May 10th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Random Saturday Stuff

Watched SJA and Dr. Who last night.

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So as related to the above... Do you guys think it's silly to spend episodes of tv shows searching for hidden messages or anything like that? Or should you just try to suspend disbelief when watching something and have fun with it? I guess if I keep assuming that shows are trying to whack me over the head with a certain message, and then I try to find that message, it stops being fun.  I don't know...

Have a smallish tv-ad-related rant...

What is up with all those "dumb daddy" commercials? aka the ones that portray the men as stupid and if they weren't married they would be dead from their own stupidity?  I can't stand those ads.  There used to be one for H&R Block where the husband was stuck figuring out their taxes and the wife asks why doesn't he get some help.  She says "what did we do last year? Oh, that's right, we used the box." Then picks up a box of software (I think) and says in this very condescending voice, "Why don't you ask the box?"  If I was the guy, I'd tell the woman we're filing separate returns next year. 

Then there was one for a cereal, I think Multi-Grain Cheerios, where the husband notices his wife eating that cereal and asks if she's losing weight.  She gets all defensive and asks why. He backpedals and picks up the box, going "but it's got 7 whole grains, and that's good! Right?  It says so on the box." She says in this bitchy way, "What ELSE does the box say?" He answers: "The box says 'shut up, Steve.'" And she smirks at him. Ugh...

There's a new-ish ad for paint (Sure Coat, I think) where the wife is walking through the house with her (female) friend, looking for her husband as if he's a puppy.  He pops out of a box with a stupid look on his face and she shows him how to use a paint roller, like he's too stupid to know how to do such a thing.

And finally there's one for Johnsonville Brats.  The guy is groaning to himself over how it seems to be chicken for lunch (or whatever) every day , and he misses eating Johnsonville Brats because they're so good, etc. (while he's thinking of them, we see him having a vision of the brats cooking on a grill).  Suddenly he's roused awake by his wife going, "Honey? Honey?" She hands him a package of said brats and he looks like he's in heaven, going, "Ohhhh..." She says in this mock sympathetic tone, "I know..." like she's talking to a child.

Geez. Yeah, I know that women do make up a large percentage of consumers, but PLEASE. The male-bashing in commercials is getting old.  I may not be a feminist, but I am a woman and I don't see every guy out there being dumb as a box of rocks (and I've met a LOT of dumb guys).

*shakes head*

I won't be around tomorrow because we'll be taking my mom and grandmother out for Mother's Day dinner. I hope all the moms out there have a great Mother's Day. :)