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Supernatural #4x18 The Monster at the End of the Book (episode review)

Some laughs in this episode, but parts of it still made me hurt. :/  Here are some thoughts after my first viewing...

We open on a guy who seems to be having visions that involve Dean and Sam.  Next thing we see the boys themselves (in suits! Yay!) as Agents DeYoung and Shaw in a bookstore, supposedly "LARPING" (live action role-playing, the guy tells them).  Love their reaction to that. *g*

So I saw a pic of the book cover beforehand and it's priceless. I'm guessing the guy with the long hair is supposed to be Sam, even though his hair is blond? Because the other guy has a haircut just like Dean's. Hee.  It turns out there is a whole series of these books, each having the title of each episode of this show.  

Nice little title sequence.

Ah, so this is the ep chock full of potshots at the fandom! They find out there are Sam girls (*raises hand* :D, although I love Dean almost as much, so I guess I'm nearly bi-bro... surprised they didn't work that into it. *g*) and Dean girls, and slashers.  Dean wants to know what that last item is. Sam says it's "Sam slash Dean".  Dean says "don't they realize we're brothers?" Sam says apparently they do and they don't care. Dean replies, "that's just sick!" LOL.

I like when they visit the girl at the publisher, she acts like a waaaaay too obsessed fangirl.  She gushes that one of her favorites is when Dean goes to hell (love Dean's reaction there), and talks about how she loves when they cry.  Oh, the boys look sorta disturbed there. Heh...

To get to the bottom of this whole thing and find out the actual name of the guy who's writing them, they pretend they're huge fans who've read every book.  She quizzes them, naturally.  Sam shows off his tattoo from Jus In Bello! Apparently this girl has one, too? Gee....

They finally meet Chuck, the writer.  He's writing books about their lives.  He mentions all sorts of events that have happened to them over the past few years and apologizes for the bad stuff, like John getting killed, Mary burning up and then Jessica.  He even apologizes for the events of Bugs and Red Sky at Morning, saying they're bad stories! *snicker* Sam and Dean are getting frustrated and Chuck is somehow convinced that he's God.

Oooh... Dean is familiar with Vonnegut....

Chuck has flashes of Sam with Lilith... *shudder*

The scene in the laundromat was good... nice to see the boys doing their laundry finally! LOL. Though it was kinda creepy how Dean was reading the book and Sam was reacting just as he'd say. But funny when Dean says Sam just thought he was a d!ck and Sam said he got that right...

It turns out that everything Chuck writes ends up actually happening to them. So they decide to try and do the opposite.  This means Sam can't do any research (like how he protests later in the motel room when Dean closes up his laptop...), Dean can't order a bacon cheeseburger, and they can't fight.  In the diner Dean ends up ordering a tofu veggie burger.  I couldn't wait to see his reaction when he started eating it.  What the...? He LOVES it??? Of course the waitress made a mistake and it *was* a bacon cheeseburger. Okay, now we're good. *g*

And the boys do end up arguing, although not as heated as they might have originally. Sam wants to end Lilith. Dean doesn't want to be reckless like this, and Sam says he has to stand there and fight.

And things continue to happen as Chuck writes them. To avoid staying at the "Red" motel so that Sam can avoid Lilith, they check into the Toreador motel, but the lights in the neon sign go out and only leave the "RED" part lit up...

Dean does end up getting hit by a mini van. The stars he sees when he comes to are the incredibly gaudy star earrings the driver is wearing. And he ends up with some silly bandaids on his face, thanks to her young daughter. Oh, and there's the tarp on the back of the Impala, too...

Why is all this coming to pass? Cas shows up as Dean freaks out on Chuck, and informs Dean that Chuck is a prophet. Ooh....

One part that hurt kinda was when Chuck was talking to Sam at the motel. Sam asks if he knew he had demon blood. Chuck says he didn't write that into the story. Which does make some sense, sadly. Sam says he wishes to God he could stop, and Chuck replies, "but you don't." Which of course shows us that Sam is like a typical junkie. He asks Chuck if he's strong enough to end Lilith and Chuck doesn't know, he hasn't written that far yet.  Chuck tells Sam everything is resting on his shoulders. Interesting, but for some reason it doesn't leave me with much comfort. Not that I assume it's supposed to. *sigh*

Back with Dean, Chuck and Cas....  Chuck has written himself into the story and says it's such "M. Night douchiness." Hah!

These books are supposed to become the Winchester Gospel? Oh, the implications.......

