June 9th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

Puppy!Sam Picspam #28 (Supernatural)

So it's Monday. Here is something that will hopefully make this day easier...

Episode #2x06: No Exit

Not as much Puppy as usual since he wasn't in this episode very much, but still not very dial-up friendly. Anything you like? Please feel free to take.

Collapse )

So that's it. Wednesday we'll see InnocentUntilProvenGuilty!Puppy in #3x07: The Usual Suspects. Hope you all have a good day.

One more thing ... I'd just like to say to all those who are on my flist, I'm sorry about that stupid post I made yesterday.  I was such an idiot and only now do I realize how utterly ridiculous I sounded.  Like I said yesterday I was overreacting and taking a few things too personally with some of the recent craziness in the fandom.  I am truly sorry and I hope you all don't think I'm some kind of nutjob now. :( *looks around worried*