March 28th, 2007

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My friend again...

I just got an email from that friend of mine I mentioned who'd gushed about her wedding in the birthday card she sent me.  She writes "long time no hear from you" and asks me if everything is okay because she hasn't heard from me in ages. She asks if I got the birthday card and if I'll be able to come to her wedding (which is in August I believe) because she hopes I can come. 

I haven't replied back to her.  I'm really torn because I feel guilty for basically ignoring her, and she is my friend (well, she WAS my friend anyway), but I'm still pretty hurt over how she's acted.  I mean, I'd contacted her quite a few times over the past year but I didn't hear back from her, only once when she sent me one of those forwarded emails (which she'd sent to everyone on her list).  I just didn't think she wanted to bother.  I thought it was pretty insensitive of her to write what she did in my birthday card, especially about bringing someone special to the wedding when I don't have anyone.  I know she probably wasn't thinking about anything like that when she wrote it and I guess she didn't mean to hurt me, but it still bothered me. 

I'd like to reply to her and just let her know that I'm not too happy about what she's done.  I'm not quite sure what to say, though.  I don't want to make a fool out of myself, but I want to let her know I didn't appreciate it, not that I'm angry but that I'm disappointed, especially for not talking much to me.  And right  now I don't want to go to the wedding if I don't have anyone to go with me.  I can't deal with going to these things alone.

If anyone has any advice I really appreciate it.  We've been friends for almost 11 years now and I don't expect that we'll be very close anymore, as she seems wrapped up in her fiance, but I'd still like to be on good terms with her.