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Picspam: Jared in Friday the 13th

While I'm *still* trying to put together my next Puppy picspam, I wanted to offer this in the meantime. I screencapped Friday the 13th the other night and wanted to make a little picspam. It's 48 pics, cropped/resized/edited color-wise. If you want to use these for anything, please be my guest. Credit not totally necessary but always appreciated. :)

(also wanted to give a little shout out to my friend micheleeeex , whose birthday is tomorrow! Hon, consider this a birthday present! Hope you like and hope you have a great day tomorrow :D *HUGS*)

WARNING: Prepare for Puppy Effect, and just total Pretty in general! Extra cushions and/or pillows may be a good idea.

1. Yep, things get held up as a big, stray puppy enters the establishment

2. Mm-hm, he must really want something. He's using the poor, pathetic Puppy Eyes big time

3. The cute Puppy cannot understand being denied assistance. See how he cocks his head to the side?

4. He tries harder and succeeds in winning the proprietor over. Trent is amazed at how well those Puppy Eyes have worked, apparently

5. Eep!! Are those tiny dimples I see??

6. Dimples... fluffy, flicky hair...  GUH... *starts losing marbles*

7. *loses more marbles*

8. *babbles incoherently*

9. Oh, my word.... I iz ded........

10. Aw, Puppieee..... :(

11. Facial Shrug Alert! (heh... you'll recognize this if you've seen my Puppy!Sam picspams *g*)

12. I swear, I was just sitting here minding my own business, when this stray puppy just appeared on my doorstep!

13. *slurps*

14. The Puppy Eyes are a powerful tool.... one would be crazy not to be the least bit affected by them

15. Aww!! C'mere, Puppy! Don't be shy!

16. Teh dimple'age!! GUH.... *crashing sound as rest of marbles fall to the floor*

17. *joins her marbles on the floor*

18. *SIGH* Truly a work of art....

19. Hai, Jared Dimple!! *wants to hide in it*

20. Out come the Puppy Eyes again... 

21. eep........   *feels faint* (yes, I love this one so much I just had to icon it... *points to her icon for this post*)

22. What I'd give to have him look at me like that... *g*

23. Facial Shrug #2!  *wants to ruffle that pretty hair falling across his forehead*

24. Puppy has some wonderful wardrobe consultants, doesn't he.

25. Oh noes!!

26. Nope, things aren't looking so good now... as far as the situation is concerned, of course. He's still looking quite fine :D

27. Oh noes, Part 2!!  *wants to nibble that neck*

28. He has a survival plan but no one seems to be listening, so out come the Puppy Eyes...

29. He's trying so hard...

30. But, alas, no one listens to the Puppy. :(

31. Awwwwww..

32. The game of Flashlight Tag doesn't seem to be going all that well...  though I'd let him tag me anytime

33. Uh oh.....   dang, that t-shirt fits really well.... *drools*

34. Something has startled the Puppy!

35. Oh noes, Part 3!

36. He really should forfeit this round of Flashlight Tag....

37. Teh shaggy hair!! Baaaaaaangs!!! *loves*

38. Aw, the puppy got a little soggy...

39. Puppy hates baths. *nods*

40. But they don't make him any less irresistible..  *slurps neck*

41. Nooooo!

42. *iz horrified... but somehow turned on as well*

43. *wants to touch that strand of hair curling under his eye*

44. I really shouldn't find him so hot like this... but, damn, he is.. *fans self*

45. Oh Noes, Part 4!

46. Aw......

47. *wants to pet the poor puppy... and hug him... and kiss him... and jump on him.... no, I think I'll stop there, heh...

48. No, actually I don't think I will.........  *flails*.... *falls to the floor,,, again*

Hope you liked it! :)

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