September 1st, 2006

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Stuff and Icons

Well, no new SG-1 this week. Oh, well. Looks like some good eps are showing during the marathon (though I am tempted to just do my own DVD marathon)... 1969, Window of Opportunity (the golf scene is hilarious!), The Fifth Race, Moebius Part 1 (DARter, squeeee! *ahem* sorry)... Someone at GW posted a link to a sneak preview of Memento Mori, I think that AOL thing... can't remember the url, but it was up on YouTube.

Anyway that "date" thing that I was getting hives just hearing about turned out to be not quite as bad as I feared... read about it in the cut below.

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So after seeing this I am feeling somewhat better about this ep. Hopefully it will not disappoint and that Daniel's interaction with his other friends will be decent. :)

And now onto the second part of this entry. I made some S/D icons/avatars the other day that I thought I'd post. One of them has just AT and MS together.

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So that's about it for today. Have some fanfiction I'd like to upload if I get a chance tonight, if not then this weekend (if that loverly storm thing doesn't come too close and knock out our power somehow).
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