April 17th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

snagged from meg_tdj

It's late and I'm feeling so tired, but I have to do one meme before turning in, so...

1. My username is ______ because ______.

My username is jessm78 because "Jess" is my nickname, "M" is my last initial, and "78" is the year I was born.  Yes, very original.

2. My name is _____ because ______.

My name is Jess because... it's my nickname, and most people refer to me by it, so....... yeah, that's the best I can come up with. ;)

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.

My journal is titled Jess' Fangirl Haven because I like to think of it as a cozy place for a fangirl to hang out at, and talk all kinds of fangirl talk.  No, seriously.

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.

My friends page is called "Fellow Fandom Fanatics (Or Just Plain Fanatics)" because it goes with the whole "fangirl" theme.  At least I think it does. And basically everyone on my f-list is some kind of fan girl.  So I think it fits, sorta....

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

My default userpic at the moment is a textless icon of Dean and Sam Winchester.  Why? Because Supernatural is my main obsession at the moment.  If one of my other fandom corners (Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Dr. Who, etc.) manages to out-obsess Supernatural for a bit of time, then I will change it.  Or if I think it's too drab and I want an icon with prettier colors or some snazzy text, then I'll just use a different Supernatural one.  But I'm not feeling very creative at the moment, and I still love the boys, so it stays. ;)
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