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SPN #5x01 Sympathy for the Devil (episode review)

I've only watched this episode once, so my thoughts may not be in order or very coherent... and I may have missed a few things. But here's what stood out to me.

Our boys are back and they're looking hot!! *slurps*

Okay, now that that's out of the way... *grin*

And there's our AC/DC song to start things off: Thunderstruck.  Why did I get the feeling this would be the song they would pick? Heh... it definitely works. :)

And the new title card... pretty cool. That's supposed to be blood I guess?

So, we picked up where we left off, with Lucifer being freed. The boys try to escape, but the doors are shut and they're trapped. And some ear-splitting noise has engulfed them.

But then they suddenly find themselves on a plane. And a Warner Brothers cartoon is on, featuring Yosemite Sam in Hell talking to the devil (and I remember that cartoon! *geeks out*). Am I the only one who thought it was interesting that we hear "Yosemite Sam"? I thought it was kinda neat, though. Gave me some flashbacks to Phantom Traveler.

Then they're in the car and all they hear on the radio is bad news.

Next big thing we see is them at Chuck's house, hoping to find Cas. I saw this part coming because I saw those 5 minutes that were leaked from Comic Con, and saw the preview clip posted online. But still... Chuck smacking Sam in the head with a plunger? Hee. He tells them Cas is gone and ripped to shreds basically. He's even got one of Cas' molars in his hair. Heh... I like Chuck. But he reveals that Sam's eyes went black when he was killing Lilith, which Dean totally did not know. Awkward. Poor Sam with his "I didn't know."

And of course Zach has to show up. Boy, I hate that guy. I loved Dean's terms of endearment for him, like Asshat  and his "cram it with walnuts, ugly." And Zach just rubs it in how Sam started all this with Lucifer rising. Go Dean for sending that major pain in the ass away with the blood sigil.

Sam is apologizing to Dean and Dean just keeps saying he knows, he doesn't have to apologize.

Okay, the part with Becky the fan had me chuckling. Writing Wincest fanfic! And she goes nuts when Chuck contacts her, gushing that she'd sent him letters and marzipan (love his "yum" reply). Again I was spoiled since I saw the sneak peek online, but I still liked that scene where she showed up at their motel room and was all in quiet fangirl awe when seeing Sam. The way she put her hand on his chest and said he's so firm. Heh. And Dean is just different than she pictured. She gives them a message from Chuck that totally doesn't make sense. Something about finding the sword in a castle and 42 dogs (I probably have this wrong, I can't remember the exact wording).

Nice reunion between Bobby and the boys. Although, ouch... what he said to Sam hurt. About how he brought this all on them, and then tells him that when this is over, to lose his number. Poor Sam looked like such a lost little boy there.:( *hugs him* I know what he did was awful (even though he thought it was in his best interest), but still.... that was really harsh. But we know why later. Dean didn't say anything or really react, but I think he thought it was just a tad harsh, too.

We get to see the guy whom I'm assuming is going to be possessed by Lucifer. He wakes up and finds his sheets stained with blood, then hears a baby crying on the baby monitor and sees blood dripping from the crib. He's told that he's "special" and "chosen." Yep, say hello to Lucifer's vessel.

Oh, yeah, it's so easy to tell that that wasn't Bobby. The way he told Dean that John was right, about what he told Dean about killing Sam if he couldn't save him. Saying that maybe they shouldn't have saved him or tried to save him. At first I was wondering, how would Bobby know this? But I guess either of the boys could have told him at some point between season 2 and now? Bobby ends up being possessed by a demon! And who shows up? Why, it's Meg.

Wow, so that's all we get to see of Meg? That wasn't really much, was it? I thought the actress did a pretty good job of nailing the character, though. She tells Demon!Bobby to slash Dean with the knife, but good old Bobby is able to fight it and plunges the knife into his stomach. Sam can't do anything to save Dean because his powers are no more, and Meg chides him over it. Is it me, or does the other demon guy (the bald guy) look like one of the guys who was possessed in Devil's Trap? I'm talking about the scene where we see the Sunrise Apartments, and this random tall, bald guy is standing outside and ends up possessed. He walks toward the building when a fire fighter tells him he can't go in, but he touches the fire fighter and the fighter ends up being possessed too. Yeah, that guy. The one in this episode really looked like him to me. If it's not the same actor, he's a real close match.

Anyway... Hi, Meg. Bye, Meg. Did I mention that wasn't really much?

Sam and Dean rush Bobby to the hospital. Sam wants to stay with him, but Dean insists they look for the sword. He'd figured out what Chuck's riddle meant, and it leads them to John's lockup in upstate NY (from BDABR, I guess). He thinks that Dad has had Michael's sword the whole time. But good old Zach shows up and informs him that Dean IS the sword. He is supposed to be Michael's vessel or "receptacle." Or, as Dean puts it, an angel's condom. LOL.

Dean refuses to be used by them this way, and Zach threatens him with crippling Bobby, then breaking Sam's legs, then stage 4 stomach cancer for Dean himself, and finally Sam with no working lungs. Did I mention how much I hate this guy? Dean still refuses no matter how much he and Sam are suffering. They've gotta be saved somehow. And by guess who?

Cas shows up and deals some whoop-ass to Zach and his crew. I'm still not sure how Cas ended up coming back exactly. Did I miss something? But apparently he had something to do with Dean and Sam on the plane. And after Zach is subdued, he gifts Dean and Sam with symbols carved into their ribs to protect them and make them invisible to all angels and lucifer. Ooh, nice.

And just like that, he's gone.

Back to Nick, the chosen vessel for Lucifer. He comes to Nick in the form of his wife, who was apparently killed along with his kid(s?) by a guy who broke into their home. Lucifer plays on Nick's grief over the situation to manipulate and persuade him to become the vessel. Nice the way he tried to do it, telling the guy that he loved God too much and that *God* turned his back on him and betrayed him. Wow, talk about a different interpretation. But of course that's how Lucifer would tell it, portraying himself as innocent and that God abandoned him. Basically saying he's sympathizing with Nick's own situation... that God abandoned him and didn't seem to care about what happened to him.

And so it happens. Say hello to Lucifer.

Back to the hospital. Heh, Bobby mouthing off to the orderly as the guy leaves the hospital room. I'm glad that he told Sam that he didn't mean what he said, that it was the demon talking. At first I was a little surprised by what Dean said - with his determination to fight against Lucifer and the angels, to go down swinging. It kind of hearkened back to the old days, but with all that's happening now, I didn't think he'd meant it totally.

And then the final scene... he tells Sam that he only said that in front of Bobby, and that he will fight but he really doesn't know if they can win. Again, my heart was breaking for Sam, but Dean's words were expected. He is still pretty pissed that Sam chose a demon (aka Ruby) over his own brother, and that after what Sam did it's going to be hard for him to trust him. When Dean said that he doesn't think things can ever be the way they were between them, it left me feeling sad. But it is understandable. Sam is going to have to regain Dean's trust and it won't be easy. I do hope that it happens eventually, though. At the end I just felt like hugging the two of them so badly.

The one good thing is that at least they're going to be fighting on the same side ... at least it looks that way for now.

All in all, I enjoyed it. And I finally got to see the boys in glorious HD... and with the full picture, the way it was meant to be seen. *sticks tongue out at former Dish Network standard feed*

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