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My Stargate-Watching Strategy

I'm sure everyone is getting sick of hearing me rant/whine/whatever about this show. Well this shouldn't be a rant or a whine...or anything like that. I wrote my letter to TPTB and I sent it a couple of days ago.

Here is part of what I said...

"The great team dynamic that has been demonstrated over the years is what drew me to the show. I feel that this is being threatened somewhat, as the same people are constantly paired up in almost every episode (i.e., Daniel and Vala), and with the lack of any real 'team' scenes at the end, it really takes away from this dynamic. I realize that, with so many people on the show now, there is less of a chance of getting team moments and that people are going to be paired up. However, it would be nice to see some reunion scenes with the whole team as a conclusion to the episodes.

It would also be nice to see some variety in the pairings. I have noticed that a lot of episodes this season are Daniel/Vala heavy. I realize that Michael Shanks and Claudia Black have chemistry, but I think it’s being overdone a bit at the expense of the rest of the team. I think it would not hurt to have Vala paired with other people to show that she can also interact with them and not just Daniel. I would also not mind seeing Daniel paired up with either Mitchell, or Sam, or Teal’c – especially Sam.

This brings me to one last concern, and that is the lack of interaction between Sam and Daniel, especially as friends. I’ve always enjoyed the friendship between Sam and Daniel, and I would hate to see it end or be weakened for any reason, especially due to there being new people on the team.

The end of 'The Pegasus Project' featured a nice scene between Daniel and Vala. The end of 'Insiders' featured a nice scene between Sam and Mitchell. All I, and many other fans of the Carter and Daniel friendship, ask for is a similar ending scene between Daniel and Sam. It does not need to be 'shippy', but we would like to see them reflecting on what has taken place during the course of an episode (as in the previous two examples)."

So that's just part of what I said, but I think you get the idea. It's probably too late but I didn't think it could hurt and it helped me get some things off my chest. Maybe if they decide to do a miniseries, tv movie or movie for the big screen, they'll keep these concerns in mind (not that I think they really will...).

As far as my "watching strategy" goes, here's the thing. Memento Mori is going to be a very heavy D/V episode (the spoilers on the Solutions blog say that it will be great for "Vala fans, Daniel fans, and fans of their budding friendship." *GAG*). What I've decided to do is try to detach myself from the show as much as possible as I watch. I'll just be thinking that this is a very different show, and has been for the past two years. There are different people on it (well Sam is the same pretty is Teal'c I think...). Daniel is not our Daniel of old. Heck if he ends up saying "I wuv you, Vala" or when he is in scenes with other team members, "Oh boo hoo hoo, I hope we find my wittle Vala! I wuv her!", I will consider him a pod person or something.

There is some consolation here, though. The episode that SciFi is showing at 6 pm is Singularity. A good old lovely team episode from Season 1 that focuses nicely on Sam and has some beautiful friendship moments between her and Daniel. It would be interesting to do a comparison between this ep and Memento Mori, wouldn't it? But anyway, I am definitely going to watch that one, and maybe it will instill a warm, fuzzy feeling inside me that will last all throughout the new episode, numbing the ill effects it's (the new one) sure to produce.

And the whole time I will keep thinking, "different show, different show."

Incidentally, next week's ep (In the Company of Thieves) is supposed to have Daniel and Vala paired up again. I'm sorry, but three consecutive eps of them paired up is overkill. I knew there was a reason I wrote that letter.

Now onto better stuff... tonight's Atlantis looks very interesting. Two, the snark will be in extra supply tonight won't it? I can't wait for that one! It should make up for the ickiness on the SG-1 ep (along with watching Singularity again, anyway).

Okay I guess I am done for now. Just have to remember...different show, different show, different (possibly) Daniel.

All right, I'm fine now. :)
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