells them she'll go right back to the kid after this is over.

Christopher Heyderdahl!!  Hee... I knew this guy from Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary... so the sci-fi geek in me is glad to see him again. It would've been nice to hear his original voice instead of the "Alistair" one,  but I thought he did a nice job.

Back to Tessa and Dean... Dean's talk with her had me sad.  He told her after he came back he had this pit in him, mentioned losing Dad and Sam, and then said he wished he had gone with her back then. If this was back in season 2, I wouldn't have believed that. Back then he kept telling her that he didn't want to leave his family, that they would die.  I can see maybe a part of Dean wishing that maybe he had gone with her after all that had happened to him since then ... losing Dad, Sam, going to Hell, his relationship with his brother changing...  I dunno, but wow, that was pretty heavy-handed.

A few funnies as Cole demonstrates to Sam and Dean his "powers." He belts Dean, causing Sam to laugh. Cole asks Sam to hit him, but Sam isn't gonna go Fight Club on a kid. So Cole belts him.  Sam and Dean are impressed. Heh.

Then we get Sam having a serious talk with Cole. Sam tries to relate when he tells him how hard it must be seeing his mom grieving over him like that. He tells Cole that they'll make it so that he can stay with his family for as long as he wants. Cole asks if he swears, and Sam does. Oh, how is he gonna manage that...

I'm glad Dean was able to get Tessa out of there before Alistair ended her.  That demon that went after Pamela, though, was that one that was working with Alistair?

Then we (or rather Dean) get a visit from Castiel, who tells Dean that they saved a seal by taking care of Alistair. And that it wasn't Bobby who talked to Sam and told them about the case, it was him. So Castiel was disguising himself as Bobby, I take it?

Tessa comes back for Cole. Cole doesn't want to leave, but the boys try to convince him that he's going to a better place. That as long as he stays there and gives his mom a sign that he's there, she'll keep grieving for him and won't be able to move on.

Tessa and Dean bid each other farewell, Tessa telling him to take care of himself and to stop lying to himself, that he is scared and there are big things coming his way.

Once again.... Pamela!! Noooo :(  I'm glad she was able to recite the incantation though for the boys to wake up.  I wish they'd been able to help her afterwards though and get her to a doctor.  I thought it was chilling when she uttered those last words to Sam, that she knows what he did to the demon and if he thinks he's got good intentions to think again.

Final thoughts...   This episode had me so sad.  It was so clear how much things have changed for each of the boys, and between them.  They really seem to be going down separate paths, and that really saddens me. I know it's inevitable, but it's my wish that, at some point, even if it's in the distant future, something will happen that will get them back on the same side and working together.  Given the spoilers I've heard recently it doesn't sound likely, at least not yet.  But I really hope it will happen before the show ends.  I so miss the brotherly love. :(

And Sam going dark bothers me too... don't get me wrong, he's proven how hot he can be sometimes when he does, but I don't want him to stay dark.  Again I hope he comes around before the show ends.  It's probably a pie-in-the-sky wish, but I make it nonetheless.

Pamela's death... so, she was one of the deaths that Misha mentioned (it was at a con or during an interview that he'd said something about a couple of deaths taking place).  I sincerely hope the other one won't be Bobby!!  It can't be him!  If he dies and a certain "demon with a heart of gold" takes his place, I'm going to be so upset.  Again, I apologize to the Ruby fans, but what can I say... this is how I feel. I won't write off the show yet, I will wait and see what happens.  And I guess if I don't like how things go, I can fix it with fanfic (not that I'd be any good at it probably... but if anyone else writes fix-its I'd be happy to read them).

And of course, that little tribute to Kim Manners at the end had me all blurry-eyed :(  *sniffle*

Think I'll watch a S1 episode to cheer myself up...
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