August 27th, 2008

Supernatural: Dean says D'oh!

So it's working, but...

... I can't play video.

I'm starting to think that there is something wrong with my video card itself.  After all seemed right once I installed that other video driver, I decided to see if there would be any problems playing video. I tried WMM, WMP, and PowerDVD.  Each time whenever I tried to play video, the screen started going out again, and finally it changed to an all solid color (usually blue).  And it stayed there. I couldn't even do ctrl+alt+delete to get rid of it. I had to manually shut the computer down, then restart it.  Tried it two more times, same thing happened. It seems like any video program will cause this.

I did as much research as I could and I can't find a way to solve this.  I noticed also that sometimes the fan in the computer runs very high - you can hear it like it's running very fast and it's quite loud sometimes. Like it's overheating. It's not hot in my home office, especially not lately, so I don't know what's going on with it.

Talked to my dad about it and we have a few options.  We're probably going to take the back and sides off and examine the video card. If it's really hot to touch, it's probably on its way out. It's totally shot if the capacitors are blown (i.e. look swollen and have stuff leaking from them).  In either case I'd invest in a new video card.  Another option is to see what condition it's in after we take the back and sides off. A tech guy we hired to fix our computers at work said that sometimes the computer can get dusty and that can cause problems over time.

So for now I can't watch video.  Which means that I won't be able to watch SPN eps on DVD with you guys during your chat tomorrow, meg_tdj  :(  Unless I watch them on my laptop, but it'd be kinda awkward going back and forth from the laptop to the desktop.  And I still don't have my laptop set up to go online. 

It also means I can't make screencaps for my picspams on this computer. Luckily I have WinDVD on my laptop, so I could still use that. I wasn't sure if it would work given my laptop is almost 7 years old now, but I tried it out last night and it seems fine.  So I should be able to cap the last two eps of season 3 this weekend ... which means that I should be able to have the picspams all wrapped up by next week.

So I guess all is not lost.  Just have to solve the case of the ornery video card. I'm glad my computer is working fine otherwise.

In other news, won't be around much tomorrow because I have to go for a training session at this lab where I'm doing some field work. Have to leave very early in the morning, ugh. Hopefully it won't be an all day thing.  Can't believe I'm ready for the weekend already.

Hope you're all doing well today. :)  *hugs*