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Supernatural #4x20 The Rapture (episode review)

Sorry I'm so late with it this time. I went right to sleep after the show last night (okay, not right to sleep... had to gather my thoughts together and write some notes for this review, lol). I was so exhausted. But I'm not going to let this ep slip by without a review, so here we go. Warning, there are some less-than-fangirly comments about a certain female character. Hopefully not bad enough to prompt you to flame me, LOL, but I just thought I would let you know. And I hope that none of what I wrote makes it sound like I'm bashing Sam. I'm still a Sam girl till the end, I still love him, but I had to be honest here. It's also pretty long, and there are some speculations for the final 2 episodes. Not a lot, just based on what was shown in the "Soon" promos. So shouldn't be spoilery beyond that.

Show... OMG, what you are doing to me.... *cries*

To start, the Sam/Ruby flashback scenes made me feel a little ill. I know they were needed in the context of the plot, but still.... ugh.  :P

So, we open on Dean fishing!! Hee :D And then Cas joins him on the pier. He looks as if he wants to say something to Dean, but it's not safe here ("here" being in Dean's mind because he's dreaming). They have to meet somewhere else.

Dean and Sam go to some abandoned building (I couldn't tell what it was exactly because my stupid picture STILL sucks!!! *grrrr*) and find Cas lying unconscious on the ground. BTW, I find it kinda amusing that Sam now refers to him as "Cas" too. *g* Anyway, Cas awakens and we learn he's not Cas anymore. It's his vessel, Jimmy, and he says that Cas is "gone." Hmmm........  

Nice to hear Misha's regular voice!

They take him back with them and, wow, he really gives Dean a run for his money with the way he dives into the food, LOL. Don't blame him one bit, though. He doesn't seem to remember anything from the time Cas was possessing him, including what he had said to Dean in the dream about wanting to talk to him.

In flashbacks we see glimpses of Jimmy's wife Amelia and daughter Claire, and we see how Cas started attracting him and calling to him (hearing static on a radio, and seeing in the tv screen while he was watching something about angels, interestingly).

Back to Sam and Dean ... Dean wants to send Jimmy home to his famiy. Sam wants him to stay because he could be a lead (I think he mentioned something about angel-on-angel violence? I can't remember). Dean is bothered by this and says, "remember when our job was helping people?" Sam doesn't deny this and insists that he does want to help.

Oh, dear. Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. *wags finger* He sneaks out to the car and has turned his back, which allows Jimmy to escape. Sam is still Junkie!Sam. He takes out a bottle of demon blood and starts drinking. Noooooooo! *glares severely at his demon bitch enabler*

And then when he rejoins Dean in the motel room, he is acting rather pushy. He's wound tighter than a drum as he tells Dean to hurry up. And of course he lies about where he was when Jimmy took off. He says he was getting a Coke. Dean: "Was it a refreshing Coke?" Hee!

As Jimmy makes his journey back home, we see more glimpses of his life when he was communicating with Cas. He puts his hand into a boiling pot of water and doesn't get burned. He tells his wife that Cas is testing his faith.

Sam and Dean are driving around when Anna suddenly appears in the back seat, causing Dean to nearly run off the road. She chastises them for letting Cas get away, telling them that something big is happening. Was it just me, or did she seem a little annoying in this scene? Yes, Anna, Sam did let him get away. And yes, Sam does seem different. *sobs*

Jimmy returns home and watches his wife and daughter from the windows. We see more flashbacks of him telling his wife about how Cas has chosen him for a higher purpose. She doesn't seem thrilled about it and says that the most important thing is them (to Jimmy telling her God is the most important thing). She tells him to take his pills and if he doesn't stop, she'll leave. Then we see him outside telling Cas he'll do it and asking for him to help.

