November 20th, 2006

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Thank You Mr. Shanks...

... Thank you so much for inspiring me to make this wallpaper.

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Now I am hearing from people who were at the con that MS pretty much dissed every pairing, and I guess these people would know better than I would since they were there, but I still got the impression that he liked Daniel/Vala. Anyone reading this who was there and wants to correct me, please do.

So since I'm still under that impression, I'm posting this wallpaper. And I still don't like the way he said "Ew." Someone said to me "you don't see the Jack/Daniel fans crying their eyes out because he disses their ship." Uh huh, well from all I've seen, he didn't diss it seriously. He would tease about it. The impression I got from this past weekend was that he wasn't teasing about S/D and was expressing outright disgust. That is different.

On the up side, one or two D/V shippers were nice to me and actually respected my pairing, so I give them props for that. Even if I don't support certain pairings, I respect the people who do and I appreciate other people who do the same for me.

If he was saying that he didn't like ANY Daniel pairings, then I'm okay with that. I just don't want to see him favoring one pairing above the other - and yes I know he is entitled to his opinions but I think it pits different shippers against each other and that isn't a good thing.

I feel bad about this because I don't want to hate him or lose respect for him. I just hope that I took what he said out of context or it wasn't as bad as it first sounded to me. It would be nice to know if he is noromo and wants to have the fans interpret things as they wish. But I'm still not sure that's the case...

And now I'm rambling and probably annoying you all so I'll shut up now. I'm still feeling the effects from my lousy weekend. Hopefully with my shortened work week and Thanksgiving coming up I'll feel better.
Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

I hate PMS...

... I really hate it. There is a history of it in my mom used to have it so I guess it's only natural that I'd have it too. Almost this whole weekend I've had these mood swings, and they're really bad today. This morning I was depressed, almost in tears, then I felt better as the day went on. Now I'm a blubbering mess. Things are bothering me more than they normally would and I'm a lot more sensitive.

That whole to-do I posted about in the previous entry, about MS "dissing" the S/D ship... it turns out that he doesn't want Daniel paired with anyone, so he was pretty much "dissing" all the ships. Someone at the Daniel/MS thread at GW told me that. People were understanding and nice and we ended the discussion. I felt better.

This evening someone decided to resurrect the discussion and says to me that I really gotta let a few things slide, that there is a S/D shipper thread for this type of discussion so could I please leave it in there. She says that this thread is about DANIEL and MICHAEL sometimes with others, mostly without.

I saw that post and my mood went totally south. First of all, I thought it was sort of related because they were talking about MS at the con. I posted what I thought he said. So what if it's about my ship? People post stuff about D/V ship there from time to time, as well as Jack/Daniel. They don't get told to leave that stuff in their respective threads. I did reply to this person, my fingers going a mile a minute on the keyboard and trying to retain my composure. I probably sounded like an idiot in what I said, but basically said that it sounds as if she hates me and I don't really feel welcome there anymore, that maybe I should leave.

Honestly, maybe it is me. Maybe I am an idiot for posting such things over there. Maybe I should cool down and not be so emotional, but it's so hard to do that at the moment. I am literally in tears right now, because I am so darned sensitive at this time and I hate thinking that someone hates me and thinks there's something wrong with me.

I should really end this and go to bed, but I can't sleep now. I'd hate to leave that thread because I met some nice people there and I'd miss them, but I'd hate to go there knowing that there will be someone who hates me and would probably lash out at me or give me tons of neg rep for even posting something totally benign like a picture of Daniel/Michael.

Thanks for listening to my rambling mess here... I wish these mood swings would ease up soon... gee I really hate PMS...