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Puppy!Sam Picspam #84 (Supernatural)

Posting this a day earlier than I planned. :)

Episode #5x02: Good God, Y'all!

Over 85 pics, so not dial-up friendly. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. Hi, Puppy...aww, he is sad that his attempts to cheer up TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby have failed...

2. Puppy wonders if he should try again... maybe some PuppyEyes™ therapy?

3. Puppy takes exception to Dean's suggestion... why would it be any more effective than some Puppy TLC?

4. Puppy hates the thought of an immobile TheAwesomenessThatIsBobby as much as Dean does, which he conveys with the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles

5. Puppy finds x-rays fascinating...  *pets teh pretty PuppyHair*

6. "Helloooo, Puppy here..."

7. Alas, it's not a Puppy Fangirl.. Puppy is highly disappointed

8. It's just Cas. However, Puppy decides to test his
PuppyEyes™-Working-Over-the-Phone theory on him

9. Confused!Puppy

10. FifthWheel!Puppy... aw, c'mere, boy, we'll give you lots of attention!

11. Facial Shrug Alert!!

12. Curious!Puppy

13. Nonplussed!Puppy... see how he cocks his head to the side like all puppies do when they're trying to make sense of something? Hee :D

14. FlyCatchin'!Puppy

15. Aw... Ashamed!Puppy

16. Facial Shrug #2!

17. Uneasy!Puppy

18. Facial Shrug #3!

19. *lovingly brushes long strand of PuppyHair out of the PuppyFace*

20. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

21. OMG Puppy (and Dean)! Look out!!

22. Of course the moment is ruined as Puppy gets yet another one of those annoying itches!! *runs to help him*

23. Puppy says OMGWTFELLEN???!!

24. Noooo, Puppy hates baths! *readies fluffy towels*

25. Awww... Puppy's sad. He gets no huggy from Ellen. :( *gives him big hug*

26. Pouty!Puppy... Aw... want another hug, Sweetie? *gives another hug*

27. What, you want *another* one now?? You really are milking it... *tsk*... But that face always makes me weak.... *hugs him again*

28. Facial Shrug #4!

29. Been a long time since he's flashed the
PuppyEyes™ of concern at Ellen...

30. Huh... Ellen's reaction to the
PuppyEyes™ wasn't quite what he expected...   (and on another note... those kissable lips... *dies*)

31. ... And so Puppy feels guilty as Dean hunts for the smelling salts...

32. Puppy begs Dean with the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles to let him come with

33. But Dean has reservations about it.... and thus beginneth the bitchface...

34. Ooh, PuppySneer!

35. Now Puppy is Mr. Snarkypuss

36. Nope, Puppy's going. The bitchface has spoken.

37. "Dean, behave yourself. Do I have to drag out Mister Bitchface again?"

38. Puppy's having a hard time deciding: Alpo or Kibbles n Bits?

39. Such a tough choice... *hears door open* Oh... what's that?

40. Puppy's hiding. Yep. I think you need more camouflage, Sweetie...

41. OhNoes!Puppy. Teh demons! Teenage ones, too. That right there makes them dangerous.

42. Puppy has a plan... whatcha gonna do, boy?

43. Puppy says EEP!!

44. Nooooo! Get your hands off teh Puppy!

45. Ooh, nice tangled mane of PuppyHair...

46. Crisis averted! *phew* ... Dang, that PuppyMop got long, didn't it?

47. Um, Puppy? Sweetie? Hellooo? *waves hand in front of PuppyFace*

48. What on earth is so fascinating about the PuppyPaw? *sees blood* Uh oh... Puppy, please don't fall off the wagon...

49. Whoa! Okay, this is the ultimate PuppyFace as he is caught by Dean with his hand in the cookie jar... er, paw in the doggie biscuit box...

50. Aw... Guilty!Puppy

51. Professor!Puppy... No way can their concentration falter as long as the
PuppyEyes™ are on them

52. Again: Puppy wants to go, too, pleeeeeeeeeze?

53. PPP (Puppy Profile Porn)!!

54. Puppy says OMG END BS NAO PLZ

55. Hai, PuppyDimple!

56. Uh oh, Bitchface Deluxe!! Puppy's wrath has been SERIOUSLY invoked now!

57. If bitchfaces could kill.....  *starts digging grave for Dean*

58. Since everyone else is preoccupied, Ellen has volunteered to take Puppy for his walkies

59. Puppy shows Ellen the fine art of Puppy Hide n Seek

60. Puppy's the Puppy Hide n Seek undefeated champion. *nods*

61. But wait... now just what to those wondering
PuppyEyes™ should appear?

62. OMG Puppy, look out!

63. Puppy! Nooooo!

64. Nooooooo :(

65. Yep, this is what happens when Puppy Fangirls get rabid

66. *fingers the long strands of PuppyMop*

67. Puppy snarls and bares his teeth to appear menacing. The fangirls have gone too far!

68. Huh? Jo is a Puppy Fangirl now? This is new...

69. Moist!Puppy is getting a wee bit scared now.. Fangirls, we understand, we really do, but you don't wanna scare him off...

70. No!! Fanboi!Rufus, this is NOT how you show your Puppy Love!!

71. What the...? Salty!Puppy... these fangirls have some weird kinks...

72. Aw... poor MoistNSalty!Puppy tries to bargain to be set free...

73. Whoa... freaky PuppyFangirlVisionCam!

74. Puppy finally meets the Head Crazed Puppy Fangirl... er, Fanboi

75. Poor Puppy... he just wants to be set free.... *wibbles*

76. Back to PuppyFangirlVisionCam....

77. Puppy appreciates his fangirls... but this is just a little too much to handle...

78. Yay, big bro to the rescue! Okay, we'll take over from here, Dean... *tends to Puppy's chafed wrists*

79. "I can kill you with my bitchface."

80. *tsk* Puppy's gonna need another bath now. Anyone wanna help?

81. Puppy, you look kind of tense. Maybe this will help? *nibbles PuppyEar*

82. PuppyTongue!

83. Aw... Sad!Puppy :(

84. This isn't easy... so he enlists the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles to help him out

85. SurprisedAndHurt!Puppy

86. *pets Puppy*

87. Heartachy!Puppy ... *hugs him*

88. AWWWWWWWWWW. *cries*

89. Noooo! Puppy, please don't leave. :(  On second thought.... *follows him at a close distance*

Tune in around this time next week for the next picspam. :)
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