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Supernatural #4x19 Jump the Shark (episode review)

Here are my thoughts on tonight's episode. I even took notes, big geek that I am. *g* If I missed anything, chalk it up to bad note-taking, and my stupid satellite service/CW affiliate airing the show in super-zoomed, blurry full screen :P

So we start out during the teaser with some unknown woman being chased by some invisible baddie. She gets dragged underneath the bed by said baddie, presumably.

Oh, and there's a picture of John WInchester on the night stand.

Hmm, boys look a little groggy. And Sammy is brushing his teeth!! Heee :D

Phone rings, turns out it's John's. Dean answers, it's a kid looking for John. The kid says he's John's son. Oh, Dean's reaction. Whoa.

Dean and Sam are in a diner and Dean is convinced it's a trap. He takes the necessary precautions: holy water and silver. Sam insists it's a possibility, mentioning the boy's birthdate and noting that John was on a job and a couple of pages of his journal are missing. He tells Dean that John is no monk and something could have happened. Dean: "Now I'm thinking of Dad's sex, stop talking!" Heh.

When Adam joins them, Dean's still very wary and is aiming his gun at Adam underneath the table. As Adam passes the Holy Water and silver tests, Dean puts the gun away. Sam is more open and wanting to learn more about the kid. Adam apparently didn't know much about John and thought he was a mechanic. They tell him that John is dead and Dean says "a car fell on him." *snerk*

Wow, my heart ached for Dean a bit when they were in the house and Adam was telling them about some of the things he did with John. Especially when he looked at the picture of the two of them and said "he took you to a ball game?" Adam asked Dean how John celebrated his birthday. Oh, Deeeeean. :(  You can really see the glimmers of Dean wanting the easier, apple pie life.

Sam and Dean examine the bed from under which Adam's mom was dragged. There's a tunnel/passage underneath, and the boys do the old Rock-Scissors-Paper to determine who's going to go down there, just like in Heart! *g* I love it. And of course Dean chooses scissors, as always! Love his reaction - "Every time"... and then when he's crawling down there, "why didn't I pick paper?"

Dean finds blood. Not good.

When he and Sam were talking about Adam, Dean said the reason John ripped those pages out of his journal and didn't tell Adam what he did meant he was protecting Adam. Sounds like it to me...

Sam wants to help Adam and train him, saying "I know what it's like to want revenge." Saaaaaaaam. :( Oh, that hurts.

They find a newspaper clipping of a case of missing bodies, which was the case John was working on at the time. Turns out the bartender, who'd also gone missing along with Adam's mom, was a cop who had worked on the case. He was helped by a "specialist", aka John. Interesting....

Sam tells Adam how John really died, by the hand of a demon. Adam thinks it's over and Sam says it's never over. Wow. Total role reversal with Dean. Dean said this same exact thing in Shadow. (When Sam had looted the trunk of all their arsenal to prepare for the showdown, he'd told Dean what if they killed the YED and it'd all be over; he'd go back to school and be a real person again. Dean countered that it was never over, that there'd be other things to hunt. And now Sam is saying this very thing. Wow.)

Outside, whatever took Adam's mom nearly gets Sam, and starts dragging him underneath the car! Anyone else get a sort of The Benders vibe there?

We see yet another example of the role reversal when Sam insists they stay here and fight whatever it is, while Dean wants to take Adam and bolt, accusing Sam of wanting to use him as bait. Back in Something Wicked, Dean had proposed doing the same thing with that kid Michael in order to end the shtriga. Sam was the one who wanted to get Michael out of there and couldn't believe Dean wanted to use him as bait.

Sam is having another talk with Adam, telling him that all his connections (girlfriend, life at school, etc.) are weaknesses. The only thing they can count on is family. Dean pulls him aside and asks him to explain himself, saying that he's quoting Dad. Sam admits that he is, and that yes, he did butt heads with John for the longest time, but now he understands him. Dean says that he and Sam are stuck in this and there's no chance for them, but Adam still has a chance to go to school and have a career. He doesn't have to be cursed. Sam counters with "he's a Winchester, he's already cursed."

Dean wants him protected and Sam asks what makes Adam so special. Dean asks if Sam is jealous. Sam says "are you?" BINGO.

Dean goes out and explores the underground lair (or whatever it was... I really couldn't tell half the time where he was thanks to the STUPIDFULLSCREENZOOMEDINCUTOFFPICTURE!!! *cough* sorry....), wanting to find out what's going on with whatever is doing this. Sam stays with Adam and covers all the entrances to the house except the one under the bed. While Dean is exploring, he gets trapped and then encounters some remains, including Joe the bartender and former cop (and he says "Sloppy Joe"... *snerk*). 

But he also finds the bodies of Adam's mom and.... Adam?!!!

Talk about a twist. Although, I have to say something was up with that kid. I thought it was a bit strange how easily he seemed to accept what Sam and Dean do for real. Especially the way he just said "your my brothers... I have to believe you."

Meanwhile, Adam's mom appears to Adam and Sam. Adam goes to her and Sam begs him to get away from her, saying she's not his mother, she's not human. Adam's face changes and he says "I know." And whack! Hits Sam with the butt of the gun.

It turns out "Adam" and his "mom" are really ghouls, who'd killed both of them and could take on their bodies, personalities, thoughts, etc. But they've got Sam all tied up and are trying to feed off him by drinking his blood!

The mom ghoul says "his blood tastes different."  Yeah, no kidding. *sigh*

She taunts him and says "he [Adam] really was your brother."  Really? Hmm... well, I know that demons are capable of lying. I wonder if ghouls are as well? Or it's part of the taunting? Who knows, really. And I guess it's plausible that John wasn't a monk after Mary had died, and would want to protect a child like that after having him with a woman who didn't know about what he does exactly (or did she?).

Poor Puppy (er, Sammy) is losing blood when Dean gets out in time and ends the ghouls (heh, nice shot blowing the mom's head off!). He unties Sam and helps him up (awwww :)). Sam says "thank you" and Dean returns "that's what family's for." Awwwww. :)

They decide to burn Adam as they burned John back after IMTOD. Sam doesn't seem too happy and says that maybe they can bring him back and have Cas do something. Dean says he's in a better place. As they stand and watch Adam's body burn (like they did John's in ELAC), Dean tells Sam he knows why he and John butted heads so often; because Sam is more like John than Dean will ever be, even though Dean dresses like John and listens to the same music.

Sam says he takes that as a compliment. Dean: "You can take it anyway you want to."

Wow. I guess that's about all I can say.

So, this was one of the deaths that was rumored to happen in April, I guess. I went into this expecting Adam to die; I just didn't know how it would happen. I thought that either a MOTW would get him, or the kid himself would be a MOTW. Guess I was sorta right.

I thought Jake Abel did a nice job. He did have features that were reminiscent of both Sam and Dean (or Jared and Jensen, I guess), and maybe even a little bit of John (JDM).

Preview for next week's ep looks good. Sadly it will be the return of a character I don't particularly like...and I'm sure most of you know who I'm talking about so I won't say anymore. *g* But it does look interesting. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh! One last thing. Both boys looked so pretty tonight. I know they usually do every episode, but they were truly hot looking tonight as well... from all I could see anyway *curses Dish/CW affiliate for leaving me with half of faces/parts of arms instead of a full picture* lol

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