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SPN #5x03 Free to Be You and Me (episode review)

Before I start my review, I just want to make a little disclaimer:

Please, No Sam or Dean bashing. I realize everyone has their preferences as far as the boys are concerned (unless you're bi-bro of course *g*), but all the bashing of late is bugging me so I really want to avoid it here at my own LJ.

Now that we've got that out of the way...

(beware of spoilers... oh, and some speculation for what's to come)

What I was suspecting this whole time actually happened, and now it makes me a bit afraid.

Dean to be Michael's vessel, and Sam to be Lucifer's. Oh, no... well, the good thing is that neither boy has given their consent. I guess they'll both be on the run trying to resist it for the rest of this season? I really hope they can.

I'll come back to this later, but here's my review of the rest of the episode.

So Sammy is on his own at the hotel. Um.... *drool buckets overflow* I think you get the point here, LOL. Mmmmmm, Shirtless!Sam. The look on his face when Jessica appeared... :( But what she said made me pretty suspicious. She tells him he can't run away again, and haven't we already been down this road. He tells her that this time is different: back then he ran away to be normal; now he knows he's a freak. Awwww, Sam. :( The things she was saying to him reminded me a little of his hallucinations in When the Levee Breaks. She tells him she's here to protect him from himself, from what's inside him. And then she disappears.

One week earlier...

YAY! We get more rock!! Wow, three eps in a row :D

I liked how they intercut the footage showing Sam and Dean both on their own. It was so heartbreaking. :( Sam burning his fake IDs and then getting a job at a bar, trying to escape the hunting life. Dean is continuing like normal. But we can tell this is bothering him. At one point he's driving and he glances over at the passenger seat as if he's expecting Sam to be there. Oh, boys. :(

I have to say I kind of liked the Sam parts of this episode more than the Dean/Cas ones, and that's not just because I'm a bit more of a SamGirl. Some of the Dean/Cas stuff I found kinda silly. But anyway, Cas is back and tells Dean he wants to find Raphael, the angel who apparently killed him. Liked Dean referring to him as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Angel.

In the scenes where they go to the police station and pretend to be FBI, I know they were going for some laughs showing Cas trying to fit in but it kinda fell flat for me (yeah, it was kinda cute when he held up his badge upside down and Dean is trying hard to cover for him, but.... yeah).

Back to Sam, the scene where he was doing research (*sigh* GeekBoy!Sam, miss you hon) kinda broke my heart, too. He goes through his phone and pauses on Dean's number, then calls Bobby instead. Man, poor Bobby, still confined to the wheelchair. He begrudgingly tells Sam that he'll live. And apparently he'd heard about what happened. Sam tells him about a case and asks if he knows anyone who could work it. Bobby says he'll call the best hunter he knows in the area - but oh, wait, that's Sam. Sam refuses and says he's sitting this one out, hanging up on Bobby.

Cas tells Dean about trapping Raphael (they found his vessel in the hospital). Dean starts talking about having some fun and asks if Cas has ever done any "cloud-seeding"... Heh. The "Bert and Ernie are gay" line was pretty good.

Dean taking Cas to a strip club? Okay, it might be good for laughs, but still... I just found it silly again. Cas looking all appalled at the whole scene and referring to it as a "den of iniquity" (sp?). Dean helps him score a girl but she flips out on him in the back of the club because he'd talked about her dad who left and etc.

The only thing I can really say about this scene (other than it being played for laughs) is that it looks like Dean is trying to do something to take his mind off this whole apocalypse and especially on parting ways with Sam. Even though he's laughing and acting like he's having fun, I think he's kidding himself.

Back to Sam in the bar. Am I the only one who found it amusing that the girl's name is Lindsey, and that was the name of the girl Dean (as in Jared's character from Gilmore Girls) was married to? Yeah, I thought so. *g* When those guys first entered the bar and referred to him as Sam, I thought at first they were demons. But turns out they're more hunters that we didn't know about?