Dean tells Sam about Chuck being a prophet. Sam doesn't seem to believe it. Dean insists they have to leave, but Sam won't budge. He wants to fight Lilith. He's also burned the hex bags Dean had left in the room. Sam I suppose thinks he really has a chance against Lilth and wants to prevent the apocalypse from happening. Dean leaves in frustration.

And he goes outside to pray for help. He's really driven to get help to stop Lilith from killing Sam. Cas pops in and says he can't interfere, which upsets Dean. But it turns out he can't interfere due to the archangels and the wrath they display.  He also tells Dean that as a prophet, Chuck is protected, and if a prophet and demon are in a room together, the archangel will basically smoke the demon.  Dean goes to Chuck and begs him to come with him.

Interesting scene between Sam and DentalHygenist!Lilith. I think the actress did a good job. And apologies to the Ruby 2.0 fans, but I think I would have liked Ruby better if this actress had perhaps played her.  But anyway, Lilith offers to stand down - stop the breaking of the seals and let Lucifer rot in his cage. She wants Sam's and Dean's heads on a plate, naturally. But she doesn't seal deals with a kiss the way it happens with the CRD's. Apparently she does it with sex. Sam doesn't seem ready to believe her at first, but she prods him and mentions all the innocent people that would die. Sam seems tempted to give into her and it looks like it's a go. I was almost shouting "NO!" at my screen when I saw him advancing toward her and the two of them about to go down on the bed.  Sacrificing himself for the greater good, yes, but Dean as well??? Should I assume that Sam thinks Dean would have agreed to it or done the same thing? No Sammy bashing from me here, honestly, I'm just trying to make sense of his actions right now.

Luckily Dean and Chuck show up just before this all goes down, the room starts shaking and it seems they've got the protection of the archangel with them. Lilith flees, apparently.

As they're driving away, Dean and Sam are talking about the confrontation with Lilith and the deal she'd offered up. Dean asks Sam if he would have accepted it. Sam asks if he thinks he would have for even a second. Hmm...   And Sam says Lilith was right that she won't survive this war - he'll make sure of that.  Such determination, and it's kinda worrying me a little...

Finally, Chuck is visited by Zachariah after he sees some terrifying visions of what's to come. He wants to warn the boys, but Zachariah forbids him - because no one should know too much about their own destiny. Chuck is obviously stressed and wants to kill himself. Zachariah says if he does, they'll just bring him back to life.  And he should keep writing.

So, that's about it. 

Final thoughts.... on the shallow side, both boys were pretty tonight. :) Some of the music in this ep reminded me a little of the music in Bad Day at Black Rock. And the decor of their motel room vaguely reminded me of that from The Usual Suspects.

I've seen some discussion and speculation about this episode here and there, and someone mentioned that they wonder if Sam is supposed to be the "monster at the end of the book." It was something I didn't want to think about going into this episode. But now? Honestly, for a while I was thinking it would be Lilith since she is essentially a "monster." But if the "end of the book" is supposed to symbolize the end of Sam and Dean's saga, and Sam wants to kill Lilith.... let's say he is successful. Then he would be triumphant, and would sort of fit the description of "monster" as the angels would probably see it.

But wait... upon further thought, maybe Lucifer would be the "monster"? I guess it depends on what exactly happens at the end, if he does end up "rising" and if he is able to be defeated. It's kinda interesting to speculate... although doing it too much just makes my head hurt, lol...

As for what I said before about parts of this episode making me hurt... Well, there was the fact that the boys were fighting even though they tried not to fight as badly, and it shows their opposing viewpoints on this whole thing - and thus where they separate and are taking different paths. Then there was Chuck and Sam's talk, where Sam said he wishes he could stop with the demon blood addiction emphasizing again that it's a real addiction and he can't stop. Sam's insistence on staying and fighting Lilith, and the fact that he seemed like he was going to accept her offer.  And finally what he said at the very end.  *sigh*  It just reminds me of the fight and brother vs. brother that's just going to get bigger and bigger as things go on.

The lighter side of this ep was pretty nice, though. And the shallow points I made above helped a little. *g* When I could SEE them, that is. Ever since Death Takes a Holiday, my stupid CW affiliate has been showing the eps in full-screen, so everything is super zoomed in and parts of people's faces get cut off. *snort* I guess it's to the whole HDTV thing? Yeah, I don't have any HDTV in my house but I guess I'll have to shell out some more money so I can watch The Pretty properly. *sigh* I'd contact my local CW but they probably wouldn't have a clue about it.

Oh well, all the more reason to buy the DVD set when it comes out!

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