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Puppy!Sam Picspam #81 (Supernatural)

While we're waiting for reports and pics to come in from the Asylum con, someone's here to keep us company...

Episode #4x21: When the Levee Breaks

Since this was quite a puppy-filled episode, there are 103 pics in total. So yeah, um, not dial-up friendly. Heh. Some of my pics came out pretty crummy too, esp. the darker ones, but hopefully they are not too bad. If you want to use these for anything, please go ahead and take them. There is some snark'age in this one, too, but no harm intended against the puppy or anyone else (well...almost anyone else.. *g*). Hope you like!

1. Previously on Puppy!Sam picspam...

2. Aw, poor Puppy is desperately looking for a way free!

3. *scratches Puppy under his neck to calm him down*

4. PissedOff!Caged!Puppy

5. Hm, perhaps the magic of the PuppyEyes™ will help set him free...

6. Frustrated!Puppy *wishes those were her hands in the PuppyHair*

7. Angry!Puppy goes "Grrr!" and bares his PuppyTeeth

8. And now Puppy wants kissy? Okay, sweetie, if it'll make you feel better...

9. I guess it didn't... we have bitchface

10. Trying again with the

11. Nope, didn't work.. Puppy howls to be let out

12. CabinFever!Puppy

13. Poor Puppy gots a headache :(

14. Scared!Puppy *protects him*


16. *gasp* Captive!Puppy

17. Noooo!! Bad Mirage!Alistair! Stop hurting the Puppy!

18. And now Puppy is being tortured by Mirage!Alistair's bad breath

19. Poor baby. :( *nuzzles PuppyNeck* *caresses PuppyCheek* *cards hands through PuppyHair*

20. There, there, sweetie... see, it wasn't real...

21. OMG!Puppy is freaked out by the sudden appearance of Mirage!Mini!Puppy

22. Mirage!Mini!Puppy gives us the first Facial Shrug Alert!

23. Poor Shocked!Puppy wonders if the
PuppyEyes™ will work on his younger self

24. Mirage!Mini!Puppy gives him a little bitchface

25. Whoa, Puppy's never gotten a bitchface from "himself" before... this is odd

26. He begs for forgiveness with the
PuppyEyes™ (Mirage!Mini!Puppy accused him of banishing the pretty PuppyMop... Puppy replies "I'm sorry! I was... trying something new!" Heh...)

27. Aw... Ashamed!Puppy

28. Uh oh, Puppy's patience is beginning to wear thin...

29. Aw... he hangs his PuppyHead in shame :(

30. ... but comes back with a bitchface of his own

31. Wow, how young he looks despite how messed up he feels...

32. Again he implores with the
PuppyEyes™ for Mirage!Mini!Puppy to lay off.

33. Bzuh??Puppy (*stares in awe of the pretty flicky bits of PuppyHair*)

34. OMG! YED!Mirage!Mini!Puppy (whoa, that's a mouthful, LOL)

35. Puppy needs a huggy so bad :(

36. *gets Puppy a glass of water* *pets him*

37. *applies cool, damp cloth to Puppy's six five forehead*

38. Aw, Puppy is in such awe of Mirage!Mommy

39. And now he looks a bit ashamed.... aww :(

40. And now poor baby's gonna cry.... *dries his tears*

41. DoubleTake!Puppy... Huh? Mirage!Mommy's *not* mad??

42. Confused!Puppy

43. *wants to hug Puppy soooo bad*

44. *again wishing that was her hand in the PuppyHair*

45. Eh, Puppy's not really liking what Mirage!Mommy is suggesting

46. D'oh, Puppy's got another itch he can't reach... this is so embarrassing in front of Mommy... even though she's just a mirage.. *g*

47. *is drowning in the

48. *pets*

49. Again... see #44. *g*

50. This makes me just melt in so many ways.....

51. Bored!Puppy

52. Hm... Puppy finds his PuppyPaws fascinating for some reason

53. OMG! Puppy's getting some ugly varicose veins in teh pretty PuppyPaws!!

54. Nooo!!! *runs to protect the PuppyFace*

55. Nooooooooo :(

56. Eep... Flying!Puppy

57. Awwwww.... poor helpless Puppy

58. *hugs Puppy. Again*

59. Poor struggling Puppy *wants to untie him*

60. Bad Mirage!Dean! How could you be so mean to the Puppy?!!

61. Awwww... it's okay, sweetie, it wasn't really big brother. He won't say that to you, darling

62. HlyCrp!Puppy... his bonds have been released!

63. ... and now what do those wondering
PuppyEyes™ see?

64. Hmm... who left Puppy's cage door open?

65. Aw... Puppy can't escape without the PuppyJacket! It's quite chilly outside, you see...

66. Poor Puppy looks just awful... he needs some fangirl TLC

67. Noooo!!! Puppy! WTF are you doing?!

68. Sweetie, please, let us help you...

69. Nooo!! Bad Puppy!!

70. Is our baby beyond help now?? *worries*

71. No, Puppy!! Don't answer that door!

72. Oh, look who it is... </dripping sarcasm> And doesn't Puppy look *thrilled* to see her...

73. Yep, Puppy gifts her with a bitchface for leaving him high and dry

74. Poor pathetic Puppy... look what you've done to him, you beeyotch.

75. Aww, Puppy's still upset about Mirage!Dean's words as New!StalkerFangirl lies

76. Time for another bitchface!

77. *pets again*

78. Ugh, keep your hands off the Puppy!!! *removes beeyotch, inserts self*

79. Still teh Junkie!Puppy.... *sighs sadly*

80. Puppy is disturbed by New!StalkerFangirl's insinuation

81. Whoa... Puppy suddenly removed 15 years from his age... how does he do that??

82. Thoughtful!Puppy

83. Incredulous!Puppy

84. Puppy's preparing for his role in a local stage production of Grease?

85. Aha! More proof that New!StalkerFangirl is a bad influence! Sorry, Puppy, the slicked-back PuppyHair isn't workin' for you...

86. Facial Shrug #2!

87. Aw... Remorseful!Puppy

88. Nooo! Intervention!Puppy has the worst timing! (on the up side, he's fixed the PuppyHair... *smiles*)

89. And I think he realizes he made a grave error in judgment there... *g*

90. Awww, look at those sad PuppyEyes™

91. Uh oh, Puppy's getting mad again... see him baring those PuppyTeeth again?

92. *nearly dies from teh cute*

93. The
PuppyEyes™ are turned on High Beam in hopes of getting through to Dean

94. Heh, Puppy's trying to stifle a bitchface and it's not quite working

95. More desperate

96. Uh oh, Dean's invoked Puppy's wrath. This can only mean...

97. ... Bitchface Time!

98. The bitchface starts to slip because Dean has hurt the Puppy... aww

99. And he turns into Attack!Puppy! Grrrowrrr!

100. Okay, I know he's still a bad Puppy, but he looks pretty yummy here... *drools*

101. Ooh, Bitchface Deluxe!

102. Bad Puppy!! Bad, bad dog!!

103. Puppy, you know you are the Master of the Bitchface. But you're upsetting us... please come back to us. *cries*

Well, that's it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back with a picspam for the season finale. Until then, have a great weekend, everyone. :) *hugs*

EDIT: Eep!! I meant "next week" instead of "tomorrow." Sadly there's no way I have a new picspam ready for today. I've only started capping the season finale. But with luck I should have it ready for next week. Sorry about that!
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