And so Cas possesses him. His daughter sees him outside and asks Daddy what he's doing. Cas turns to her and says "I am not your father." Awww. How hearbreaking. :(

In the present we see Jimmy reuniting with them. His wife thought he was dead and he tells her he was in a clinic because he wanted to get himself right. He insists that he's really okay, that he was confused and delusional. Reversing himself on what he told her earlier, he insists that the most important thing to him is them.

We go back to Sam and Dean. Junkie!Sam is calling his acursed supplier and demanding more blood from her. *heart is breaking*

More scenes with Jimmy and his family. Having dinner. They ask if he's going to say Grace. He won't and starts crying, because he's happy. Aww.

Then we see their friend?neighbor? Roger stopping by (Geek alert: played by Aaron Pearl, who was young Lt. Hammond and Lt. Kearney on Stargate SG-1!!). Turns out the guy is possessed by a demon. Hate to say it, but I saw that coming. He starts beating Jimmy up and we go to commercial break. Wheee.

Jimmy starts laying down salt (so we can assume that he eventually got the upper hand on Demon!Roger?) and his wife isn't believing him on what's happening. And then we find out that Demon!Roger has kidnapped Claire! Another female demon (uh... Roger's wife? Someone else?) starts beating Jimmy when lo and behold, Dean and Sam come to the rescue. Dean ends Demon!Roger with the knife.

Sam tries to use his powers on the other female demon, but it doesn't work. Uh oh. But Dean helps out and rushes up to her, causing the demon to escape from her.

Next come another scene that breaks my heart. Sam tells Jimmy that the demons are after him because he's a vessel. He's in danger and he has to go with them, away from his family. Jimmy asks for how long, and Sam says forever. He says that to keep them safe he has to either be apart from them or put a bullet in his head. "You can never be with your family." Owww. Dean is obviously bothered by this and tells Sam not to sugarcoat it. Sam insists that he's telling the truth and someone has to.  Again, we see the role reversal.

Then we get a scene where Jimmy tells his wife he has to leave. She doesn't want to leave him, but he says he has to. And he can't tell her how long. After he leaves, we see wife and daughter alone, when suddenly... OMG! His wife is possessed! She smacks their daughter and calls her "bitch."

Dean and Sam are driving off with Jimmy in the back seat, and Dean brings up that Sam seemed weak back there when he was trying to exorcise that demon, that he looked like he would faint. Sam denies this, and Dean says that his mojo was all over the place. Dean says that it's scaring him. Sam replies, "I'm scaring myself." You and Dean are not the only one's you're scaring, Sammy. :(  I've got some thoughts on why he says this that I'll address later. Anyway, the phone rings and it's Jimmy's "wife." He takes the phone and says "Oh my God." Commercial time.

Apparently Demon!Amelia told Jimmy they have his daughter, or maybe something not as blatant. Sam and Dean discuss this and Sam says it's probably a trap. Dean knows, but he has a plan (which apparently doesn't turn into a good one).

Jimmy is seen alone, crying out to Cas for help before we see Demon!Amelia who has Claire tied and bound to a chair. Oh, and a couple of other demons have captured Dean and Sam too.

Demon!Amelia declares it's time for everyone to die and she shoots Jimmy!! But something is going on with little Claire. And we see that Cas has taken her over! She escapes from her bounds and ends up killing a couple of the demons.

Junkie!Sam goes to one of the fallen demons to get his fix. In a quite messy way. UGH, Sammy, my Sammy, what have you become??? :( Dean finally sees this and the look on his face is just -- WHOA. Sam takes notice of this and then sticks the knife in the demon's body. He shares a look with Dean but doesn't really appear very guilty or lost as he's done in the past (like in Metamorphosis and ITGPSW for instance). He then exorcises the demon from Amelia.

Cas wishes to keep Claire as his vessel, despite Jimmy's protests. He tells Jimmy he served them well and it's time for him to go home. He says his daughter was chosen and is with him now. Jimmy feebly begs him to take him instead. Cas does and is back inside Jimmy.

