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Puppy!Sam Handbook

Okay, I had planned to do several picspams before season 5 started (one more day!!! *pumps fists*), but that didn't quite work out. My "fashion catalog" picspam got monstrously huge when I went through all my screen caps. I'm still trying to organize it (who ever thought this guy could be such a clothes horse? LOL), but I've got this smaller picspam/meta thingy ready to go, so it's *some*thing.

I figured anyone who looked at my Puppy!Sam picspams and was kinda clueless about some of the terms I used, or my obsession with such terms ... or is just curious to know what's behind them, might like this "handbook" of sorts. I guess you could also look at it as a guide or glossary. ;) it's also got visual aids. Not a whole lot, probably close to 30 pics. If they look pretty small, just click to enlarge them.

Because, no matter how darkside you go, at the heart of it you are still a puppy, Sam Winchester.

1. PuppyEyes™:

This is the puppy's secret weapon (okay, maybe not so secret). His big guns. That's why they are trademarked. He usually brandishes them whenever someone, most often Dean, needs to be persuaded to do something. In cases where he (and/or his brother) are captured by Feds or the various MOTWs, he uses them as his bargaining tool. In hopes that their adversary will go easy on them or let them go. They are very effective... in most cases.

2. The Bitchface:

I've heard this term used quite often in my almost 3 years in this fandom. I think the first case I heard it used in was Tall Tales. In any event, it's the prissy glare Puppy presents whenever things aren't going his way, whenever he's humiliated in public (again, most often by Dean), or whenever his big brother gets a little out of hand and needs to be reined in.

3. The Facial Shrug:

This is my term for the face Puppy makes resulting in an "upside down smile" of sorts. He usually makes this face when he is being thoughtful or doubtful. And thus he seems to be shrugging with his face (instead of shrugging your shoulders when you don't have a clue about something). He does it quite often and because I obsess my head off about the silliest details when I'm screencapping, I've almost done a count of how many times he does it in my picspams. Hee!

4. PuppyMop:

My term of endearment for the bangs/fringe Puppy sports all throughout season 1 and the first couple of episodes of season 2. Sadly, hereonafter he began restraining them by parting them down the middle and wearing them off his face, thus exposing his six five forehead. However, there have still been times when the PuppyMop tried to rebel and came forth. Not to be confused with PuppyHair, a more general term for the flowing locks upon his head, to which I give mention when they're looking quite lovely in a scene.

*note: Don't worry, I love the way he looks now and I know he really can't wear that hairstyle now, but I still find it endearing whenever I watch my DVDs. And I still love how young he looks whenever the hair goes in front of his face now. *smiles*

5. PuppyHoodie:

Another term of endearment, this time for an article of clothing Puppy has worn throughout each season of the show. The brown Carharrt-type hooded jacket. It looks a bit sloppy and large on him, and just makes him look a bit more vulnerable ... even considering how dark he's become in recent days (and how bulked up he's become in more recent days *g*).

6. ForeheadCrinkles:

Those crinkly lines that appear in the Puppy's six five forehead, usually whenever he's in "thinky" mode or distressed. He does this a LOT, and it has obviously been way more evident since the PuppyMop has been restrained. (note that I mean no disrespect to The Forehead... it's just, well, massively huge... but then again, he's massively huge in general, so.... ;))

Um, so... I think that's about it. If there's anything you guys think I left out, please let me know. I realize this isn't much of ... well... anything, but I liked putting it together and I hope you liked it all the same. :)

Also wanted to pimp this...

I ♥ Sam
Friending meme

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