August 4th, 2007

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Two weeks later...

It's gone just over two weeks since my accident and I'm feeling... well... meh, I suppose.  I am getting better, no question about that, but it's a very slow process.  On Wed. I got the brace taken off my nose (doesn't even look like I was in an accident now), although I have to wear it to bed for about 2 weeks now.  The bruises under my eyes are just about gone now, still have a little bump on my forehead but it's not as bad as it was before.  The only things I'm really dealing with now are the little bit of numbness in my lip above the stitches, my teeth feeling a little sensitive, and of course the pain in my right arm.

I started physical therapy for the arm yesterday and it felt great to exercise it for a bit.  I'll be going three times a week for about 4-6 weeks.  I've tried exercising it at home a bit as well and I think I'm making a little bit of progress.  I just saw the dentist today and it doesn't look like any of my teeth are fractured.  I just have to go back in a few weeks and he'll take x-rays if nothing has changed there.

Oh yeah, and I'm dealing with some depression too.  I don't know if it's post-traumatic or post-partum or anything like that, but it's been getting to me, especially in the last week or so.  Seriously, I'll sometimes find myself crying at the drop of a hat.  Maybe it's hitting me how lucky I am that I wasn't hurt any more seriously or killed.  My mom told me that God is watching over me and has great plans for me.  I do believe her - especially in the way I've bounced back (thus far).  Everyone has been so supportive of me.  I've gotten cards, e-cards, flowers, books, a teddy bear, sweets (mostly cookies and chocolate), nice little emails with stories, etc.  The support of my family and friends has really touched me.  I really don't know what to say except for Thank You All So Much. 

On Tuesday I'll be heading down with my parents to Cape May, NJ for a short vacation (till Sat.).  I think going away for a bit will help take my mind off all of this and help me feel a little better, at least I'm hoping.
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