December 27th, 2007

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Meme'age, Icons and Wallpapers, Oh my!

Snurched this one from sg1danny - Fun Hard Quiz

Now, onto the icons. I don't *think* I've posted any of these here before.
15 Stargate SG-1 icons:
13 x Sam/Daniel
2 x Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping (one of which comes from this promo pic from Ark of Truth (not spoilery at all)

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And now some wallpapers. One is a Christmas-y type of collage, and the other is the next in my episode series - for TBFTGOG.

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And now for the last wallpaper... I put it under its own cut because I fear repercussions from it.... *grin* It can be taken as either Jack/Daniel or Sam/Daniel, depending on how you see it. And a big, huge, honkin' warning: If you are a diehard S/J shipper, or a S/J shipper with no sense of humor, I'd advise against clicking on it. Most of the S/J shippers I've met in LJ have been very nice, but I'd just like to be better safe than sorry.

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