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First full day of Spring and other ramblings

It's the first full day of Spring, and it was 35 degrees F (1-2 degrees C) here.  *looks at GPS to check northward drift, wondering if we've reached the Arctic Circle yet*  Meh.  I hope it gets better.  These extreme changes in temperature are making me sick, literally.  I had a pounding headache most of yesterday, and it was so bad this morning that I couldn't drive and had to stay home from work.

Speaking of work, I really can't wait until we leave that dump and move into our better digs next door.  Yesterday morning I had to take my car to the body shop to get the bumper replaced (from the unknown idiot who backed into my car at work and cracked the bumper).  They were supposed to get this all done last Saturday, but no one ever showed up at the shop, mostly due to the snow we had.  Anyway, yesterday it was all set to go when the guy realizes they sent him the wrong bumper.  Oh, it's the right one for an '04 Chevy Malibu (my car) but for some reason it's the wrong model.  He can't put it on because it won't fit, so he has to order another one and will give me a call when it comes in (and the call came today, so I'll probably go over there tomorrow morning - wish me luck! :P).  I had to go all the way back to work.  By this time, it's almost 10am.  Well, the parking lot at my office building was a complete ZOO.  I had to ride around I don't know how many times looking for a space, and I was stuck behind others who were waiting for spaces as well.  Every time one emptied out, I'd rush over there only to have someone steal it out from under me, and nearly hit me in the process.  This went on for about a half hour.  Finally an older man in a huge car started pulling out (though he was slow as mollasses) and I was able to grab the space he was in, although I was hardly given a chance to get into the space.  The people who visit this building are so reckless and irresponsible it's scary. 

*sigh* Three more months...

I managed to finish a sort of fix-it fanfic as well.  It's Sam/Daniel friendship, although it can be interpreted as possibly more at the very end - I left it open-ended so those who like friendship and those who like romance can both enjoy it.  I've gotten some requests for a sequel already so I may entertain that idea.  I'll post it in a separate entry.  I want to thank those who've read it and given me reviews.  This season has disappointed me so much, and fic-writing really helps me vent.  Your kind words only inspire me to keep on writing.  So, thanks, I really appreciate it. :)
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