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Spread the Sammy Love (meme)

Sorry I have been so quiet on here the past couple of days or so. Why have I been quiet? Believe it or not, I've been taking so much time to edit pics for this lovely meme I saw a few days ago, from my friend fabilimah .  I had to go and outdo myself, because I had to find at least 1 pic per episode of Sam for this meme. At least one pic. Meaning most eps have more than one. So I ended up with over 200 pics. Eek! I would've ended up with more if I hadn't put some kind of limits on myself, LOL. I took my own screen caps and edited them to make them look somewhat artsy fartsy (mostly playing with coloring and lighting) because I wanted to do more than just post plain old screen caps. 

So... *breathes* ... this was the result...

I love him (yeah I think you already know that :P) good, bad, sucking blood, geek boy, emo boy, demon blood, puppy sam, no matter what.

212 pics, but so as not to kill anyone on dialup I split it in half more or less. I have a link at the end to the second part. Pics are from episode 1x01 to episode 4x18, with one promo pic from 4x19 (courtesy of andreas_ri ). This first half covers seasons 1-2, up to Tall Tales.  If you want to take anything for art or whatever, feel free. Credit for the caps would be nice but not totally required. Click on the pics to enlarge. I've added some silly comments to many of the pics that you'll see when you click to enlarge. *g*

And here's Part 2, which covers episodes 2x16 to 4x18 (and the promo pic for 4x19, which isn't spoilery).

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