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Puppy!Sam Picspam #82 (Supernatural)

Hey, guys. I have this one done early so I figured I'd post it. Don't want to make you wait too long. :)

This one is A Very Special

... not only because of the subject matter (well...some of it *g*), but because it's the last Puppy!Sam picspam until the hiatus ends! Wait, wait, before you freak out, I mean it's the last episodic Puppy!Sam picspam until next season. I am going to do a few more general spams, and I'd like to make a Puppy picspam glossary/guide/handbook as well. *g* So this won't be the end of Puppy!Sam by any means. And... for all the Dean gals out there... I'm going to start my Dean picspam series soon as well! Tentatively called the Dean Pronapalooza. Hee :D I am lacking a nickname for Dean, though, as I am for Sam ("puppy"), so if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free. Or I may do those picspams in a somewhat different style, so..... we'll see.

Anyway, without further ado....

Episode 4x22: Lucifer Rising

83 pics in total, so not dial-up friendly. Again, the darker ones turned out kinda crummy. :P But if there's anything you like, please feel free to take. :)

1. Hi, Puppy.... oops... we got Fuzzy!Puppy

2. That's better. *smiles* Hm, DeepThoughts!Puppy

3. Aw... Uncomfortable!Puppy

4. Facial Shrug Alert!

5. Facial Shrug #2!! Wow, guess Puppy's making up for the lack of it in the last ep...

6. Puppy really isn't too comfortable with this whole plan... and he misses big

7. Puppy's changed for good?? Nooooo :(

8. Facial Shrug #3!

9. Aw, it's a cute PuppyShrug!!

10. Puppy looks kinda lost... *hugs him*

{fast forward to hospital, HQ of Lilith's caterer}

11. Enter the Puppy!

12. Oooh... Smug!Puppy!

13. Yep, Puppy really wants to talk. See the PuppyEyes™?

14. And so we begin... a little bitchface, perhaps?

15. Interrogation!Puppy bares his PuppyTeeth, hoping it'll make him look more menacing

16. Back to the bitchface

17. "♫ Da-Da-Da-Da-Dah!!♫ Puppy...Power!!!"

18. Confused!Puppy

19. FreakedOut!Puppy

20. Research!Puppy *plays with PuppyHair*

21. Yep, Puppy's really engrossed in his findings... *waves hand in front of him* *gets no reaction*

22. Aw... Worried!Puppy still has second thoughts about this plan... he doesn't wanna bleed an innocent girl dry... still some PuppyGoodness left in him :)

23. Looks like he could use a nap, too. *pets him*

24. *pinches the PuppyCheeks*

25. Aw, teh Sad

26. Gee, you'd think Puppy would be thrilled to have a fangirl begging for his attention...

27. Ohhhh, Puppy, you bad, bad boy... :'( *curses New!StalkerFangirl*

28. Hee, looks like Puppy's finally starting to get ticked off at New!StalkerFangirl... about time

29. Yep, he gives her attitude the Puppy Seal of Disapproval. *nods*

30. Aw... Doubtful!Puppy

31. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

32. A little more Lost!Puppy

33. Aww, the Fake Dean Message is upsetting Puppy

34. Awwwwww :(

35. *hugs him* It's not real, sweetie... *glares severely at New!StalkerFangirl*

36. Aw, he's breaking my heart again :( *hugs him again*

37. Ooh, might Puppy suspect something is up with her? Bitchface her, Puppy! Bitchface her with all your might!

38. Poor baby... *gives even more hugs*

39. Howdy, Lilith... tme for some major Puppy Whoop-Ass!

40. Stop! In the name of Puppy!!

41. Ooh, major Bitchface'age for Lilith

42. Yes, it's Puppy the Exorcism Dog with the Tried & True Bitchface Method (and bonus Hand of Epicac)!!

43. "Have I bitchfaced enough? No? Okay, then..."

44. Heh... Alpha!Puppy

45. Kneel before the Almighty
PuppyEyes™, Lilith!

46. Glee!Puppy (but for the wrong reasons :()

47. Glee!Bitchface

48. TalktotheHand!Puppy

49. Bitchface Extraordinaire

50. But wait... the distant cries of big brother make Puppy's bitchface start to slip

51. Awww!!! Look at how it's influencing Puppy so much! Our baby may yet be saved!

52. Come back to us, sweetie! *reaches out to him*

53. Are those
PuppyEyes™ aglow with *hope*?? Come back, Puppy, we're right here!

54. Nooooo, Puppy, ignore the screaming beeyotch!!

55. Uh oh, Puppy doesn't take kindly to Lilith's goading

56. Time for another bitchface

57. Eep!!! *cowers in fear*

58. Okay, I'm conflicted... normally I'd find Evil!Puppy hotter than hot, but.... not sure I want Permanent!Evil!Puppy!! *worries* Still.... *fans self*

59. Hm, why does it look like his evilness is slipping?

60. *phew* Don't scare us like that, Puppy!

61. Whoa, he looks young here.... New!StalkerFangirl's behavior confuses Puppy....

62. ... And frightens him a little

63. OMGWTF?!Puppy

64. Incredulous!Puppy

65. I.Am.So.Screwed!Puppy

66. Shocked!Puppy... yep, we don't call her "beeyotch" for nothin', sweetie

67. Mm hm, Puppy's been had. It's okay, Puppy, we'll forgive you. Just admit we were right all along. *pets*

68. Yes!! Puppy's seen the light and has adopted our nickname for her!

69. Puppy's so angry he can barely speak

70. "♫ Da-Da-Da-Da-Dah!!♫ Puppy...Power!!!!" *tsk* You still haven't learned, New!StalkerFangirl... you do NOT piss Puppy off!

71. D'oh, his PuppyPower is useless against her!

72. Aw... ExtremelyDisappointed!Puppy... he so wanted to end her

73. Ashamed!Puppy... setting us up for some srs PuppyAngst... *nods*

74. Get your hand off him, beeyotch! *removes her, inserts self*

75. YAY!!! Good Puppy! Gooood Boy!!

76. *buys rewards in the form of PuppyTreats... and a lifetime membership for for Dean*

77. Poor baby really needs a nap now... *fluffs his pillow*

78. Aw... Apologetic!Puppy... *hugs him*  Dayum, that is some *fine* PuppyHair... *drools*

79. Eep!!Puppy

80. Slack-jawed!Puppy

81. I love this scene... Puppy and big brother together again!! *dances*

82. Dumbfounded!Puppy

83. Um, Puppy, we really hope that little smile isn't an excited fanboi smile.... *fears for the Puppy*

And that's the end! Over the next few days I will start thinking of more ideas for other picspam, so this won't be the end of Puppy by any means. I hope you liked it. :)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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