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SPN #5x02 Good God, Y'all! (episode review)

So here is my review. It's been a long day and I've been battling a headache but hopefully this sorta makes sense...

This show is killing me.

I really wanted to cry at the end, I really really did.

But first... We start at the hospital. Bobby is real quiet and brooding over his situation. The way Sam was standing in the doorway to his room looking at Bobby, I wonder what was going through his head. Obviously he was unhappy about Bobby and I wonder if he was feeling any guilt for possibly helping Bobby get into this situation. With all the guilt he had in the last episode, it seems like it'd be carrying over here.

Heh. Cas calls them over the cell phone and arrives. Bobby is expecting Cas to heal him, but he cannot. He is gone from Heaven and thus most of his powers from Heaven won't work. Damn! Bobby can't be stuck like this... he's Bobby! He's got to get better at some point!

So everyone's speculations about how Sam and Dean were saved, how they were put on that airplane, and how Cas was saved, are pretty much dead on. Cas believes it was God who helped them. And he believes God can help them now. Dean is snarky as usual and says he thinks they can find him in New Mexico on a tortilla. Cas says, perfectly seriously, "He's not on any flatbread." Sorry, but I was ROTFL at that one!

Dean's reaction is interesting when Cas wants to take his amulet. He's very reluctant until he finally removes it and tells Cas not to lose it. I was thinking that at least PART of the reason for this was that it was a gift from Sam (the Wee!Chester scene from A Very Supernatural Christmas). And it shows how much Sam still means to him, trust issues or not. Or maybe I'm just reading into it something that isn't there. *shrugs*

We got some rock n roll!! FINALLY! The Foreigner song "Long Way From Home" from After School Special in the "Road So Far" recap, and then "Spirit  in the Sky" when Sam and Dean went to Colorado to follow up on that call Bobby got from Rufus.

Wow, Ellen, I really missed you. Great to see you again. Interesting how she splashes Dean with the Holy Water to make sure it's them. And I like how she berates them for not calling her and tells Dean he better put her on speed dial. Heh. Interesting that she and Jo started hunting again. Got to wonder when that started happening again...

So we see some of the fallout from the end of the last episode, with Dean not trusting Sam. Whenever Sam wants to go off alone, Dean doesn't like it. And we can see how much it's bothering Sam.

I knew he wasn't totally over the blood addiction. That would have been way too easy. Maybe he was healed of the physical effects, but I think the mental/psychological effects he still has to battle. After he killed the guys in that store as he was looking for the salt, the way he stared at the knife and started fingering some of the blood was telling. And of course he tries to pull himself away from it when Dean comes in. The looks they share... it's like Dean is all wary and uncomfortable seeing the dead guys and the pool of blood, and the bloody knife in Sam's hand. And Sam is just... I can't really tell. Maybe pained because Dean sees him like this?

Later Sam finally blows up at him, saying that Dean thinks that if he sees the blood he'll go off the wagon. It looks like Dean's inability to trust Sam has finally gotten to him and he lashes out, pushing Dean. He's about to say more when Ellen and some of the others see. I don't know, but when he was talking to Dean earlier, it was like there was a glimpse of the old Sam. When he told Dean he wished he could save those teenagers instead of killing them. It briefly reminded me of Playthings when Sam was upset that he couldn't save the guy who died while they were at the hotel. That was when he'd given Dean that speech about how maybe the more people he saves, the more he can change his destiny. I'm not sure why, but when he told Dean in this episode about wishing he could have saved those kids, it just gave me a little reminder of what he said in Playthings. But here obviously saving people would be using his powers and the demon blood. It's like he's at an impasse. He wants Dean to trust him and earn that trust back, but at the same time he feels bad that he can't save people the only way he really can.

Sorry for that little detour. *g* Getting back to the episode... When Dean and Ellen go out looking for Jo, Ellen finally asks him what was going on between him and Sam. She asks if a girl came between them. Um... yeah, actually, that is kind of what happened. In a way, of course. *glares in Ruby's direction*

When I saw Jo and Rufus with the black eyes, I thought they were possessed. But then we got the flashes of them with normal eyes, so I knew something wasn't right there.