When Sam and Lindsey have dinner, it vaguely reminded me of Sam with Sarah in Provenance. At least in the way Sam talks about his job to her (he tells her he had a job with his brother... aww... but says he made some mistakes and a lot of people got hurt). I found it a little interesting when she talks about people doing bad things, but they can be forgiven. I started wondering if she was just an ordinary girl or if she was connected to demons or Lucifer in some way...

Back to Dean/Cas... trying to contact Raphael through his vessel. I have to say the guy who plays Raph is good. The way he speaks is kind of menacing. Nicely done. But he says that God is dead?? And it was Lucifer who raised Cas? Whoa. Sorry, I just can't believe it.

They leave Raph trapped. Cas says "today you're my little bitch." Ooh, getting bold there, Cas.

Sam's hunter buddies end up badly injured. One of them (I'm totally blanking on the names, but it was the main guy) tells him that a demon told them all about him. Sam defiantly tells him that demons lie. But then he admits that it was true, that he did raise Lucifer. They take Lindsey and tempt him with blood, saying if he doesn't drink it and hulk out they'll kill her. Sam won't do it. He says something about will it make him feel worse about himself... aww. :( But he does resist the blood. Good boy, Sam. They all start fighting and grab him, pouring the blood into his mouth. When he frees himself, he spits the blood back out at them and then proceeds to kick their asses! Whoot! Go, Sammy!! :D

Have to say he looked kickass in that scene. I love the way his hair was all rumpled. Haven't been too fond of the way he's had it for most of the episode, with it all back and behind his ears, but I love when it's wild like this. :)


Nice conversation between Dean and Cas. Dean tells him he can relate as far as lost fathers are concerned. He mentions John and says that back when he was missing, Dean knew in his heart that he was still alive. Cas says he believes that God is alive too and out there somewhere. He asks Dean about Sam. I know there are probably people who think Dean is a d!ck for what he said, but I really don't think he meant it. He says that he's better without Sam, that for the longest time he was chained to his family and now he's happy being alone. I think more than anything he was trying to convince himself of this. Yes, Dean was chained to his family but I doubt he's happy being alone. Isn't family really all he has? The family business was the running theme of this show (and I believe still is). My fellow SamGirls, don't think I'm a heathen for defending Dean. I'm really trying to rationalize what he's saying, and that's how it came off to me. Plus the look on his face at the end of the scene showed that he was anything but happy.

Back at Sam's hotel room... Jess is sleeping next to him, and he leans over to kiss her. *tries to imagine self in Jess' place... hey, we have the same name, LOL*

Okay, I knew it. I just knew it was Lucifer, having taken on the form of Jess. It didn't make sense all she was saying. She wants him to stop running away. He tells her that people can change and there's reason for hope. Aw, Sammy. But she says they're isn't, and behold... she turns into Nick!Lucifer.

We can see what a sympathetic character Lucifer is. He doesn't come off as very threatening. Now getting back to what I said above... He says Sam is to become his vessel! I really had suspected this ever since Lucifer Rising. Sam keeps refusing but Lucifer tells him that he will let him in. Sam realizes he needs consent in order to do so, but Lucifer tells him he will give his consent. Poor Sam, I just want to wrap my arms around him and protect him. He asks "why me?" And, echoing Ruby (and YED if I'm remembering right from AHBL?), Lucifer tells him "it has to be you, Sam. It always had to be you."

And just like that, he disappears.

So, what are we left with? Dean is wanted as Michael's vessel. Sam is wanted as Lucifer's vessel. Looks like both boys are going to be resisting this as much as they can. I really hope that this doesn't actually happen, with brother finally full on fighting against brother, possibly at the end of the season. Maybe both would end up killed, and then that would conclude the series. Gosh, I really hope this doesn't happen. I'm going to try thinking positive, that family will overcome all and the boys will be able to escape this.

And I really hope they get back together again. Perhaps both their unwillingness to become their respective vessels will bring them together. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

So this episode was interesting in that we learned about Lucifer's plans for Sam, and the little idea that God may be dead (which I still don't believe). But that's about it for me. Boys, please get back together soon. Fight together and resist these respective SOBs trying to make you into vessels.

So that's my take on it.

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