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Puppy!Sam Picspam #79 (Supernatural)

I was going to wait a bit before posting this, but I'm still on my high from the finale last night so here we go!

Episode #4x19: Jump the Shark

Over 100 pics, so not dial-up friendly. If there's anything you like and want to use, please feel free to take. Oh, and Dean worms his way into quite a few pics as well. *g*

1. Hi, Puppy. Taking care of a little early morning hygiene, are we? Good boy...

2. Heehee... making sure he takes care of all those hard-to-reach PuppyTeeth

3. Lucky toothbrush...

4. Puppy finds Dean's early morning condition amusing

5. Hee! Gotta keep those PuppyTeeth pearly white!

6.*nibbles PuppyNeck* Hey, isn't that the Shadow shirt? *g*

7. Incredulous!Puppy

8. Curious!Puppy

9. Research!Puppy

10. Puppy begs Dean with the PuppyEyes™ to behave in front of their alleged brother

11. Yep, there is a fangirl under this very table at this very moment....*g*

12. Puppy gives Dean a bitchface for being so rude to the waitress

13. Heh... I'mNotHere!I'mNotHere!Puppy

14. Disappointed!Puppy hates that Dean isn't too eager to trust Adam

15. Oops, the fangirl under the table bumped Puppy's knee... or something like that... ;)

16. Puppy looks so cute as he tries to come up with theories pointing to Daddy not being celibate

17. And he's hurt that Dean doesn't think much of these theories

18. Hee... Amused!Puppy ("Heh... Dean *wishes* he had his own fangirl under the table...")

19. Puppy greets Adam with the

20. Y'see, Adam, if it turns out you really are related, you're gonna have to get used to this, big time... Hope you don't mind some Puppy Kewtness

21. Nonplussed!Puppy

22. Hopefully it doesn't bother Adam that he may have a cute, overgrown puppy for a big brother

23. One who really wants a kissy now...

24. And he hopes that an extra dose of
PuppyEyes™ will get him a bigger slice of pie

25. Watchdog!Puppy

26. D'oh! Adam passed the Puppy tests with flying colors! Foiled again! Time for a bitchface

27. Hm... Thoughtful!Puppy

28. But is Adam immune to the

29. Worried!Puppy is beginning to think so! Aw, don't worry, Puppy. Just keep trying.

30. Aww... Jealous!Puppy

31. It's okay, sweetie... you can have some fun with *us*!!

32. However, Suspicious!Puppy doubts the authenticity of the Adam/Daddy photos. They look more like a bad Photoshop job to him

33. Yep, Puppy's beginning to wonder if they've been had

34. Hee... Expectant!Puppy

35. And now Professor!Puppy launches into lecture mode

36. Uh oh, Puppy realizes he's gotta find Adam's bathroom, fast... or find a doggie door leading to the back yard

37. *30 seconds later* Having relieved himself properly, Puppy is back to study the interesting Daddy-related nugget of info

38. Poor Puppy can't make heads or tails out of the bartender disappearance

39. The
PuppyEyes™ desperately hope Dean can figure something out

40. *tsk* Puppy, now is not the time for games!

41. Uh oh...

42. Puppy FTW! Heh... look at that Smug!Puppy

43. Why so tight-lipped, Puppy? Was Dean's reaction to your victory not as you'd hoped?

44 Aw, it's a Man-to-Puppy talk

45. WorldWeary!Puppy is reluctant to impart his words of wisdom to Adam...

46. But sadly he must... and so he readies the
PuppyEyes™ to soften the blow

47. Dean disapproves. Puppy tries to stifle a bitchface

48. And instead uses the
PuppyEyes™ as a torture device

49. ... And back to human/Puppy bonding...

50. *scratches Puppy on his neck* *plays with PuppyHair*

51. Oh oh, Puppy's got another annoying itch... Hang on, Puppy, I'll help

52. Puppy decides to share one of his PuppyToys

53. Take it, Adam... come on, the
PuppyEyes™ say it's okay...

54. Sympathetic!Puppy

55. Eep! Lights out... good thing he has those powerful headlights... er...

56. "FeelLucky,Punk?"Puppy

57. Fleeing!Puppy with some flying PuppyHair!

58. Nooooo!!!

59. *whew* Big brother to the rescue! Aww, look at that Puppy panting...

60. Facial Shrug Alert! (wow, #60 and it's only the first one?)

61. Confused!Puppy

62. See how confused he is? He cocks his head to the side like all puppies do when they're confused *g*

63. Aww, I think Puppy injured his paw.... *nurses it*

64. Innocent!Puppy

65. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

66. NotInTheMoodForYourBS!Puppy

67. FrontierShootout!Puppy

68. Facial Shrug #2!

69. Hee... Impressed!Puppy says "you do well, Grasshopper." *g*

70. Aww, Puppy had such *fun* with the bonding today! Such a cutie...

71. I think he's a bit tired now, though.. Puppy needs a nappie

72. The
PuppyEyes™ hope Adam had fun too

73. I swear, how do those things make him look so *young*?? All we need is the PuppyMop and he's 6 years old again ;)

74. And now he wants *another* kissy... not that I'm complaining... *g*

75. SoooooNotDealingWithTheBS!Puppy

76. Puppy aint happy... the bitchface can't be far behind

77. There it be!

78. Aww, Puppy tries one more time to appeal to Dean with the Puppy Kewtness

79. It's not working... Puppy resorts to growling

80. And the bitchface. Again.

81. Facial Shrug #3!

82. Aww, Puppy's getting frustrated...

83. He tries out the
PuppyEyes™ on Adam again

84. Nervous!Puppy ... aww, we'll protect you, boy!

85. And now he turns into AttackDog!Puppy... with good reason

86. Eep! Puppy has an unfair disadvantage! Hang on, Puppy, we'll help you!

87. Shoot teh Puppy?? Now we see that Adam really is a monster!

88. How could anyone threaten that cute woobie face??

89. Puppy? ... You okay, sweetie? Ooh... pretty PuppyEyelashes...

90. Whoa... okay, Adam's mom is a waaaaaay too obsessed fangirl

91. Poor Puppy... it's just not his day

92. Puppy struggles to break free... you @$# ghoul!! Stay away from our Puppy!!

93. Puppy *so* wants to maul her... ooh, look at that PuppyNeck... would nibble but not the appropriate time

94. *gasp* Now Adam wants to hurt the Puppy!! Since they worked so well before, he begs for mercy with the

95. Noooo!! *wants to end ghouls*

96. Poor Puppy :( *sniffle*

97. OMG, they're dining on Puppy!!!

98. Puppy wishes some normal... er... more normal fangirls could holdhim captive for once.  *takes note of this*

99. Poor baby's in so much pain :(

100. *wishes that was her hand on the PuppyCheek*

101. Yay, big brother to the rescue! Puppy'd jump up and down, but he's... y'know...

102. Aw, Puppy's so sore... he's gonna need some heavy duty TLC when we get him free

103. I'm sure Dean won't mind if we help out... *prepares First Aid tools, massage oils.....*

104. Awww, boys... *hugs them both*

105. Deja Vu...

106. Thoughtful!Puppy

107. Facial Shrug #4!

108. Aw... a sad little PuppySmile.... *hugs him*

That's it for this week. I should hopefully have the next one done for next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)
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