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Quick update: New SPN article

First I want to wish another Happy Birthday to another amazing friend, babyjames22

*er, somewhat related... thanks to Photobucket's lovely decision to cut our storage space down to 500mb, it looks like my account is 69% full. I don't want to remove anything from my PB because I post most of the caps and other pics for my picspams over there. I don't want to break the links or have to go back and edit all my posts to update the URLs of the pics if I post them somewhere else. Should I get a second PB account or get an additional account at another site? I don't know if I want to go with a paid account... I haven't looked into it but I'm assuming the price isn't worth it. So... any advice?

Second, I found a new Supernatural article from the TV Week magazine for the Sunday New York Post. Dated September 6-12, 2009. I scanned it and uploaded it to my gallery, so I'll post it here. It's quite spoilery for season 5, so I'm sticking it behind a cut. Not sure if it's been posted at any of the SPN comms ... if you haven't seen it there, let me know and I'll post it there as well.

Click to enlarge. Have to say there are some things I didn't hear about before. I heard the Trickster was coming back, but I didn't know he would be dropping the boys into a world of different TV programs. I also didn't know that they would be revisiting the Supernatural novels and having the boys attend a convention with fans dressed like them and pointing out flaws in the books. Heh. That could be pretty interesting.

Leaving this post public since I posted the article - if anyone wants to link to this. :)

ETA: Also almost forgot... a friend of mine has started a Gilmore Girls fic and I promised I'd spread the word:

For Choices by cgf_kat
Summary: The campaign trail over, Rory Gilmore comes home. All she wanted was a job nearby, but what she finds turns her world upside-down...Jess, Dean, AND Logan, all appearing in her life again in one way or another. Friends with two, at odds with the other...but will it stay that way? One mistake will set Rory back on course to the one she's always been meant for.

She's only got 2 chapters done so far, but it's quite good. If you're interested in GG, please give it a read, and tell her I sent ya. ;)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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