Dean then asks Cas what he was going to tell him. Cas says he learned something while he was away. He serves Heaven. He doesn't serve man, and he certainly doesn't serve Dean. He then walks away. Um.......   gee... I have no idea what to say to this.

Sam and Dean are driving away and Sam brings up the ugly scene from before. He is expecting Dean to stop the car, take a swing at him or chew him out. Dean doesn't want to hear it. He tells Sam he doesn't care. He says "What do you want me to say? I'm disappointed?" He admits that he is, but he's mostly tired. And he's done. He's just done.    Oh, man.

Then Bobby calls and tells them to get their asses over to his place.  *hearts Bobby* *fears for him*

He leads them to his panic room and says they have a demon problem. Sam goes in and asks what it is. Bobby replies, "it's you' and he locks Sam inside!! OMG. Sam bangs on the door and protests for them to let him out. Dean and Bobby don't lift a finger to do so.

Hly crp.

So I'm guessing that at some point unbeknownst to Sam, Dean conferred with Bobby about him and they planned this to trap him in the panic room.

And then the "Soon" previews.... I just wanted to cry. Seeing Sam beg that he's not a demon or isn't drinking demon blood from the panic room, seeing him go through withdrawal and tied down like that.....  I just. Ow, it hurts. And seeing his DBE (short for demon bitch enabler... I'm getting tired of typing that out, lol) with him made me throw up in my mouth a little. But anyway....   Dean pledging himself to God and the angels? And from what we hear him say over those aforementioned scenes makes it sound like he wants to kill the DBE (oh yes, please do!!! I hate what she is doing to Sammy!).

And that one shot of Dean on the floor with a bloody nose saying "if you walk out that door, never come back." I started crying right there. I don't know if it was because I'm getting PMS-y again or what, but....  yeah, I cried.

Final thoughts on this episode:  It was nice to see Misha flexing his acting muscles a little more there and to get a glimpse of the man he was possessing. I know we didn't see much of Dean and Sam, and it seemed like Castiel Knows Best, a SPN spinoff, but I think it was necessary to get some backstory on Cas and his vessel since he'll be returning as a regular next season.

As if it wasn't obvious, Junkie!Sam bothered me. Thank God his DBE didn't appear... I honestly thought I heard she was supposed to return for this ep. I guess it's just for ep. 21 and 22. But still. Seeing Sam with such a dependency on demon blood and seeing how it affects his attitude really bothered me. And then when he was sucking the blood from that one demon? The way he looked with his mouth covered in blood reminded me of Jack, the rugaru guy from Metamorphosis (and that brings me back to what Sam said to him, about how he doesn't have to become a monster and can fight it... wow, how those words ring hollow now). The way Sam told Dean here that he's scaring himself.... I was wondering if he means he was scaring himself because he's so dependent on the demon blood, or if he's scaring himself that his powers weren't working. Anyway, I hated seeing him that way. Yes, I know a lot of people love Sam going darkside. I know Jared loves it and wants it to happen. But I'm sorry, seeing this aspect of it does not sit well with me. And I know it's going to get worse before it gets better, IF it gets better. *cries and hugs her season 1/2 Sam clone and never lets him go*

The rift between Dean and Sam is like the Grand Canyon now. And that is probably going to get worse, too. From the "Soon" previews, it really looks like Dean will be fighting on the side of good, while Sam will be fighting on the side of evil. aka Brother vs. Brother. If they end up fighting each other, I really hope it doesn't stay that way. I hope once Sam hits his lowest point, he can come back up and be brought back to the good side and he and Dean will be back on the same side. Eventually. Yes, I know Jared wants the show to go out with them fighting each other. Sweetie, I love you, you're a terrific guy and I love how you play the character, but I'm sorry, I'm going to have to go with Jensen on this one (the show to end with the boys side by side).

This show is just breaking me. It really is. Yet I still have to watch. And hope against hope that eventually, things will turn around.
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