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Puppy!Sam Picspam #77 (Supernatural) Part 1

TGIF... and TGFP (thank goodness for Puppies *g*)!

Episode #4x17: It's a Terrible Life

So, to make up for the lack of Puppy in the last episode, this picspam is huuuuuuuge. As in over 120 pics, so like in #4x14 I've split it into two parts which are around 60 pics each. I could have done it with less pics, but he was just so irresistable in this episode. *grin* As always, if you see any pics you want to take, please feel free.

1. Hi, Puppy! Hee, it's Puppy in Daffodil Yellow

2. Aw... MajorlyConfuzzled!Puppy

3. Poor Puppy is so perplexed...

4. *nibbles PuppyNeck* *plays with PuppyHair*

5. Dean's remark mystifies Puppy... he doesn't even like health clubs

6. And now he's sad that Dean doesn't remember him and has blown him off.... aww.... *pets him*

7. This picture speaks for itself... *g*

8. "Tech support, this is Puppy..."

9. PatientButBored!Puppy

10. Yum, more PuppyNeck!! *nibbles* *fingers PuppyHair*

11. Facial Shrug Alert!

12. Oh, what to those wondering PuppyEyes™ should appear?

13. Puppy finds Ian's brainwaves disturbing

14. Heh... careful there, Ian... EagleEyes!Puppy sees all!

15. ... And he will bitchface you if he doesn't like what he sees!

16. See??

17. PuppyTongue!

18. LongSuffering!Puppy is tired of being compared to Harry Potter

19. Ooh, nice Forehead Crinkleage...

20. SooooNotPuttingUpWithYourBS!Puppy

21. Puppy says "d!ck!" (aka Puppy's had enough)

22. Puppy's tired

23. Yep, someone's had a late night...

24. Puppy really needs a nap

25. This is what happens when you stay up all night in chat rooms, Puppy... *tsk*

26. *sings him a lullaby*

27. PuppyMop!!!  ... oh, wait, this is a flashback.... D'oh :(

28. Eep!! Puppy had a nightmare! Er... daymare! *comforts him*

29. Aww... there, there, sweetie... *hugs him*

30. And now SelfConscious!Puppy hopes no one else saw that... heh...

31. Meeting #2 ... Hee, Puppy looks so awkward...

32. AnywhereButHere!Puppy

33. AWK-WARD.......

34. Yep, Puppy's mildly uncomfortable...

35. Puppy objects to the idea that he's... you know...

36. Candid!Puppy

37. Dean aint talkin' ... but one dose of the
PuppyEyes™ should fix that

38. *wants to pinch the PuppyCheeks*

39. Facial Shrug #2!

40. Puppy wants a kissy!

41. Another hit with the
PuppyEyes™ for good measure...

42. Another kiss? Well, it is hard to resist when you keep using those
PuppyEyes™ on us...

43. Puppy objects to the notion that he overshares. Time for another bitchface

44. Aw, no one believes the Puppy.... :(  We believe you, Puppy! *pets him*

45. Enthralled!Puppy ... whatcha see, boy?

46. Uh oh, Puppy's been found out ... he's readying the Innocent

47. Facial Shrug #3!

48. Ian caught Puppy checking out the Naughty Toy section of PetsMart's website... *tsk*

49. Puppy pleads to Ian with the
PuppyEyes™ ad PuppyPout not to tell on him

50. Yay, it worked! Puppy is grateful

51. Puppy vows to be more careful in the future

52. Hm... Pamela was right ...  *g*

53. Paul's OTT persistence seriously weirds Puppy out

54. Aaaaaand Puppy is telling us that he wants *another* kissy. Cheez, already? .... not that I'm complaining, of course... *g*

55. HighlyAmused!Puppy :)

56. WTF?Puppy

57. Aw, Puppy's BFF was killed. :(

58. Modeling his PuppyPurse... heh

59. Again... Pamela (RIP) was right. *nods*

60. Still, Puppy tries to joke in the wake of tragedy... aw :)

61. Concerned!Puppy

That wraps up Part 1. Here's Part 2!!
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