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Puppy!Sam picspam #80 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday, everyone :D

Episode #4x20: The Rapture

Not as many pics as usual, but still over 70 pics so not dial-up friendly. Oh, and Jimmy/Cas has a little part in this one, too. *g* Hope you like. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... come on out of the shadows, boy!

2. Oh, oh... those PuppyEyes™ see something...

3. Curious!Puppy

4. Confuzzled!Puppy

5. Okay, it's hard to tell from here, but Puppy is ticked off that Jimmy is hogging all the Puppy food

6. ... so he starts begging with the

7. Hee... LossForWords!Puppy

8. Hm.. Disturbed!Puppy?

9. Does Jimmy remember being possessed? Inquiring Forehead Crinkles wanna know...

10. Aw... PuppySmirk!

11. Oh, Puppy must really want something... he's fixing those
PuppyEyes™ on Dean like a laser...

12. Puppy really likes Jimmy and wants to keep him... and so he begs again with the you-know-whats....

13. PuppyShrug! And look at that pretty flicky PuppyHair... *flails*

14. Wow, some *major*
PuppyEyes™ here

15. Let's get a close up of that, shall we?

16. Words fail Dean, so he defers to Puppy

17. Placating!Puppy

18. Ooh, Jimmy can bitchface too! He's giving Puppy a run for his money... Puppy won't be happy about this...

19. Nope... "Oh, what have we *here*? Don't waste your energy - I'M the Bitchface Princess."

20. "No you're not. Admit it. I win this round."

21. Uh oh, they're having a Bitchface-Off

22. Looks like Puppy forfeits this round after all... aww, it's okay, you still do a mean bitchface, Puppy

23. But wait - he challenges Jimmy with the

24. "It just so happens I have those, too!!"

25. "You can't beat me there so don't even try." (and he presents a bitchface rebuttal... hee :D)

26. Aw, what's the matter, Puppy? Can't sleep? Can we get you some warm milk and a things? *g*

27. Oh no, the Puppy got loose. *tsk* Dean, you should've locked that door better...

28. Oh, dear, you're not looking well, sweetie.... come to bed, let us help you

29. Puppy, you're pretty, but you're worrying us. Please, just come back to bed?

30. Junkie!Puppy..... Bad boy! Baaaaaad!!

31. Ouch... Puppy got a little zealous with the junkie action and bit his Puppy paw! *tsk* Serves you right...

32. And nowyou want a kissy, Puppy? After what we just caught you doing out there??

33. Puppy is feeling ill and all Dean can do is joke. This deserves a bitchface.

34. And a dose of
PuppyEyes™ to win some pity points

35. TickedOff!Puppy... he so wanted to stick his head out the window, but it's raining

36. OMG! Anna's sudden appearance scared the crp outta Puppy!

37. Kinda hard to see, but... Facial Shrug Alert!

38. "Gigantor"?? Even if he doesn't show it much, Puppy is hurt by Dean's new nickname for him

39. Aww... *pets him*

40. Meanwhile.....   Jimmy thinking: "Heh heh heh... see these babies? Take that, Puppy Winchester!"

41. Hm... Puppy's pissed off that his latest order of Puppy treats hasn't come in yet...

42. He's trying to get the bitchface to work over the phone...heh...

43. "I don't care if you have to special order them, I need them NOW!!!"

44. Poor Junkie!Puppy... I think New!StalkerFangirl is doing this on purpose. *nods*

45. Puppy to the rescue! Workin' the bitchface as part of his mojo...

46. "Stop! In the name of.... GAH! It hurts!!"

47. Whoa! Puppy? You okay?

48. Trying to get the PuppyPower back takes supreme concentration...

49. And it didn't work... now he's OhNoes!Puppy

50. Yep. Puppy's freaked out now.

51. Puppy informs Jimmy that he must enter the Winchester Witness Protection Program

52. Jimmy's not convinced. Time for another bitchface (to remind Jimmy he's still the Bitchface Princess...heh)

53. Uneasy!Puppy

54. Awww... Poor sweetie needs a nap

55. Oh noooo!! Captive!Puppy

56. Yep, Puppy does not take kindly to being a hostage... unless, possibly, by fangirls...

57. "You think you've won, do you? Well, you're no match for my Extreme Puppy Kewtness. You'll be sorry, just you wait..."

58. But it's not working. D'oh! Oh well, you tried, Puppy

59. Nooo!! And she goes for the PuppyNeck... why does that not surprise me?

60. *goes "Beep!" to the PuppyNose* :D

61. Rugaru!Puppy!!!! *cowers in fear*

62. Yes, Puppy is a baaaad boy. *thinks up punishment for him*

63. Rugaru!Puppy finally remembers his primary mission objective. Good boy... for now...

64. "Liek OMG I had killed teh demon! Yay!!!"

65. Hm... Guilty!Puppy? *gets him towel*

66. Aw, Cas' change in disposition has saddened Puppy. He's gonna go off and tear up his "Cas Fan Club" membership card now

67. Curious!Puppy... Bobby found the Puppy treats and has them at his place? Really?

68. Really hard to see, but this is Facial Shrug #2!

69. So The Awesomeness That Is Bobby is keeping the Puppy treats in his panic room? Huh, interesting... Hey look, it's the Carny!Puppy shirt from ELAC :D

70. Heh... Popeye!Puppy

71. "Uh... Bobby, you said the Puppy treats are in here. Where are they?"

72. WTF?Puppy... No Puppy treats??

73. "I DON'T get Puppy treats??"

74. "No fair. You lied to me!! *sniffle*" Aww... *wishes she could free Puppy... and give him Puppy treats... and anything else he may require...*

That's it for this week. Hopefully by next week I'll have the next picspam. Have a great weekend everyone. :)
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