November 4th, 2007

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Back from the con...

And I have to say I had a really great time.  But I think checking my email was a huge mistake because I think my con high has skidded and I'm down in the dumps.

First of all, that stupid ugliness on Our Stargate... Some moron actually had the nerve to dredge it up again, even days after we'd all moved on.  They said "you have an innate sense of fairness." A sarcastic reply to something I'd said obviously.  So I guess it's another lackey of the idiot who started this thing defending her.  I seriously don't know why some people can't just let things die.

Then I get a review alert for my Cam/Vala and Sam/Daniel story on  Telling me that S/D is gross, that they like C/V but S/D turns them off, and "are you guys even aware that Sam has loved Jack for most of the show and at Daniel's specific question she answered that she and Daniel were never anything but friends, more specifically that they never had romantic feelings for each other? Or do you just ignore that fact because it doesn't fit with your nice little delusional world? Or perhaps you don't even know that there's a Jack O'Neill (especially if you started watching show with S9) and that he and sam are in love?"

Wow.  Gee. I feel so loved.  I'm delusional because I don't see something the way someone else does.  And boy it's funny, but I was SO sure that I stated what the pairings were up front, AND I put a disclaimer that if you hate either of the pairings not to tell me so in a review. 

Seriously, are they ANY respectful Sam/Jack shippers out there? Meaning ones who won't find fics that pair either Sam or Jack with other people and flame the authors?  It's people like this who give shipping a bad name.  I replied to this person's review telling them I gave them fair warning and that I don't know why they can't just ship and let ship.  I wonder how old this person is, maybe 10? What's more I can't delete the stupid thing because it's not an anonymous review and if I reported them I know nothing can be done. 

It's for this reason that I was so hesitant to post any of my C/V fics on, because the two I have written (well mostly written) include S/D as a secondary pairing and it seems that most people who ship C/V also ship S/J and are nasty and childish about the whole thing.

Yeah I know I shouldn't let this stuff bother me but I don't know why I should be putting up with crp like this.  I'm way too sensitive to not let things this stupid bother me. 

So yes I had a lot of fun at the con but now I'm in an awful mood because of these two idiots.  Sorry if you were expecting a con report and got this instead.  I just had to vent.  I will be putting up a report (and some pics hopefully) soon.