May 12th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Puppy!Sam Picspam #16 (Supernatural)

Yep, it's a Monday, and how happy can a Monday be? Here is something that I hope makes it a little better:

Episode #1x16: Shadow

More than 50 images here, so not dial-up friendly.  As aways if you see anything you like, please take.  The lighting isn't too great on some of these but I tried to fix them as much as I could.

Collapse )

Hope today's Puppy pics made you smile. :) On Wednesday Puppy will be back in #1x17 Hell House as Prank!Puppy. ;) ETA 9/27/10: Hope to get this one up by Wed., but I'm also planning on getting the newest installment - from the S6 premiere - posted by then. Don't think I can post them both in the same day, so this one may have to wait till Thurs or Fri. Either way it's forthcoming!