June 25th, 2007

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

SG movies and some banners

So I didn't watch Unending on Friday, except for the last minute or so (have to say I loved the little tribute SciFi had during the end credits though). I saw it in March and tried to put it out of my mind, but everyone is buzzing about it again, pictures are showing up again, and it's bumming me out again.

I've made a few banners....
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Maybe there is something wrong with me but I find it hard to believe sometimes when people keep insisting they're still friends.  Can you actually prove that? Can you take an episode from season 10 and say "See? Daniel still cares about Sam (and/or Teal'c)" ? I know people tell me that they've been friends over the course of 10 years, built up this foundation and it's hard to believe it's just gone.  But who's to say that it isn't? How do you know something didn't happen between them to cause them to stop caring about one another?  I just hate the way TPTB have made things seem this way.

I also read an interview MS gave on Gateworld.net and he mentions one of the two DVD movies.

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Anyway I'm sorry for being so negative... just all the hoopla over Unending and Daniel/Vala in general is depressing me a little.  Nowadays it seems like you have to ship D/V in order to be a fan of Daniel... so I guess I can't be a fan of his anymore unless I support that ship. :( 

*off to catch up to reading fanfic to cheer myself up... hopefully*