January 20th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

My Art: Resources

Here are some resources that I use to help make some of my art. These are mostly brushes, fonts and textures, but also some screen caps. For my art, I mostly use my own caps, but there are still times where I haven't been able to capture that perfect shot, and someone else has. I'm not going to go and claim them all as my own, though. So, here's a small list:

float textures by Lee

Hybrid Genesis


Obsession of the Moment

meleada textures




andreas_ri @ LJ

ETA July 2008: The caps for my season 3 Supernatural picspams were taken from downloaded episodes courtesy of dragynville  , posted at dean_sam

ETA September 2008: The caps for my season 4 Supernatural picspams are also taken from downloaded episodes posted at the comm above.

I'll be sharing some new artwork soon, both Stargate and Supernatural.  Watch this space.