November 17th, 2008

Jared Padalecki: OMGYAY

Back from Cheek-ah-goo...

I am totally, totally, totally wiped out.  I had a really awesome time at the SPN con.  Great fun, great people, great guests (and a couple of extremely hot guys... cannot forget about them, nope).  But yeah, I am just wiped out.  Got about 2-3 hours of sleep Saturday night :P  I'm still trying to make up for it.

So this post will unfortunately *not* contain a con report or lots of pics.  I've almost used up two memory cards in my camera this weekend. I took just about 1000 pics yesterday alone when the boys were there.  I've also got to scan my autographed pics and photo ops.

But I thought I'd leave you with a little preview...  from the breakfast yesterday morning:

Click to enlarge.  If you want to use this pic for anything, feel free. But please give me credit for it. 

I will have more pics to share over the next day or two. Luckily my brand spanking new camera came through for me and I got some pretty nice pics. *pets camera*

But for now I'm going to watch the last episode (which thankfully my DVR recorded on Sat. while I was at the con) and then get some sleep. 

Can't wait to share everything with you all. Nighty night. :)