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Final Episode of SG-1 - My Predictions

So it's the eve of the airing of the final episode, Unending, in the UK.  I have some predictions about this ep.  If you've seen it by the time you read this LJ and would like to comment on whether I was close or far off, please feel free.  And anyone wishing to tell me I should kill myself, like the lovely mystery person who was so kind to do so in my review of Dominion........ I've got anonymous posting disabled!!! *sticks tongue out* Stupid underaged, ignorant, intolerant trolls...


  • When they are stuck in a time dilation field, Sam will be blamed for it, especially if she cannot fix it. Daniel will show extreme impatience and annoyance for her (i.e. Demanding her to fix it or yelling “why can't you fix it????”).

  • Daniel will be quite snide and sarcastic toward Sam. That will be the extent of his interaction with her. He will also maintain a great distance from her as if her very presence bugs him.

  • The “fan favorites” who will “lock lips” will be Daniel and Vala.

  • Daniel will proclaim his undying love for Vala, for some reason or other and totally ignore his other teammates or treat them like garbage.

  • Poor Sam will either be all on her own the whole time, or some kind of “thing” will be forced between her and Cam (possibly involving the regs no longer counting since they're trapped for fifty years and are old enough to retire anyway ... *weak laugh*).

  • After things are “reset” Daniel will more than likely still show some interest in Vala, either with flirting or some other “cutesy”thing like smiling or some look that people will try to read something profound into.

  • After things are “reset” Daniel will still ignore Sam and Teal'c.

  • And most of all, there will be NO tribute whatsoever paid to Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c's friendships with each other.

Let's see just how close I am. Sadly I predict I will be very close, if not right on the mark. And if I am, I won't be able to help being relieved that the show is finally ending. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone, especially those who still love the show and are sad/devastated that it's coming to an end. Truth be told, I am just not as attached to this show as I was even back in season 8. I understand why a lot of people are upset about the show ending, particularly if they are big fans of the New and Improved Daniel and his new Love Interest. After all, they've really catered to you and you've gotten virtually all that you wanted this past season and you won't be seeing it anymore (well except for the movies obviously). Still there are those of us who don't appreciate this, so we are not as broken up about the show ending.

I guess, in a way, I am sad about it ending because it's ending on such a down note for me. They could have repaired the relationships/friendships between Daniel and Sam and Teal'c. They could have given them more scenes together and showed them interacting as real friends. They did not do that. I would have been much sadder if we did get all of that when the show was canceled. We did not. Instead, they seemed to take great pains in emphasizing how these friendships are strained and the three aren't as close as they were just a few short seasons ago.

I know, I know, you tell me that Daniel and Sam (and Daniel, Teal'c and Sam) are still friends even though it's not shown, because it's hard to believe the strong foundation that's been built would suddenly just not be there. I agree, it is hard to believe. I know that Daniel normally wouldn't be the type to abandon his friends (unless he was drugged or something). I know it isn't in his character, but sadly the way he's been portrayed this season makes it hard to rule out. In my very humble opinion, TPTB have been doing a great disservice to his character. For instance I noticed that in the last episode, Dominion, Daniel was more sarcastic than usual with Sam. He was also that way in In the Company of Thieves. I look back on previous seasons and cannot see him acting that way with her; the only exceptions being a couple of rare moments at the end of season 5, but those are easily explained by the tension in the air right before MS departed from the show (Daniel was also that way towards Jack). This time around there is no excuse for it, and it is rather hard for me to believe that he still cares for her given the way he acts most of the time towards her or ignores her.

Anyway, the point of all this stupid rambling/ranting is that, if there is absolutely NO tribute, no matter how great or small, paid to Sam and Daniel's (or even Sam, Daniel and Teal'c's) friendship in this final episode ever, I will be more than disappointed. I will be angry and will be writing angry letters to the Boys at Bridge. How dare they not give any due to the special bonds these three characters have had for ten years. How dare they throw it all away in favor of the friendship/lust/whatever between his character and one he's only known for two of those ten years! How dare they pull a stunt like this in order to “please 'that contingent'” while thumbing their noses at everyone else, particularly the fans of the old friendships!! If this all comes to pass, I don't think I'll be buying/watching the DVD movies, unless they do something to rectify this situation in at least one of them. Either way, I'll wait to get opinions from those who will be watching them before spending my hard-earned money on them. If there is no interaction whatsoever between Daniel and Sam and Teal'c (and I am expecting interaction between Daniel and Sam for the second movie, given the spoilers I've read about it), then forget it.

Again, I hope I haven't offended anyone, particularly any friends of mine who are D/V shippers. It wasn't my intention; I am just very sad over the direction the show has taken. I never really shipped much on it because I knew the writers weren't going to go that route (and I didn't trust them to do it well either), so I just took what I could get in terms of nice friendship moments. It was not the only reason for me watching, but it was a huge reason. I've been robbed of that this season. I predicted it would happen when I first heard about CB joining the show full-time. I thought “that's it, no more friendship moments.” I guess some tiny part of me still hoped that I'd be wrong and that's what has had me so disappointed.

Anyway, I'm happy for the people who still love the show and are getting what they want. It must be great. But I hope you understand why I am so unhappy about it and why it's really hard for me to watch now.

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