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Puppy!Sam Picspam #67 (Supernatural) Part 2

And here's Part two of the

1. Facial Shrug #4!

2. Whoa, Dean saw a ghost!!! *squeeee*

3. Puppy's so KEWT when he's excited!!

4. Hee... look at those PuppyEyes™ filled with awe and wonder

5. Yes, in case you missed it, Pamela (RIP) was right.......  *cough* ... sorry ;)

6. Oh, dear... looks like Puppy's got another annoying itch that he can't reach

7. Still keeping the
PuppyEyes™ trained on Dean like a laser

8. Yep, Puppy gots skillz... no need to be embarrassed about it, Puppy

9. Puppy REALLY wants to check this out right now.... pleeeeeeeze??

10. Facial Shrug #5!

11. OMG, Puppy, watch out!!

12. PUPPYMOP!!! :D

13. Puppy finds Dean's Master Cleanse obsession a little freaky...

14. Awww, Puppy doesn't like his life much... but Puppy, you've got us!!

15. Facial Shrug #6!

16. Facial Shrug #7! (wow...)

17. Puppy *really* dislikes being called 'Sammy.' Yep.

18. Curious!Puppy thinks the Ghostfacers' website is kewl

19. Research!Puppy finds something interesting...

20. Facial Shrug #8!

21. Puppy's rummaging for puppy treats... *g*

22. *pets the PuppyMop*

23. Eep! Oh, no, Puppy's been caught! *shakes fist at security guard*

24. Aw... CaughtRedHanded!Puppy

25. Not your day, is it, Puppy? *pets*

26. Nervous!Puppy. Something aint right here...

27. Shocked!Puppy

28. The well-meaning little Puppy hopes his
PuppyEyes™ can help light the way for the security guard

29. Facial Shrug #9!

30. Yep, this situation doesn't sit too well with Puppy

31. Aw, he tries some Puppy Kewtness to convince the security guard to come back

32. Alas, it didn't work.... OMGWTFBBQ!!Puppy

33. Yep, Puppy's traumatized for life now

34. "Call you back!"  Awww...

35. *gets towel*

36. Oops, looks like I missed a spot... Puppy, would you mind taking your shirt off, please?

37. Puppy obliges! Now he gives Dean the
PuppyEyes™ so he could leave the room and give us some privacy

38. But Dean won't budge, so he gets a little bitchface

39. Aw, it's okay, Puppy. We'll do it later. *g*

40. OMG!Puppy

41. Puppy, nooooo!!!

42. *goes to help him up*

43. Aw.. Puppy's so proud of himself for putting his new skill to good use!

44. Eeep! Puppy, behind you!

45. OMG! PuppyMop!!!! *points*

46. *grins insanely* Baaaaaaaangs, where have you been??

47. Woo-hoo!! I guess all those little chants of "Bring Back the Bangs" worked! The PuppyMop has gained confidence and has come forth!

48. Oops... *realizes Puppy is still incapacitated*  *helps him up, still gazing in awe of the PuppyMop*

49. D'oh, he's restrained it again! Still .... *wants to twirl her fingers in the flicky bits*

50. Awww, he's so excited that they actually vanquished an evil spirit! *gives Puppy a little congratulatory kissy*

51. Puppy wants to keep doing this. Dean doesn't. Bitchface time.

52. Facial Shrug #10!

53. Doubtful!Puppy

54. Facial Shrug #11! Whoa...okay, this is definitely a record!

55. Something's not right here and Puppy just wants Dean to believe him. He enlists the help of the

56. But Dean won't hear it. Puppy is sad. Awww....  *hugs him*

57. Puppy bitchfaces his workstation. He's had enough of this charade.

58. ... And he turns into AttackDog!Puppy

59. Ooh, a bit of PuppyMop...  atta boy, Puppy, release your anger!

60. Puppy quits. Yep.

61. Come on, Puppy. We fangirls think we can find you a nice new job... *g*

And that's all for this week! I hope to have the picspam for #4x18: Monster at the End of This Book done for next week. Hope you liked this one!!

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