March 7th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

SGA #4.20 The Last Man (episode review)

Sadly this review is not going to be very in depth or detailed, due mostly to the fact that my #@$& satellite signal cut out quite a few times because we are in the middle of torrential downpours.  Please bear with me here.

Collapse )

So there you have it.  Out of a 42-minute episode I managed to see/record about 30 minutes.  I knew we were expecting bad weather tonight into tomorrow (they're talking of ~ 3 inches of heavy rain), but I didn't expect it to interfere with the tv signal.  Luckily it's coming back on at midnight so I'm going to try recording it again. Hopefully the signal will behave and I'll be able to get the full broadcast.  I'm crossing my fingers.

ETA:  Managed to catch the midnight showing and record it.  Luckily the weather held out so no interference or anything.  I ended up enjoying this episode. Great way to end the season IMHO and I'm looking forward to next season. :)