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Puppy!Sam Picspam #75 (Supernatural)

 I know it's been much too long but guess who's back and hoping to get us through this little tv hiatus...

Episode #4x15: Death Takes a Holiday

101 pics, so totally not dial-up friendly. Some of the dark ones didn't come out very well, but hopefully they're not too bad. If you want to grab any of these for any reason, feel free.

1. Hiya, Puppy... oh, busy on a phone call, are ya? Okay, we'll wait...

2. Looks like Puppy's hinting for a kissy again...

3. Puppy is mildly surprised...

4. ...and now weirded out...

5. Aw, Puppy is surprised and hurt by Dean's implication...

6. And now he soooo doesn't wanna deal with it... Tired&WornOut!Puppy

7. Aw... *pets Puppy*

8. It's Blogger!Puppy... and his blog is titled Cute Puppies R Us... heehee

9. Anyone wanna give the cute puppy a kiss? Form a line...

10. Whoa! *Major* PuppyEyes™ to convince this guy to visit his blog... Puppy really needs more web traffic...

11. Confused!Puppy

12. Facial Shrug Alert!

13. Indifferent!Puppy

14. More
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles for Dean

15. Facial Shrug #2!

16. Seance!Puppy... aw he looks quite chilly there... let's help warm him up *g*

17. Incredulous!Puppy

18. Uh oh, an intruder! Puppy is on high alert

19. CaughtRedHanded!Puppy

20. Tsk! More BS that Puppy soooo doesn't wanna deal with...

21. Aw! Hoping the good ol' PuppyCharm will make the intruder back off...

22. ... but it didn't work. D'oh! It's just not Puppy's night, is it

23. ZOMG! The intruder is Alastair! Puppy unleashes the almighty Bitchface

24. *bitchface*

25. Oooh, Evil!PuppySmirk! *fans self*

26. He raises himself up to his full PuppyHeight... which isn't hard to do, obviously...

27. Puppy disapproves. Greatly.

28. And he opens up a huge can of PuppyWhoop-Ass

29. Whoa! Puppy's so good he's even surprised himself!

30. Puppy showing off the new PuppyHoodie he bought at PetsMart... nice, boy :D

31. Facial Shrug #3! "I dunno, this girl walked up to me and said I'd look cute in thing I know, she's putting it on me, talking in baby talk and petting me..."

32. Aw, Puppy's disappointed that Dean doesn't like it... it's okay, sweetie, we think you look adorable :) *hugs him*

33. Puppy's made an interesting discovery... a book with the names of lots of Puppy fangirls! It's his own little black book!!

34. Puppy's gotta be smug about it... *g*

35. PuppyTongue!

36. Ooh, is that a mini bitchface I see with that PuppySmirk?

37. GleefullySarcastic!Puppy

38. Aww, now he's playng up the Lost Little Puppy act! *melts*

39. Yay! Pamela! Puppy's so happy to see her again... he's wagging his PuppyTail

40. Uh oh, Puppy erred. Big time. His tail is now safely tucked between his legs...

41. He's really doing the Innocent Puppy routine now... meanwhile, Dean seems to have swallowed his lips.

42. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

43. DeepSleep!Puppy... hm, he needs a bigger doggie bed...

44. Ghost!Puppy with the
PuppyEyes™ of surprise

45. Aw... DeepSleep!Puppy looks so precious... *gently kisses his six five forehead*

46. Ghost!Puppy is appreciative of Pamela's flirting...

47. ...verrrrry appreciative...

48. Facial Shrug #4!

49. Ghost!Dean takes Ghost!Puppy for his afternoon walk

50. Eep!! Puppy, watch out!

51. Amused!Puppy

52. Bad Dean!! Get your hand out of the Puppy! Now!!  ..... that was weird to say....

53. Ghost!Puppy is no longer amused. See the bitchface?

54. Aw, poor uncomfortable Puppy... *pets him* *ruffles his hair*

55. Curious!Puppy ...  *scratches under his neck*

56. Ghost!Puppy uses the
PuppyEyes™ of concern to convince Cole to hear them out

57. Aw...Sympathetic!Puppy

58. Something's up... Puppy's on alert!

59. Ghost!Puppy meets Tessa the Reaper .... wow, he looks so *young* here

60. Puppy is frustrated that no one is paying attention to him

61. And now Puppy is sad. Awww....

62. Puppy dreads having to lie to Cole ... *nibbles his neck to make him feel better*

63. Facial Shrug #5!

64. A closeup of those sad

65. Dammit, Puppy, stop exposing your neck like that! You're making all the fangirls hungry!

66. Apprentice!Puppy watches Dean attempt telekinesis

67. Impressed!Puppy

68. Nooo! Puppy is punched in the gut by Cole and offers a bitchface

69. TeeHee!Puppy as Cole turns his attention to Dean

70. Puppy sooooo doesn't take Cole seriously...

71. ... which is not a good thing. Cole, hon, you can stop kicking the puppy now. It's not funny anymore

72. Puppy *really* is not happy and is trying as hard as possible to stifle another bitchface...

73. Still, as pissed off as he is, Puppy's still impressed by Cole's skillz.... hee...

74. Facial Shrug #6!

75. Puppy barks out a warning to Dean as demons show up in the creepy funeral home

76. OnEdge!Puppy ... ooh, flashing a wee bit of PuppyMop there...

77. ZOMG!Puppy as Alistair returns

78. Puppy is gonna bitchface the hell out of him...

79. Alpha!Puppy stands his ground

80. Ooh, nice PuppySneer...

81. If bitchfaces looks could kill...

82. and now Puppy's starting to get a little freaked out...

83. Another bitchface for Alistair...  you tell him, boy!

84. Ooh, Puppy bares his teeth!

85. A final bitchface before ...

86. ... FleshAndBlood!Puppy wakes up!

87. Eep! Another demon! Look out, Puppy!

88. Stop! In the name of Puppy!

89. AttackDog!Puppy works his PuppyMojo...

90. Yep, he's really unleashing the Puppy Power Whoop-ass here...

91. That's twice in one episode... poor Puppy's getting tired...

92. Noooo, Pamela's mortally wounded! Puppy gets out the
PuppyEyes™ and Forehead Crinkles of concern

93. Awww, Brooding!Puppy .... hmm, look familiar?

94. Aw, Puppy looks guilty... :(

95. He tries to comfort Pam with the
PuppyEyes™ and the promise of a doctor

96. But Pam wants a drink instead? Puppy doesn't understand...

97. I think that Puppy needs to be pet...and hugged...

98. Curious!Puppy as Pam leans in for some last words... *sniffle*

99. Shocked!Puppy

100. Puppy looks as if his head's gonna go 'splody any minute now...

101. Puppy's got so much crammed into his conscience now... poor boy... *hugs him*   *cries for Pam*

That's all for this installment. I should hopefully have the one for 4x16 done by next week. Until then I hope you liked this one. :)
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