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So I had a few people at Gateworld telling me the other day that I should go to this year's DragonCon in Atlanta. I think it takes place during the last weekend in August. Michael and Lexa are supposed to be there, as well as Chris Judge. Someone told me that Dragon Con is not like Creation and I'd have better chance of getting closer to Michael...

*sigh* What I would give to attend this con. I was so disappointed that he cancelled out on the NJ con and I honestly have no idea if he'll be attending it this year too. Also supposed to appear at DragonCon are the TAPS guys (from Ghost Hunters). I've always wanted to meet them too so it'd be really cool. I'd probably be able to swing it monetarily (is that a word? lol), but the problem is that I hate traveling alone, especially over such far distances - let alone going to a con by myself. My friend Lori who I went with to the NJ con wants to go back there this year, but again I don't know for sure if MS will even be attending.

The only thing I MAY be able to do.... I found one of my old junior high school friends on myspace last year. She'd mentioned back then that she usually goes to DragonCon and if I went I'd "be in Stargate heaven." I COULD try emailing her and seeing if she's going, but if I remember she said she was getting married this summer, so it's a longshot.

*sigh* How I wish I could do this. I really don't like the way Creation does things and I'm betting DragonCon would be a lot better! Plus there are so many guests I'd like to meet there... so close and yet so far. If only this thing took place in NY!!
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