October 6th, 2008

Supernatural: Brothers (from ELAC)

New Multi-Fandom Art (Stargate SG-1, Supernatural)

Or more like bi-fandom, I guess. *g*

Here is some new stuff. Mostly icons, but also a few Friends Only banners and headers.

27 Icons: 9 x Stargate SG-1; 18 x Supernatural

The Michael Shanks & Amanda Tapping icons are from Comic Con '08.

The Supernatural icons are from episodes: 2x02, 2x17, 3x02, 3x03, 3x05, 3x11, 4x01 and 4x02.


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The Friends Only banners and headers are from episode 2x02 of Supernatural (I think I have an unhealthy obsession with that ep.. *g*).

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