jessm78 (jessm78) wrote,

I'm dancing...

... because we are one step closer to getting out of this crummy office building!!! Here's the scoop... the building next door is a lot smaller and has just three suites.  The one on the left is a pediatrician's office, the one on the right is a dentist's office (the dentist is also the landlord - sort of... he is the main shareholder), and the suite in the middle used to be a surgeon's office, which is the one we'll be moving into.  It's really nice and is a bigger space than we have now.  There are a few separate rooms inside, a private bathroom, and a room at the back with a sink and cabinets that we can use as a kitchen. 

Moving in would be a cinch since we'd just have to wheel all our stuff next door.  We use the bank that's in our building right now so it'd still be very convenient to just walk over there whenever we need to.  Best of all, the parking is SO much better, so I won't have to leave home at the crack of dawn to get here and get a parking space!!

Our lease on our current office space ends in June, so we can't move out of here just yet, but we've given the other guy one month's rent as a deposit so he is holding it for us.  It's a done deal.  Soon we will be leaving for much better digs!!!!

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