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Well, it's over...

... and truth be told, I am sad.  But, at the same time, I couldn't be more relieved.  I'm sorry if this offends anyone and if you did like the final episode, I'm happy for you.  But I can't help how I feel.

I said I was sad, and not so much that the show is ending although that's part of it, but I'm also sad about how it ended.  They could have done something nice and had a nice tribute to the team dynamic and to the old friendships.  Last I checked they only touched on Sam/Teal'c.

No offense to any D/V shippers reading this, but I found the way that all happened very unrealistic and not very believable.  Daniel rebuff's Vala's come-on attempts, finally going off on her and saying that he couldn't have a relationship with her and all that.  She acts all weepy, and then he kisses her and leads her to his bed!! Um... did I miss something here?? What the heck happened?!  I'm sorry but that didn't make much sense and it seemed a bit out of character to me.

Why oh why did they have to kill off the Asgard?! Did that make any sense to anyone?

I hated the Christmas party scene.  Vala sitting on Daniel's lap looked sooooooooo ridiculous to me.  And of course he ignored Sam.  I was hoping she'd throw her drink on him or kick him under the table.  That's how annoyed I was over this.  In fact, I wrote a ficlet where Sam beats him up  for no longer acting like a friend to her.  Call me nuts or something, but I needed to write it, for myself.... I needed to vent so badly.  I hate the way Sam has gone out of her way to be caring and show she is his friend, and he has not reciprocated, well not since The Quest Part 1 (sort of) anyway.

Why did they have to show so many Daniel/Vala bed scenes?!  Again if you're a shipper I'm glad you liked it but I think it shows that Vala is the only one he cares about.

There was supposedly a little Sam/Daniel scene in there when they were aging, but as far as I know it only lasted 1.5 seconds, again with Sam showing concern to Daniel but him blowing her off.  Like "Why are you knocking yourself out if it's not going to work?" Daniel: "Because if I don't it'll drive me crazy.  Besides you're still doing it."  Do you see the concern in there for her? I don't.  I see it as a rival sort of thing, like "you accuse me of knocking myself out, well you're doing it too." How does that accurately portray their friendship? Oh, I see, it accurately portrays it now.  Where it basically no longer exists onscreen.

There was a nice Sam/Teal'c scene I have to admit, but why did they have to scrimp on Sam/Daniel?  I can only conclude that Rob Cooper HATES the very idea of  Sam/Daniel friendship and for this reason I'm going to be wriitng an angry letter to Bridge.  I don't care if the show is over so it won't make any difference, or that he'll probably think I'm some stupid, crazy fan.  I need to get it off my chest.  I need to let them know that there is at least one person out there who is not happy with the way things have gone.

As for the ending.... I hated the way it seems Teal'c is giving Daniel and Vala his blessing.  I'm sorry but that made me ill.  And I hate the way that, despite the fact the team goes through the gate, it's Daniel and Vala going through together behind everyone else just like in the opening credits.  Is this supposed to tell us that they're an estabished couple now and meant to be?

I'm sorry if I sound nuts here, but I am so unhappy over this.  I guess we are to assume that Daniel hates Sam and Vala is the only one he cares about.  I was hoping that they'd wise up for the movies and repair the friendships, but after this debacle I'm not very optimistic.

Again I'm sorry if I offended anyone.  I'm so upset and the fact that my PMS is bad today makes it even worse.  I'm now in search of S/D fics to cheer me up...  on one hand I'm glad it's over if it's just going to continue like this but on the other hand I'm practically crying over the fact that they had to sacrifice friendships like this.

Okay I'll shut up now.  Hope you all don't think I'm too crazy. :(
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