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Puppy!Sam Picspam #76 (Supernatural)

Look who's here to celebrate with us a new episode tomorrow! *g*

Episode #4x16: On the Head of a Pin

Much shorter picspam this time, only 48 pics (sorry! Puppy wasn't in this episode all that much as it was a more Dean-centered ep). I guess that makes it still not very dial-up friendly. And as a warning, there may be some snarkiness directed at a certain female character. Sorry, can't help myself. *g* If there's any pics you'd like to take for anything please feel free. :)

1. Hey, Puppy... oh, it's Puppy in the driver's seat...

2. Aw... Worried!Puppy

3. Mediator!Puppy

4. He uses the PuppyEyes™ to placate Meanie!Angel

5. Puppy wants a kissy? Don't think it's the best time for one, boy.....  Aw heck, anytime is good for a Puppy Kissy... *g*

6. Frustrated!Puppy just wants Meanie!Angel to like him...

7. What the...? Puppy's all alone!!

8. This upsets him, so he howls...  It's okay, Puppy, we're here!

9. I said we're here, Puppy... what are you doing? Nooooo, don't open that door!!

10. *nibbles PuppyNeck*  *plays with PuppyHair*

11. *nibble nibble*  *tousle tousle* Feel better, sweetie?

12. Hmm... well, he's not objecting.... shall we continue?

13. Fire makes Puppy squeamish

14. ...and yet he seems strangely attracted to it.  Hmmmm...

15. Thinky!Puppy

16, *licks PuppyNeck*  *pets PuppyHair*

17. Aw... *hugs Puppy*

18. Out come the
PuppyEyes™... but not for the purpose we want.... :/

19. Puppy! Nooooooo!!!

20. Uh, Puppy? You're cute and all, but we don't like where your head is at.  Just FYI.

21. Nooooo!!! Bad Puppy!! *readies the Wet Noodle of Doom*

22. *lowers Wet Noodle of Doom as the
PuppyEyes™ threaten to weaken her*  Dang PuppyEyes™....  Must...not...let...guard...down.

23. He's now Junkie!Puppy! Nooooo!!! *narrows eyes dangerously at New!StalkerFangirl before turning away in horror*

24. Junkie!Puppy is on a mission..... *cowers in fear*

25. Oh, look... Scary!Junkie!Puppy to the rescue....

26. Once again... Stop! In the name of Puppy!

27. GRRROWR!Puppy

28. Bitchface Extraordinaire?

29. The Powerful Puppy Paw

30. Okay... Puppy's looking kinda scary again.... *cowers*

31. Puppy, please stop it... *whimper*

32. Looks like Alistair needs some persuading... putting the
PuppyEyes™ to good use

33. *wants to lick/nibble/bite teh PuppyNeck soooo bad*

34. Gleeful!Puppy says "I can send Alistair to Hell! OMGYay!!"

35. His is very eager to test his new Puppy Skillz out.... and bares his PuppyTeeth to look more menacing

36. Puppy Power takes *supreme* concentration, of course...

37. "Look into the
PuppyEyes™... you are getting sleepy -- er, I mean, you are losing consciousness..."

38. Nope, he's not our sweet Puppy anymore... *sniff*

39. Tired!Puppy ... ending Alistair took a lot out of him

40. *waves hand in front of Puppy* Yep, he's out of it. Take a nap, Puppy... you deserve it

41. Awww.... Worried!Puppy

42. I think he knows he worried us before. Maybe there is still a part of that sweet little Puppy somewhere inside him.... look at the loyal puppy by his master's brother's bedside

43. Uh oh, a bitchface for Cas!

44. Desperate!Puppy growls at Cas... he wants his big brother back!

45. Cas won't comply... time for another bitchface

46, And now a kiss? Wow, those are some mood swings you're having, Puppy.  Who am I to complain, though? Heh...

47. Awwww :(  *pets him*

48. *and one more hug for good measure*

And that's all for today's installment. Hopefully I'll be able to get the next one done for Friday. If not, I'll definitely be sharing it next week! Hope you liked! :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester
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