Sam gets captured by Rufus and Jo, who obviously think he's a demon so they tie him up, splash him with water and pour salt in his mouth. Poor Sammy :(

Ellen returns and tells the others what happened. Is it me, or did it look like for a split second that Dean was ready to run out to find and rescue Sam? For a brief moment he ran to the door and was about to open it, but then hesitated and hung back, saying they need to come up with a strategy. At first I thought what is he doing?? But I wonder if, because Dean has always been pretty self-loathing, he thought that after what Sam said earlier (about being pissed that Dean doesn't trust him) he didn't want him to come and rescue him? Or perhaps he thought that if he had quickly shown up to rescue Sam, it'd mean that Dean didn't think Sam could take care of himself? That sounds a little fishy I guess, but I'm still trying to figure it out. Was it simply the trust issue?

So it turns out that no one was possessed by demons. It was War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, who was making people think their neighbors were demons and turning them against each other. Interesting what he told Sam about Sam's blood addiction. That all he sees is blood, and then mentions the lust for power. Obviously Sam wants to be in control of himself and wants power, but he thinks it's for good intentions. In this case, saving people who are possessed instead of killing them with the knife. Sam denies it and War tells him to save it for his brother.

Finally Dean shows up and rescues Sam. They both realize how it's War causing all this, and the power is in the ring he wears. I like how Dean got through to Rufus. I love that guy. He had some good one-liners, like after he told the one young guy to stop firing ("stop firing' means 'stop firing'." And "I'm getting too old for this." Hee.

Oh, nice way they neutralized War. Cutting his finger off with the ring on it. I'm glad they did it just in time before Ellen got knifed.

The talk at the end.... Okay, so I'm glad they showed the boys talking out their feelings a bit.. well, at least Sam airing his feelings, but. Ouch. This scene HURT. He tells Dean the problem isn't the blood, it's himself. He's got something inside him, and it scares him. It apparently scares him enough that he wants to step back from hunting, and wants them to go their separate ways. Oh, Sammy!!! Oh, dear, I just want to give him the biggest hug.

Part of me was wondering though if he was mostly saying it to see what Dean would say, as if he was testing Dean to see how far Dean's mistrust went. And I think it's easy to see that he's pretty stung when Dean tells him he's right, maybe they should. Wow, I just have no words for this. I really don't know what to say. I guess the whole thing has really bothered Dean this much?

And Dean asks him if he wants to take the Impala?? Okay, Dean NEVER willingly gives that car to anyone (with the exception of the times Bobby drove it, but that was temporary). What does this tell us? He trusts Sam with the car? Again, I'm probably reading into this wrong, but it makes me think that deep down there's a part of him that still trusts Sam to some extent, and that perhaps he is capable of trusting Sam more fully again. At least I'm hoping so.

But my goodness. When Sam went over to the car and grabbed his stuff out of it, then went to hitch a ride on that truck, I was so ready to cry. And the look on Dean's face at the very end, you could tell this was bothering him. I still can't believe how much this hurt. They better get back together soon, you hear me, Kripke? I'm betting that they'll be apart for at least one or two more episodes (based on the promo for next week it looks like they'll be apart there). Hopefully whatever happens to both of them will make them see that they really work the best when they're together. I'm really hoping so.

So, I guess that's my review. I hope no one's going to bash me for being too harsh or lenient on either boy. Most of you know that I'm more of a SamGirl, it's just the way I am, but I really try to be objective in my reviews. I personally feel that both boys had a hand in the apocalypse, so they each have their share of the blame. And they both have to take steps in order to bridge the gap between them. I'm just calling it as I see it in these eps. Please don't tell me I'm not worthy of my SamGirl-ness or I'm being way too harsh on Dean. I'm trying to look at it from both points of view.

Time to call it a night. Headache's coming back and I've got to be up for work at 6am. :P
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